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Michael Jackson - Remember The Time

by michaeljacksonVEVO • 93,910,019 views

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Remember The Time. (C) 1992 MJJ Productions Inc.

Instead of debating whether or not Egyptians were black or not, can we focus on Michael? Also remember what he said ," It don't matter if your black or white!" So stop arguing, OK?
+bobbyw223 I said that they were.  What I meant was that your statement seems to suggests that they were black and eventually whites came in and really built the culture there is now.  When in truth it is more similar to the relationship between the Romans and the Greeks; constantly fighting, yes, but they have combined their cultures and taken influence from one another as well (I just wish I had a better example than the Romans and Greeks) But yes, they were black originally, its no secret, or at least it shouldn't be.  Check out this article I found though; Notice in the 8th image that even though the Kushites were and still are clearly black, for some reason they depict themselves as having a "tan" complexion, similar to that found in Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  Which puts into question the "they never depict themselves as negroid" point so many doubters like to throw around. 
- Michael knew the Egyptians were BLACK!
Kat The Wolf, Now thats just logic
Can I just say how much I absolutely love the art and theatre put into this video? Today you would never see a nine minute music video, but MJ had enough class and faith in his art that he could add the dance sequences, the performances, and the meaningful lyrics to make a hit like this one.
Thank fuck this vile Pedo freak is cold in his grave
+shy girl Yeah it is loser you post in exactly the same style, you use no punctuation or Capital letters on either account and you gave your other comment a few minutes before even using this account. Sad obsessive Pedo lover has been owned, lol.
she is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen in my life. god is good. 
Yes, she is beautiful but it has nothing to do with a pretend being.
Im glad Michael Jackson is dead and I would have killed him myself if I had the chance.
You little cunt why would you kill him? You would be dead by now
You are useless for the world.. :)
+TIFF COURT​ But that's only your opinion because you have no evidence to back it up.
i disliked this crap
mj sucked boys cocks
Then why are you watching? Apparently you like the video, since you commented. Why look at a video if you dislike it? that's common sense. Lol
This video is so iconic. Just a masterpiece. My favorite part is the dance breakdown. I love that shoulder thing he does. A+++
+wallace torrieri Yes, when she was young. Her videos & dancing was very good. 
 Michael was a goddam faggot who shot his filthy aids infested sperm into those poor little boys assholes and mouths and now that bleached nigger is burning in hell. Dr. Conrad Murray did what the courts couldnt do and he got justice for those kids who spent the night at Neverland and had they're little buttholes sodomized by that dirty dick sucking freak. Michael earned his death through pedophilia and beastiality because he also had an unatural relationship with a diseased chimp. Rot in hell MJ
+Dante Jackson lol do research on two things, michael jackson and religion. Michael Jackson was innocent, and god, heaven, satan and hell are fake
+Shamone Horoscopist lol do research on two things, michael jackson and religion. Michael Jackson was guilty, and god, heaven, satan and hell are real
Remember the time, remember the videos, the choreography, the compositions of the King of pop...This is one of the v unforgettable videos of MJ, the left a footprint in this genre musical, a brand perhaps insurmountable.Although many challenges it by his changes radical physical, the still kept its essence and sought happiness and peace of mind, I hope now is in a better place. Thank you Michael Jackson for all your successes and compositions, seeking a better world.
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time: This was one of the Coolest Videos
We had these dance steps DOWN.... lolololol
+Yolanda DeArmon Lol! yes...that was the best part was learning to do the dance
What is all that bekering about whether egyptians were black or white. All of you need to go and research the real history of the acient egyptians and who build what and you will discover they were a mixture of dark and brown skin people. Europeans have diluted the real history to their own way. In other words they are saying BP are not capable or intelligent enough to build such magnificent structures. Egypt is Africa and Africa is were we all generated from. Research the real history and not the watered down version you get in history books. Egyptians (BP) did not write down their history and skills and knowledge these were pass down from generation to generation verbally and teaching. For those of you who have been brain wash into thinking Egyptians were white need to think out of that box. Michael would not want us bekering about this colour code. That not what he was about. So get off this site we do not need your negative comments
+Austin Powers who the hell is denying Egypt is in Africa!? We clearly can see that it is in northeast Africa. No WHITE historian or sane WHITE person will deny that. You see while Egyptians are African of course They are not Sub Saharan what most people think of when the term Black is thrown around. Ancient Egyptians logically (and depiction wise) would have been closer to being Darker skinned, thinner nosed, and mildly curly haired, something like Austronesian complexion, and a Caucasian type nose like east Africans. Don't u dare compare the Egyptians to Sub Saharans. And also, what time Period are we going to analyze the "blackness" of the Egyptian people? As time and empires emerged inter breeding among Egyptians occurred among slaves of many ethnic backgrounds, including Romans, Greeks, Nubians etc. To be eVen more specific I don't even think Black applies to all sub Saharan peoples I believe it applies to the descendents of west African slaves brought to the Americas. So if you are basing Blackness off of that model it is incorrect because Egyptians are northeast Africans and Africans all around shouldn't be lumped all together as "Black" since there is a plethora of genetic differences among them and Egyptians are not exempt from being a different class of African. African people are not all equal to each other some happen to be more superior to each other and it looks Egyptians took first.
