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The Reckless | Battlefield 3 montage #33 | by WhiteMoose

by WhiteMoose • 6,042 views

Another week, another montage. I hope you enjoy it. Buy this track @ Ludique presents: Nightfall (IDM/Ambient) MYSPACE OUR...

Vad heter servern som hela tiden sa "dubbel kill" "trippel kill"? P.s spelade mot dig och hade en fanboy reaction i 10 sec. Skrev dock inget till dig. ^^ Undrar nu om du tycker att sånt är störande?
I like you moose because your a badass mother fucker and you still PTFO. Keep it up man!
Nice but I really wish you could do a proper awesomely edited montage with effects and stuff. Not hating though, beast clips and a great guy!
Great videos as always, keep it up.
I cant get used to the m40a5. The backend of the scope takes up so much space on your screen. I would much rather prefer the l96.
Not trying to retaliate to your comment, but your comment made no sense to what I said. My comment was not a commercial, I simply asking Moose if he could help me somehow, and I linked him to preview my stuff. I did not ask for you in particular to look at my videos. And your analogy of the Climax... in which point during this video was there an advertisement besides the beginning? If you were looking at my comment during the video was playing, its a bit confusing?
Because it's my regular setup for most weapons. I've not played much with the AKS and just messing about with attachments.
i have wathe every single montage you have made. This one is by far the best one you have made so far! #Moose is Boss
Top gear ur a huge nerd or kiss ass haha
I hate the m40 it covers the 1/4 th of my monitor screen. I really like how the jng and the l96 look, I have about 5000 kills with them
And cuz he wants clearly the man gets plenty of kills with or without the fore grip. so why ask?
How often have you been called a hacker yet ?:D
Why the foregrip on the AKS-74U? Has hardly any recoil to begin with, just curious
What I'm saying is nobody likes ANYBODY'S shameless self advertising, and if oyu only wanted moose to see your video you should have sent him a PM where it would end up like all the other people who send you messages saying "ooh like at my channel, look at my friends channel its totally not my second account" or even the people who want you to hack in fake subs while you are really downloading a Trojan virus.
Wow, way to be a complete dick, and quit being butt hurt about someone achieving something you can't. If you don't want to check out his channel and support him then just stfu, you don't need to start a riot about it.
Like your vids what are you have for extras on your ak74u ?? Sry for bad engl. ^^
nice shot at 1:28 you killed me there :D
The L85A2 is an assault weapon. But the L86A2 is a support weapon introduced in the Close Quarters DLC.
Interesting. View counter is still stuck on 302.
w8 hhow can u revive with the L85A2???
The tilt is more drastic on the L96 and the JNG-90 has a quick firing rate ;)
moose why do you have a foregrip on the ak74u? it has virtually no horizontal recoil already and the forgrip will just increase the spread. right?
Why no sight on the AKS? You prefer to go iron sights over a sight of some kind?
Looking for someone to play bf3 with? Origin: MaddKnight [PC]
I love the extended clips of gameplay, unlike the short cut up clips in everyone elses montages. You can really see your playstyle and gamesense. It's awesome. Keep making them, we will keep watching!
What servers do you mostly play on? Are they swe? Im Danish btw ;)
As always, beautiful, music so relaxing, gameplay phenomenal. Moose you are a Youtuber I aspire to be, such dedication to his channel. You are one of the Youtube commentator's/montage makers that inspired me to start making videos of my own, after 3-4 months I have reach 232 subscribers that support me so much. Anyway you could help my channel get noticed more, if you want to see some of my content Moose or anyone else interested in BF3 Montages, follow this... watch?v=kVsCJaWwDLQ Moosey <3
The description makes it sound like making these montages have become tedious and more work than fun. Is that true? I love every montage that you produce, you are amazing!
A lot of people cut their clips because they're not good enough to get longer ones. That goes especially for Recon clips.
According to youtube statistics it's at 2950 views at the moment.
Hey man i love ur Montages, there is no Editing but the Clips are so crazy! More of them pls!
hey WhiteMoose i am the guy from thursday.. Golf of Oman and sharqi Rush...nice Video
Very aggressive and with your skill it makes awesome clips!
I think the AKS-74u is the most underated gun in BF3. Its one of the best gunns in the game and yet nobody has realised it because it is so underused or because its one of the starting weapons. The only thing that isn't great about it is the fire rate which can be considered average but that makes it even more controllable. Its my favourite gun. Whats your opinion Moose?
@EnglishGamerHD Has it not got a fore grip on it? Or am I wrong?
Nice clips and can you make a video on your pc specs?
WhiteMoosey doesn't make montages. He just shows how bad he is so we all feel a little better. If we saw his real skill we would all just rage quit.
It's really good. The random deviation seems to be lower on the aks compared to other engineer weapons. Making it more accurate in longer ranges. The slow fire rate makes it a bit worse in close range. AKS has become my go-to engineer weapon for bigger maps.
The music reminds me of music from a Dario Argento movie like Tenebre or Suspiria.
you should make a series where you try to get 500 kills with every gun in the game!
You must get accused of hacking all the time! Awesome as always
great vid even though i have not watched or even clicked play on the vid
Hey WhiteMoose what does your clan tag mean Loli??
I've never seen anyone rape so much with the AK-74u before..
sick kill streaks! and yea, 1:55 was sick, nice reaction! love the music!
So moose are you a JNG-90 fan? I mean I'm happy with my L96 right now, always been a fan of it, but is it worth changing? Or is it just another bolt action?
How many frames do you usually get when you play BF3?
Not that much, it's like the L96 and has the same annoying scope tilt. I prefer the M40. I like to change my weapons up though and went with the JNG for a while.
Not at all. I just wrote it in a hurry and didn't think more of it.
Moose how did you get so good playing this game?
no more words 2 say, just enjoying it
You know how when you are watching your favorite TV show and those annoying commercials come on just as the climax of the episode is coming? Your are one of those commercials, nobody wants to "buy" your products (watch your video) just because you left a comment on a persons video who did WELL on it. (bad analogy ahead) Try getting a teenage girl to leave a JB concert to come listen to your shity 1 stereo scrillex concert. NONE of them will do that.
I'm addicted to Ludique now Moose... thanks!
I think YouTube is a bit broken. Fortunately, these montages keep coming to my sub box, so I'm not too sad.
Why would he use a foregrip on the AKs-74u?
Nice song. Let me guess Ludique? :P
Great montage! I was also happy to see the AKS 74u. I'd love to see some G36C action next! ;)
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