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Perfect League Of Legends Cosplay Show

by DuoWanLOL • 862,171 views

very high quality cosplay by Chinese university students. voices from Chinese LoL client. This video is nothing about LaLaLaDemacia.

Did anybody else noticed that Shens SKIRT fell and he dropped it behind Caytlin?:P
Karthus should have used his ult xD
..."perfect league of legends cosplay". I oughta this would be a really great cosplay, then I saw about 20 heads and I was about to get "awesomeness" panic because I expected it to be super great, then I got disappointed.
ahri's tails are horrible xD
Linkin Park- Numb? Really?
Likin Park- Numb with cosplays = funny stuff. lol
Linkin Park big in China or something?
its cant be more pathetic than this.
Shitty Cosplay... especially Ezreal , Fiora and Xin Zhao
1:45 who is he supposed to be? outfit looks like Kayle. But Kayle is a girl.... and she got wings :/
report teemo for invisible
Fckin camper... Haha
they looks pathetics hahaha
i havent seen a perfect ahri tail lol ever 
That Yi was epic :D
i fall in love with leblanc's butt :D !!!! <3 <3 <3
These are so bad. Cait and Le blanc were the only good ones.
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good costumes! shaco and graves were shit though
why are asians so much better in ... everything than every other race it makes me sad :(
XD i wish there was a second green shaco
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HAHA karthus put alot of effort in the last dance
LOL, Shen's costume fell apart
I wanna see Malzahar and Janna float.. :D
Ezreal's poses were epic XD
That was not perfect it was moslty something like a school costplay  At least fix the title of the video xD
it woulda been better if karthus just ulted and everyone lay dead at the end
i was thinking the same thing
Karthus put alot of effort in that one
Dat ass leblanc :3 :D
Annie and Irelia ¬
Report Karthus not used R
2:42 SHEN EPIC FAIL lol xDDD . he gave it to karthus and karthus threw it back LOL
i need that annie in my bed xD
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that leblank, I wanna fuck her...
Everything is fine but why lp??? WHY?
Teemo is actually there...
Eh... Some of those cosplays weren't really good.. I loved the Caitlyn, Fiora, Twisted Fate, Master Yi, Irelia and Graves. That's about it.
Karthus press you're "R" to OS you're enemies 
LOL that Asian graves... Got the face ALL wrong
Ok just saying, this was EPIC.
that was some terrible camera work at the begining.
it was going to be cool for ending karthus uses ulti and kills them all xD
right team have win
Ahris E almost got teemo, he is a littl to small
3.35 see yi's blade...
I like akali, cait and tf xD
no garen disrespect?
ovbiously janna win vs lb Kappa
Teemo , where are you ???
im gonna cosplay annie! im excited
2:41 Belt of Shen.. Report he is a noob
Was waiting for shaco to do the worm
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