Fulvio Urbanis Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
BUON PROSEGUIMENTO !!!!! CIAO !!! BUONA CENA !!! 💋💋💞💞😘😘Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Magnifica canzone.... Quando era stupendo Michael Jackson... Grazie.... Bisous.... Bisous... ;-)
+Anna Aida Siiiii.....Buona domenica cara... Gros bisous..🌷🌻🌺🍁😘😘😘😘
The woman that plays the queen has got to be one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen in my life.
She's also married to David Bowie. Another great Artist!!
The man who played the queen was a pedophile.
๛Ẽrika๛ M.R Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Feliz domingo familiar....mis mejores deseos para cada uno de uds!
Si mija gracias a Dios todo vien. Y q tal Cuéntame como te va
Ruben Vigil Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Michael Jackson fucked a chimp when he was younger, and then fucked little boys, when he got older, and richer, and could pay off the parents.  Shame on him!  Now, he is in Hell, getting fucked by the Devil, that bastard got what he deserved!  Now, the world can heal, now, that Michael Jackson is a dead kiddy diddler!  Let's celebrate, each and everyday, that asshole is dead!
+Yemi Olakitan After the chimp bit off Michael Jackson's nose, and one of his testicles, and threw poop around the house.  Michael Jackson sent it to go live in Florida!
 Michael had his eyes on a little boys butt, His cock was throbbing and he was about to bust a nutt, The little boy knew that he was being stalked, Then Michael spun around and did the moonwalk, He grabbed his crotch and yelled "he he he", The little boy said hell no Michael not me, Michael started to cry because the boy hurt his feelings, And then he went home to Bubbles the chimp for a little sexual healing.....XD
Hany Faisal Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time: Wow I love you
this will be the next MJ video to hit the 100 Millions views
only if u discount Love Never Felt So Good.
+Diane Hughes Yes I agree with you my precious friend . 
I had not seen this video before.  It is very good.
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Michael Jackson is the greatest, A genius.
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time: I miei piu' preziosi ricordi di JACKO per il #laramusictime !!! Non ho altro da dire, solo, I LOVE YOU JACKO^^
Uddio! Stasera (o stanotte XD) volevo proprio postare questa foto!!! É una delle mie preferite di Michael :D
Michael you are speaking about
100 millions soon <3
Thank you MJ for giving the world a history lesson.  This is probably why White Supremacy tried to frame you for telling the truth.  Well you succeeded sir and will live forever on Youtube.
should have kept his white cock in his pants
When i was little i got really sad about the stick guy lol 
Is it just me or are these VEVO videos not as clear as they used to be? They look a little muddy and the resolution is low, as well. What's happened?
thanks for all the haters that are helping us to break the vevo certified :,)
Richy Dotsey Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Do you remember the time when we first met? 
Jajjajaj me encanta michel yakchon
Que si me gusta pregunta le a tu hermano
ALEJANDRO BARONA Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Gracias Jandro... Besitos
Lee DeCoske Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Do you remember the time?  :-)
The cat at the beginning and near the end of the this video looks like my son's fat cat Tigger :-)  I named him for him since he was young and still watched Winnie the Pooh.  Funny how our Tigger hops around even now in his old age and reminds me of the cartoon figure Tigger. His mom named Tigger's brother, that has a similar color scheme, after me.  His name is Leo.  She said, as he was mischievous since we picked them up from our local Human Society / Animal Shelter (5 months old approximately), she named him after me.  In their old age now Tigger is the "bad" cat.  Leo is the good cat :-)
Tan hermoso que era aww lo cagaron las operaciones
David wilson Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Dead Pedophile Lover!
Yep and we waited for new ones like new movies.
Haaaaaaaa!!!!! Se ve muy guapo al principio (obviamente es la camara) pero me dieron un poco de celos cuando besó a cleopatra SINSERAMENTE
What color is MJ dress?
Is that Magic Johnson?  1:41? wowwwwww
Michael Jackson sucks. He hates his own skin and changed himself into white
Eh hem He actually had a skin condition which removed the pigment from his skin, creating so unsightly, uneven skin. So Michael underwent a treatment known as " de-pigmentation". That's why after that he had to have an umbrella outside or it would cause damage to his skin. Please look these things up before you post.
