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Halo: Reach Rare conversation with Marine (IWHBYD)

by FailsOfReach • 105,782 views

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That marine deserves to be a Spartan-III, he's got the motivation. I'd prefer him as a Spartan IV since most Spartan-IIIs were sent on suicide missions if not relocated. Though He didn't fair much better in your hands i see >.>
Do a girl next time id like to hear what they say.
Red spartan: can i see your weapon marine Marine: yea sure Red spartan: BAM!
that was hilarious he just steped back pulled out the shot gun and shot him! ROFL
Of course it ends with bang...
i would give him my armor and be like go knock yourself out
check it out the red spartan has 3 weapons. Plasma gun( forgot name), dmr and shotgun
@Energyblade7 being killed in retarded terms? cod player!!! gtfo lol jk
or you could change your mind on killing the good guys and become the villain. It works too.
yah im a sparten so that gives me the authority to shoot you with your own gun
The moving jaw-peice is pretty cool.
so you kill a marine for complimenting you
I'd switch with him and let him die for me and i would pose as the hero
Marine - "Tell me you don't enjoy every second of smearing Covenant blood all over these planets. Oh be a spartan". White Spartan - "A-l-l-l-l-l-l-lright, this guy knows too much". Red Spartan - (Looks at White Spartan) "I'm already on it sir". (Whips out shotgun)
lol at the end you can see the red spartan shoot the marine
It's too bad, if he survived the war he could have been a Spartan IV. XD
its the same marine as in the new alexandria
@valkor80 all you have to do is walk up to them and they start to talk, give it time.
i was sad when you shot him :(
Why did u kill him all he ever wanted was too be a Spartan
"I prefer marine blood." BANG
some marine i talked to said he was on border patrol before this
I don't want him to ever be a Spartan. That's my job. shoots him.
@CHRONICxGAMES security u need to be a general
i saw the spartan's shotgun fire at the end
duh, I've heard this 2 times... in the same campain. but thanks for posting so others can see
Why do people shoot innocent marines when they say such rare lines?
not sure if anyone replyed to you yet, but they in space so the marines have sealed pressure suits with air incase life support shuts down
he knows! we must kill him before our secret gets out!
Did you see the way the lower part moved while he talked though? I lol'd. I know it's M-PO.
Spartan: Ohhh interesting dream... now die
not really rare, i got it about 6 times
Not a good idea to drink coffee as you are watching this video
Stop it as you shoot him NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!!!!
his armors jaw piece was moving as he was talking and i am pretty sure the jaw piece is secure with no hinges.
man, this is a pretty game when you film it so cinematicly
You can't be a spartan now bitch :)
Well he found out what it's like to be a spartin lol
@ObservedFIREFLY you know to much * pulls out shotgun* BOOOM
don't forget to make the white spartan french-trust me it'll make it sound cooler
Why do people always kill the marines!?!?
Once while i was playing Halo 2, a marine started singing War-Edwin Starr
Pay attention to his helmet while he speaks. It's..interesting.
alean blood, that is human blood type AB-
The very last part is really funny XD.
The person that voices that Marine is Zachary Levi from Chuck. Don't believe me? Go look on IMDB yourself.
Why you kill him. He wanted to be you. What have people done to this planet. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr
I like the marines. They saved my butt lots of times.
It was like a mafia boss. Red: "Go get some food" White: "Ok papa" Red:"Goodbye bitch!" BAM!!!
its not rare. people get this conversation every once and a while.
that marine knows to much or he needs help.
did anybody else notice the marines jaw piece move when ever he talked?
That's always our reaction to marines when they say stuff to us.
"To be a spartan"... Then the spartan in his private radio "He knows everyone here must be eliminated. Go." The other spartan leaves... The spartan thinks. Sorry about this. Then 0:49
MURDERER! You killed him for no reason you cereal killer! You know I'm not trying to be mean rite? Me just kidding
lol, i was laughing so hard when he shot him
I agree what i would give to be a spartan
Why is that dude's helmet moving every time he moves his mouth? Is that a glitch?
Anyone else notice that he shot the marine with a shotgun even when he had a plasma rifle as his secondary?
poor marine! he just wanted to be a spartan! lol
I like the way you stole the shotgun and shot him
lmao, the other spartan just shows up
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