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Snooki and JWoww Vs. The World Official Trailer: Snooki & JWoww Get A Jersey Shore Spinoff Series

by @HOLLYWOOD • 293,646 views

The official trailer for the new television show 'Snooki and JWoww Vs. The World' starring Jersey Shore cast members Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Jenni 'JWoww' Farley. For all the latest TV and...

omfg the ending is so adorable.(: i can't wait. <3
OMG i can't wait for this show!!! its gonna be awesome!!!!!
i think pauly's spinoff would be more likable if he had vinny in it. seeing jenni and snooki have a spinoff makes me wonder what if pauly and vinny had a spinoff also
Aww.... Yay! My two favorite characters from the show! This is gonna be a BLAST! x)
"The fact that I could reproduce is very scary" Hit the nail right on the head there.
The shore was my guilty pleasure. This will be my second guilty pleasure
whats the name of the song that plats at the end?
I would rather stay in and have a wank then shag either of them two horrors.
Holy hell, this is what makes life worth living :3
Me encantan son super cukis yo quiero una amiga asin
yes snooki it is very scary, especially for the rest of the world that you have a child.
Im down. This show shows UNITY, GOOD TIMES, FRIENDSHIP, HAPPINESS and ENJOYMENT of LIFE. Im going show my support for this show by watching it. Plus I like Italians and Latin people. We dont see enough of them on TV.
Please someone explain to me why this is a show or why they get paid to do what they do they have no talents. There horrible in morals and having a child on television for money just cause shes a crack whore of a women. Anyone of you that clicked like explain yourself NOW cause theres no reason this shouldnt be clicked dislike in the 1000s
Vinny a d Pauly show yaaa buddy!
I'm genuinely curious to know who watches this crap...
The only thing that would make this complete is if the baby is actually Mike's.
mike was but ronnie was probably on something too
I really hope you people that likes this shit rot in hell, 657 retarded people and sadly waiting for more
How they get a show before Mike the situation this would be a perfect tine for a show fir him with his dads comments about him and him going to rehab
I didn't like Pauly's spin off which is crazy because i love him it just wasn't as entertaining as i thought it would be but I think this one will be i mean come on its Snooki and Jwoww these girls know how to have a good time
Lots of hate . Lots of jealousy . Your making yourself look bitter people . End of .
LMFAO!!! Hahaha no you can STFU becasue your not making any sense. I don't want no fucking Reality tv show. I loved the first season of jersey shore and now i don't even watch it any more because it got so fucking stupid!. These wannabe Italians are on MTV for Whining Childish Shit now.. and now MTV picked up Snooki and Jwoww show? Get real. MTV needs more real shows. MTV only has two great shows now Teen Wolf and Awkward. Everybody in Jersey Shore needs to go away!!
i feel sorry for snookies kid -_-
I was excited to watch this but it's so awfully scripted and staged. Snooki and JWoww don't need scripts. They themselves are great characters and trying to push them into Kardashian territory doesn't work. Did they honestly think we would believe Snooki hasn't told a best friend she's pregnant and engaged until she was on set of their show? Or that they're honestly looking for apartments when MTV have already scouted out a studio loft with plenty of space for cameras for them? Shame!
i thought it was mike who was abusing "substances" it was every where in the headlines...
You know....Jershey Shore made me want to vomit...this makes me want to vomit while stabbing myself in the temple....
who the fuck tells you afterwards when you buy an apartment together, you tell them "I'm pregnant and engaged." shady ass mother bitch!
i dont like how jwow has become underweight and had shit loads of botox :S she just looks weird!!!!! and i think they should just stick to jersey shore!!! they dont need a spin off!! this is a bad situation!!!
So Rodger and Johnnyyyyyyy! are getting in on the act, would luv to know how much they are getting paid for this...
Snookie the situation , gianni, vinnie you , me everybody : ON THE MAURY SHOW!!!! NOW THATS REALITY. If GIANNI IS SMART HE WILL TAKE THE KID if it is his AND MILK THIS BITCH UNTIL SHE IS DRY LIKE A SLUG WITH SALT POURED ON IT. For rea folks why else did roger or gianni fuck with these pigs< Same reason KFed fucked brittanny spears.
LET PEOPLE LIVE their lives how they want to . so why do u comment and waste ur time if u calling them names. ur wasting ur own time . and i think is pure jealousie . so keep ur comment and poot it in ur pocket :)
Merp :) so excited for this show to come out. Jenni and Snooki's friendship is so real :) I love it.
i dont to watch them to without the rest of the cast its just not the same.
How can I watch this on the computer? I also don't have MTV. Are there any sites that will upload these episodes? Preferably ones that support a mobile device...?
This fuking show suck, I rather watch situation creep.
@kakashiteam u can stfu cuz u just fuckin hating and cuz ur bummy ass cant get a tv show or have a good friendship like that soo.....
What on earth are you talking about they haven't cancelled Jersey shore..:/
I think this will be alright but ill miss them on jersey shore
anyone know what time this comes on! i really wanna watch it!
i think snooki isnt really that stupid as she seems.she probably acts dumb for the sake of the show.cause she is a vet tech.and you cant be a vet tech if ur stupid.
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited too c it. If only a opportunity to have ur own tv show came around me lol
Whats the song from Episode 1 as Snooki's Dad walks in with the black box?
theyre so cute together haha :)
Thank you for the made my day!
@kayla daponte He gonna be real short lol
This is gonna be a really really good show
wow, 2 of the most unfunny uniteresting people i have ever seen, O and one of thems pregnent and engaged!!!! Sounds like a blast! I shant be wasting my time watching this show, enjoy your garbage television suckas, im gonna go watch re runs of boy meets world.
Aw, their pop kiss at the end was too cute ! :)
Even though they look stupid. I think they really have a good friendship.
Ronnie- He was doing coke mainly why they canceled Jersey Shore Sammie- She is gone because without ronnie she's useless JWoww- spin off (Snooki) Snooki- spin off (JWoww) Mike The Situation- sadly became to old to be apart of the cast Pauly D- spin off that personally I am not a fan of (Himself) Vinny-...... WHAT THE HELL GIVE PAULY AND VINNY SOMETHING TOGETHER!!!!!!
I agree. Deena is very ugly as well. I'm sorry I'm being rude now, but she acts like she's all that, when she just nothing. She dumb and party's like a weird animal. I hate her.. When is this show coming on by the way?
Kind of like how you just wasted your time posting to it? Grow up. Stop bullying.
I want another season of jersey shore
"The fact that I can reproduce is very scary" Wow, she's smarter than I thought.
YAY Pauly had his own show Now snooki & JWOWW ARE HAVING SHOW
esta embarazada snooki?:O que fuerte!!
I thought it would have been with deena
This looks like literally the worst shit to ever be on television. I have utterly lost faith in humanity based solely on the fact that this will be allowed to exist.
The fact that she can reproduce IS scary !
It'll be a cute show & Great w/o Deanna
Yay I can't wait!!!!!! Haha I love Snooks laugh!!!!!
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