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time AVEC UNE PALETTE DE STAR 
+Sandra SEGURA alors là ça promet alors, bisous de danseur
Good day to all ... Hello !!
+Елена Чукалина да нет. все хорошо. клип отличный ))
Even though Thriller is the most acclaimed out of his short films, this one remains my favorite, and the dance breakdown is EVERYTHING.
Paula deeds you need to think Twice before you do something
King of pop .haters go to u know what
Michel Jackson is the shit and he knew it
Actully sorry he didn't get a nose job the skin disease affects your bones and can change you facial features and he's hair is real
yes im right your wrong my momtold me and my history of singers is long why dontyou think im right!
I see black and blue...
is good music and i love you godbye
Have a bank account 💳❓and you want to make up to 💲10,000 hit me up 773 712 8803
I hope you die a slow and painful death trying to scam on the internet get a life women/man asshole.
I miss him like so much like he should not die ????¿??????????????¿????????¿?????????
pedophiles deserve to die he got what he deserved
Karla Estefania Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
What the fuck is this? lol 
a gay white man dancing 
Frances Ike Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Michael Jackson remember the time
Do you remember the tiiiiime........ he touched ya butt!?   do you remember the tiiime.... when he touched your dick!!!? Illll
Wait was that magic Johnson 1:38
lol niggers imagining themselves Pharaohs
hi slug your back still think a dirty arab like you and your kind was the African of old who created civilization go back to your sand city in arabia
Egyptians were black!!!!! Not white or light skinned blacks are genetically superior white ppl couldn't survive the harsh African land white ppl stole history and everything else they CLAIM THEY INNOVATED
No one fucking cares And I'm black
Ima sing that to a girl
O melhor ele e o rei do pop não tem ninguém que faça o que ele faz
I just figured out where I remember seeing the woman who played the princess,  she was in star trek VI (The undiscovered country)  She kissed kirk and was a shapeshifter.
Her name is Iman and she is model.  Google it.
How old was michael here
I think he was 33 or 34
Braede Maple Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
favorite MJ video next to SCREAM
One of my favorite videos
MJ is alive!! I believe! <3
MJ is dead or he would still be molesting kids.
beast king Shared on Google+ · 4 hours ago
What is the name of the woman sitting next to Eddie Murphy? And what is her ethnicity? Please answer!!!!
Is that Eddie Murphy?
can seriously no one just listen to mj without fucking whining about race and slavery
who's the queen?
+WilliamGarrow Ohh wow she's gorgeous! thanks :)
Is that Eddie murphy? :D
This video is so inaccurate, the only direct decadent of ancient Egyptians I see here is IMAN. The rest are the decadents west african bantus with a little white dna. Lol. Stop putting bantu africans in this, ya'll are doing the exact something as white people. Ancient Egyptians were black (Cushites) IMAN is the only cushite here. The rest of them need to learn about west and central bantu AFRICA. #BantuQueens/KingsMatterToo -from a Cushitic
It doesn't really matter they are all blacks (Hamitic- descendants of Ham).Somalis, Bantus,Sahelians,Southern Africans,Pygmies...we are all blacks my friend 😁
Toyokazu Ohuchi Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
janay what happen dude?
I wish u were still alive I'm a huge fan u died two days after my birthday
me too huge mj fan love him so very much he is the best EVER
Akemi Yamamoto Shared on Google+ · 4 hours ago
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time:
Does this guy who's singing look like the guy who was singing in smooth criminal or it's just me?
Ancient Egypt was Cushite black, NOT negro black. Iman is the ONLY known cushite here, the rest are negro blacks with some white dna. Fuck outta here 😭 The end
It doesn't fucking matter just enjoy the music
mvladk Shared on Google+ · 6 hours ago
The only direct decadent of ancient Egyptians here is IMAN, the rest are mixed bantus. Fuck off this is so bad, ya'll are doing the same thing as white ppl and arabs. Fuck off. Hate all of u. Give a little Respect, and stop bullshiting for once😤
No one fucking cares just listen to to blooming song -_-
Black, but underwent a procedure called de pigmentation to get rid of a skin condition that made the pigment in his skin disappear.
این کلیپشو خیلی دوست دارم بسیار زیبا.
7fffcgvvvaadafn h qoppmf
Me causa una verdadera nostalgia no haber podido disfrutar de este tremendo arista en vivo!!!! Grande!!! El más GRANDE!!!!! Aún vivo!!!!
Me encanta esta canción y a mi me hubiera encantado igual verlo en vivo la que si lo vio fue mi mamá ese fue su regalo de 15 años en México <3 <3 <3
usted lo ha dicho dichosos los que pudieron verlo en vivo, era y seguirá siendo el mejor cantante de la historia. es el único rey del pop.
Carlos Enrique Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Do you remember?
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