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Battlefield 3 - Back to Karkand First Day Gameplay

by Berdu • 185,475 views

Gameplay with L96, FAMAS and HK53. All new maps included (Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Island), playing Conquest Assault and Rush. Song: Some Summer by A.A. Bondy.

i thought kh2002's sight was bad until i see the famas's
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck l2p to kill with defib hold fire button
hold a bit longer and it will kill your enemy
name of the song please
your enemy are very retard so there is no game
Inside that server your enemy is retard so there is no game. There.
Hahhahahahahaha awesome dude! the best gameplay : )
nice sound and fight :d niceeee
BKQQ-H3N4-7Q74 ps3 code for this dlc(USA game version required)
I dont wont to buy premium only bf3 + 1 dlc. So which should I choose btk,end game,armored kill,aftermath?PLS REPLAY QUICKLY
im gunna send him a friend request and can i send you one??
kjj367 wtff? i dont want to see sumbody die the whole time vid made me laugh sumtimes ehehe
@MrDaanjanssen If everyone is different why do we live in countries? If were all different we would be seperated, I say we are all the same
for some reason, I think the F2000 is a little too stable but I like that weapon.
haha awesome its all action and then you switch back to laying in pool chillin
I feel that PC BF3 fanboys are even more annoying than Xbox CoD fanboys
that's the default grenade launcher you use that it there is no gun rail.
a pre-planned content pack that should have come with the game. instead, EA decided to charge people for 'em. (yes, i know LE owners get this for free. it should be UNIVERSALLY free.) and people don't give a shit about that. today's gamers would take a beating and won't have a reaction.
how i get it free on ps3??plzz some one tell me
I have the limited edition of bf3 on xbox360 I have the maps and all but when I try to join a game/server it says I don't have the required items to join. I've already update the game to the present update but it doesn't work. Any help? 
What´s song name??? Please answer!!!
@WackAWarrior not really compared to PC players. I have seen allot of console gameplay footage and i have noticed that it's always same when ppls are face to face, aiming, aiming, shooting, 70% of bullets miss, more aiming and then finally, luckier one survives
lol, 2:45, where the hell is that tank comes from ?
c'mon buddies!! everyone in the pool! give up war!! let's enjoy the sun and the water!
i dont get it why people try to kill enemy with %100 life ,with deflbtr... Here is an advice for you: First suppress the enmy,i mean shot one bullet leg, than immedianly use defbltr... ? i didnt tried that im sure it ll be worked :)
dude that guy is so damn ignorant lol
@eyal0607 bark to karkand is just an add on to battlefield 3
Why did the guy at the start not shoot you
is back to karkand also come with primium please reply
if any one has this on xbox 360 i will trade you a account with red dead redemption, gta4 cod waw, borderlands etc... on demand and awhole bunch of arcades for it please send me a messege yes or no fast thanks
you are very good !!! can i add you on playstation ? :))
If you bought the game used then you will have to buy the code for $10... hope that helped!
You can't kill someone with a defibrillator
That awkward moment when you relieze killing with defibs has been patched
How big are these maps compared to regular battlefield 3 ones?
don't listen to that faggot dude. this montage was awesome
man i love the way the song stops and angels took the life away from soldier !!!! Double time !!!!
I bought premium but back to karkand doesn't work :(
Add me guys on ps3 my gamertag is toogansta15
You can destroy a tank with a little blowtorch?
You have to press and hold the defib to kill. : )
this is not having a life this is called being a retard ahah look you knife one two three four five times and so on and they doesen't's like forrest gump when he's drunk..
0:39 - 0:40 how come he didn't see you? O.o
he's just jelous bro:) no one is unstapable
people dont want to watch 8 minutes of someone dying stop being such a cunt
4:02 whats the name of that yellow vehicle?
hahaha it is always better to relax in the swim pool after a long day of slaughter hahahaha
Anyone else check to make sure that you aren't the one getting killed...
whats the name of the song in the background?
Because too many COD players switched from COD to BattleKing3.
lol @ the defib.... It took me 10 mins running behind someone to get my debib kill too XD
06:17 my brother's favorite weapon. He has 7000 kills with that weapon until now !
I used to play COD than I took a Battlefield to the PS3
Yes, Premium includes all DLC packs, including Back to Karkand.
can't decide wich DLC to buy T_T
wow on console there is accuracy bonuses or something watching these guys shoot and miss but count as hits :P~ Awesome video though!!!!
Omg youre so goddamn good!!!
хахаха на пс3 всего 3 точки захвата! вот как соснули!
ahhh the famas before the patch.. :' ]
hk53? wtf? never seen tht gun before...
Holy shit did you get a shortcut to the assigments?
Hello Im also a PS3 user, and I need people that play BF3 + B2K, Please add titoydany
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