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November Beauty Favourites

by bubzbeauty • 364,379 views

Hello Hello ^_~ Here are my Favourite products of November. I skipped out September and October favs due to a busy schedule x_x Sorry Sorry guys but hopefully you guys will enjoy my Nov favs. I'm...

and im going to buy aquamoist moisture washing foam today :) i hope it helps my skin
Just bought the Korres lip butter in wild rose today, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Everyone reading this, GO BUY IT NOW!!! (Btw I got mine at Sephora)
oh my god. you pronounce "z" as "zed" instead of "zee" just like my british friend does. That's so odd lksfbdniwadf
Bubz, where can I buy Korres lip butter?
Apparently you skipped this year February favs = ~ = But that's okay because your videos are still the best :)
@Tango771 then why did you search it dumbhead!!!!!!
@hannakimmy123 Japan. Hong kong I think..
@Maryzinha0365 She's posted one on here already :) it's the green tea face mask and toner combo - i've been using it for aaages and it's fantastic. i recommend using that for fading scars, because i, and loads of other people, have said that it does a great job. it takes a few weeks, but it's worth it. you can also use bio oil to get rid of scarring, but it's quite expensive. hope that helpss <3
@ChatterChequers HEY IMMA KIWI BRO!
Bubz , can you do a video showing how you remove your eye and face makeup ? Airplane makeup and hair too ?
hi bubbi ! can you do an ask bubbi random ? aha the last one you did was really funny.. :D
bubz updated skin care routine video pls..
Is there any facial cleaners at the body shop you would recommend?! (:
Loving your outfit today bubz, it has a very chic, 60's feel about it :)
Hey isn't the bg music Maybe - Sunye from the OST of Dream High? :))) wee i love dream high!
;) --- Sent From bubzbeauty's AppRats (Facebook App)!
All the negative ppl putting stuff on here must be ugly little boys lol :3
Can you do a video tutorial on nails thats related on christmas? That would really help and get people in the merry mood. :)
OMGGGG~!!! "So solli solli solli" <<< Sho cuteeee!!
@Itxlanna2 it's not wrong, in British english it's spelt with a "u" unlike American english. It's the same with loads of words, like colour and color. cba to think of any more examples lol.
God, I love your favorites videos.
I will definitely check these products out! Thanks for sharing! :)
yes I love the korres lip butter! I have a coral color, and love it ( had it for a whole year.
updated skin care routine please!
@rinaXonyx I send you a message to your inbox hope it will helps. I also hv a review on my channel as well. CHECK YR INBOX
@Tango771 her channel doesn't need your negativity. people like to watch her videos. if you don't, don't watch it. stop being such a hater and go on with your life.
Is it me? or does she kind of looks like a cute female version of Freddy Krueger? x3
bg song sounded like Hillsong's from the inside out :o anyways i love u Bubz! ur outfit is good and i rly watch ur favorite products! :D imma get some of it hopefully
@myxmai96 The song is actually not that song. Im pretty sure it's Maybe from dream high
Bubz your soooo beautiful and that your a Christian too just makes everything better! And I looove hillsong -3
u uploaded this on my birthday :)
hey bubz like for christmas can u give out the face up roller thinging plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! <3 :D
is the first song from dream high?
@FreshKilluh that's how you spell it in her country, calm down.
I HATE BUBZ!!! Good i got your attention. I LOVE BUBZ!!! <3333
@klyspeez talking/desicribing yourself?? Aww..
:) --- Sent From bubzbeauty's AppRats (Facebook App)!
One pet peeve.... when people say, Oh, I'm so busy. You make your own time. If you don't want to be busy or want to have more going on, do something about it.
Your outfit reminds me of a chic, girly Freddy Kruger hehe..
From the inside out- Hillsong united :):):)
wattttttt? theres a store called Watsonsss?!?!?! thts myy lassttt nameee!! :)
I got really excited when I heard Hillsong as the background music <3
Omg is the song in the background from the inside out? It sounds really familiar
Where does even live? Is that New York!? :O
heehee i say sorry like that too :D
Wow, you actually said Zed, not Zee. O.O GOOD JOB! That is the correct term anyways.. T_T idunno.
Hi bubz, I love ur videos! :D I'm 16 and I want to start using makeup, but I don't know how to start! For example, I don't know what makeup products to buy! :( pls give me some advice! :D
@wltnlee hiya. sorry to disappoint, but i'm afraid i don't. a few friends of mine do, though, and they say it's really good. i personally can't afford it, which is why i use bubz's stuff: cheap and natural! :D i'm sure it is safe for your face, otherwise they'd be clear to tell you on the bottle? i'd use it and just see if it irritates. if it does, just stop :) good luck!
the background is Sunye - maybe ^^!!! im obsessed with that song right now c:
@Itxlanna2 In the U.K., Aus, and Canada you spell favorites with a "u".
Vitamins C like other antioxidant vitamins are sensitive to light.That is why the packaging is in dark bottle to minimize any light passing through and affecting the vitamins C.
@Ijorjorable Bubz stated she doesn't cut her own hair in one of her previous videos - the one about the Japanese Hair Perm :)
I love these favourite videos because I always know that I can trust Bubz and know she will never say bullshit on a product.
Dream high music in the background ^^
Bubz i read your recent post and i cry,its true money is not everything i can relate with some of your words my self experience the inspired me you have good heart :-) your beautiful for me.
Thanks for using Hillsong songs in this video, Bubs! God Bless!
Please could you do a vid on long lasting school makeup? pretty please! <3
OMIGODD I . LOVE . THIS . SONG . "maybe" by Suzy and soo hyun from DREAMHIGH *screams* 
Please tell me what color your nails are? I love them!
hi bubz! would you reccomend using the cleanser with the clarisonic mia?
i love how hillsongs from the inside out is in the background <3
I will try the aquamoist products :) Sounds really effective.
thanks for posting this on my birthday bubz :)
Can anyone tell me what camera Bubbi uses to make videos? I love her amazing quality!
You're flat door, intercom, and creepily you're sofa is the same as mine! Im thinking u live nearby :-S
You also get the aquamoist product @ sasa. :D
i got the orange lip butter i love it
@ChatterChequers What you described right there isn't awkward -.-
I love how "From The Inside Out" was playing in the background! Hillsong United is awesome!
damn why are you so beautiful .... cant believe it.. are you wearing a mask or something and try to deceive us by your innocent provocative looks... I LOVE YOU ... there i said it... i will sell my soul just to get you to be my wife....
That exactly what i was thinking, that the song in the background was Hillsongs inside out.
It's actually kind of funny how everyone thinks the background song is From the inside out by hillsong, but it's actually called Maybe from the drama Dream High ._.
@loveISsoOVERRATED1 she's Chinese, but she grew up in Northern Ireland.
@Maryzinha0365 Lemon Sugar scrub! Helps alot, find Kandee Johnson's channel and then type in " The skin doctor: Lemon Trick" Hope it helps :3
anyone know where i can buy the aqua moisture washing foam?
@Maryzinha0365 i need the exact same thing :( so thx for asking!
@phantasticShay lol i know right! and the people who say negative things shouldnt be saying them if they dont like it
i was watching this video and heard a familiar tune. then i turned the volume up to hear it better. and it was hillsong united!!
@cookienum1 I think it's the hat and the red lipstick! I get why you think it :)
I love the JuJu Aquamoist Vitamin C toner. i did a review on the product. check out my channel the video is called :Review: JuJu CosmeticAquamoist Victamin C Toner:
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