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2NE1 - I LOVE YOU M/V Teaser

by 2NE1 • 1,318,452 views

NEW SINGLE [I LOVE YOU] ▶ NOW available on iTunes: ▶ 2NE1 Products on eBay: ▶ YG Music: NEW EVOLUTION! The newly...

aiser hadad Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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rumas hadad Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
that's why I'm here at the same time as I'm on the actual mv =P
I remember first watching this teaser, And once Bom sung "I love youuu" my panties caught on fire.
let's just hope they release another version of "I Love You" :) I can't get enough of it
Because we have something to work for. 2NE1 members are not going anywhere. SJ members have army to go to and we want to create a special memory for each of them when they have to go. We have something to work for.
我愛你這手歌很不錯傾聽呵呵... :) :-):-):-)
now lets make the MV 10million .. leggo blackjacks !!
go to this link to watch 2ne1 new video... /watch?v=LUrUPzLm5SI&feature=player_embedded
Come on Blakcjakcs vote for 2NE1 on M COUNTDOWN. The only music show where you can see the girls winning awards. 2NE1 HAS ONLY 3.9% OF THE VOTES. Google "mnet vote" and click the first link. There can't be anything more important than this. 2NE1's losing to rookie groups just because Blackjacks don't vote. Please be useful to your fandom. We need your help.
please vote for us sweet and spisy
I still remember the feelings that I felt when I saw this for the first time... 3
You got here because you pressed the video. Just respect the music other people create. Fool.
The funny thing about the teaser is that the running is not even in the real clip xD
2ne1 fans!! after watchung MV, Vote 2ne1 I love you at global.mnetcom, let's make it no. 1 coz we r still behind becoz of SUJU!!! let's support them.. go!! blackjack!!
First it was hate you now it's i love you xD
Oh yeah sorry. I am also a fan of T-ara so I wish them luck as well. Its just cuz everyone was waffling on and on about SuJu. GO GO GO xD
I love you, 2ne1! You're the best girl group of K-pop! 1,000,000 view!
aha been months, and my ears are starting to digest this music quite well... but i still do feel the basic beat is the same... just that they add different elements so it sounds different... but oh well just saying
It's out fuckers go and look at it amazing!
I wish we could've seen some super sexy moves from Bom and Dara, and not just have them leave it to CL and Minzy. Since YG staff said they were impressed by how sexy all of 2ne1 was, that's what I was expecting
oh i love the running scene :( unfortunately its not in the official mv
i think we will see it on the english version..,,,
con này bị điến ai đời đi tin đó là nik 2ne1 , ảo chưa từng có ,
Xấu hổ cho VN có mấy đứa bệnh hoạn như tên này!!
Only 2NE1 has the ability to make a video that I am obsessed with, even if it's just clips of them running.
i was kind of fangirling at that moment, couldn't think strait =P
i love how everyones running & Bom is just looking up like oh beautiful sky
노래를 너무잘해 ~~걸그룹중 최고~!!! 거기에 개성도 만점 ~~^^♥♥♥
They released it like 1 hour afer I gave up and went to sleep TT^TT
@tristan12991 its looks like "Korean Ver." Language. ...
Open YG on Air to know more infomation about 2NE1 release new song ok! Blackjack! <3
Gash! Dara, Minzy and CL are running while Bom's just relax ;D
NEW EVOLUTION! The newly evolving 2NE1, who will embark on their first ever global tour, has finally released a new single "I LOVE YOU." The new single, an electro-pop genre music, is another masterpiece that featured NEW SOUND,NEW MELODY,NEW LYRICS, NEW VOICE and NEW PERFORMANCE! It is so true
Someone should make a lot of gifs of this teaser! It's really awesome, their hair are flipping~ Gorgeous 2NE1 :3
no im not... im a nurse :P.. Filipina KPOP fan working here in New Zealand :)
Dara legs ... her legs is so thin ... i wish i have a body like hers
hey!! we can make this teaser 1M!!!
I'm not a fan of them at all, but what can I say? This song is simply awesome. Although it's not as epic as 'I am the best', but the groove in this music is amazingly groovy. I love this. Definitely going into my ipod.
9h = 500k! we can make this up to 2m a day! lets put 2ne1 on the 1st rank on YTmusic charts!!!
esta para ponerlo como rington jeje
only love 2ne1 & big bang and love forever
Bom is so cool and laid back, Serious Girl.
honestly i dont remember seeing these scenes in the actual music video
The running scene is edited out in the MV, :(
ahhh, just back for old times sake:) dont forget to vote on eatyourkimchi!!!!
the hell is going on with the top comments LOL
LOL, the day that YG trolled us.. again.
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