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Jason Aldean - Fly Over States (Lyric Video)

by JasonAldeanVEVO • 2,446,180 views

“Fly Over States” official lyric video from My Kinda Party, available here: Subscribe to Jason’s channel: Follow Jason:...

Me too.hes a great artist, glad you liked it .
I'm a semi truck driver and have driven through all of the lower 48 states and this song explains it perfectly. The states are beautiful and there's so much open space and freedom that you can only experience by driving across them.
I wanna become a semi driver when I'm older I like taking long road trips
damn i love this country. THANKS american people and never stop believing  in what you have build. I am a proud Cuban but i will dye if i have to for USA.
+absinthe64 See, I do not care about the English of those with a separate primary language, it is instead those whose primary language is English, and yet all that they seem to know is text talk, slang, and anything involving atrocious grammar.
I have lived in America all my life but I would be proud to defend her shoulder to shoulder with you if need be!
Forgot how much I love this one! 
Song makes me miss home! East plains of Colorado! 
lorelai overton Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
has anyone else heard this song b4?!
Soooooo...... U haven't but u did?
Yep...its a good cheer me up
love the midwest and the flyover states. Represent!
Shout out Iowa, Produces the most corn in America. And John Deere
Just like that flatbed cowboy stacking US steel on a three day haul. Glad real country still plays on the radio.
This song makes me think about where I grew up and where I hope to return to at some point. 
Okay I love this song but I live and New York and your probably thinking NYC but No I'm in the redneck part called Jeffersonville We have farms ranches houses and a litttle town
I'm in Saratoga county just north of Albany
From Minnesota and proud of it 😊
Kansas Proud! Shout out to all you Kansans
i live in north carolina but grew up in west virginia you could say there is some bad lands if you get in the wrong place
yes,i have seen a harvest moon in kansas,for petes sake,i live 45 mmminutes away from kansas
Mooresville, Greenfield, Greensburg, and Indianapolis! ;)
Streetsboro, OH right here!
Jason Aldean - Fly Over States (Official Lyric Vi…: play
Wyoming here. I literally get to see the deer and antelope play. I can see for miles under a clear deep blue sky. 
I typically listen to metal and heavy music, but certain country songs carry allot of memories with them, like this one. I remember me and my mom arguing over what the lyrics were to this song, we both ended up agreeing that it said "when ghosts fly over states." May she rest in peace (april 6, 1972-decenber 24, 2013)
brooklyn new york
{We Are A Blessed Country}..  To Have The Freedoms To Enjoy..  Our Country's Natinal Treasures..   {GOD Bless The Untied Staes Of America}..  May We Always Remain A Free People..
I'm from Iowa I live in a city now and I miss being out on the farm its so sad that we lost it due to a divorce but I respect all the people who live in these states or not. If you understand the meaning of this song regardless where you are from I respect you. I will forever be an Iowa girl and proud of it!
I was at a Midwest dirt track last night and they played this, sweet home Alabama, and Toby Keith during an awesome fireworks show.
Love from indiana.....i hate the the people :)
I love this song and I don't even live an a flyover state
Same! Except I want to move to a fly over state. I hate it in California...
You can't be from Canada...that was too mean of a comment...
I love this song so much
Southern California, currently but I desperately hope to settle down in a fly over state. I really want to end up in a small, little known town in Ohio.
Marissa Curry Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
177 people without a clue
Small town in Missouri
Ditto! Shell knob lol
I agree with you john deere girl, I am in Ohio as well it is great oither than thie bigger shitholes like columbus, cleveland, cincinatti, akron, ect.
I'm a truck driver from California and I love this song. It reminds me of my trips to the east coast rolling across Interstate 40 and 80. Like the song says they've never drove through Indiana. You have to experience it to appreciate it.
Kansas. Even Louis and Clark called us a fly over state.
Its sad how true that is. But no matter what I'll always prefer a small Kansas town that's not even on a map (except one only of the county) over a big city
+Codegirl96  Man I wish I knew more people like you. I'm tired of all these high school kids and college students bashing my hometown and saying how much better big cities are.
Isn't Pennsylvania a fly over state?
13 Bravo US Army comming home to Kansas. HOOAH.
Dakota's + Great Lake States = Back Bone of the Country. Minnesota - REPRESENT U.S. STEEL
North Carolina, nothing but corn fields, and cow pastures. 
Erica Gallegos Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
<3 favorite song 
Definitely representing the Plains of Oklahoma here.
I have seen the sunsets in Arizona and New Mexico but I still think that seeing the sunset over the Oklahoma plains is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
+Tina Bolt I love you both so very much ! xx
Love You To Mrs Peter Big Hugs :))))
+1 if your state was mentioned
Shout out from North Carolina! Not technically a flyover state but I'd consider a town in the middle of nowhere with 1,200 permanent residents to be pretty well-removed.
Could be Oklahoma.. love it here..
I live in a small town with a funny name in Ohio. Ohio is probably one of the most ignored fly over states, it is literally a huge corn field and Wheat farm, with horses and cows! Lol. I love my little fly over state, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! God Bless little towns with funny names in their fly over states!!
Not a country fan by a stretch but, that was a beautiful song.
chicago's a city bro. and not even a fly over one, that's where ya fly to then get on another plane to go to somewhere else. ex: I usually go from little rock ar airport to chicago, then to manchester england to get to my grandmas house.
hey ur good at making videos thats one o the most abstract lyric videos ive seen
Yayy Massachusetts! Lol jk get me out of here \(0.0)/
the fuck you know about fly over states you palm leaf hat wearin jackoff
Ohio is my state/ the heart of the country, can't get any better than that!
Sorry but putting a Lexion in Claas colours in this video is truly a disgrace against anyone from the countryside. They aren't sold like that here, they are black and yellow.
like if your state is mentioned
There's a reason people fly over us :/
proud to live in a fly over state!
you bet brother.. we're definately fly over.. but its cool.. Missouri is a great place.. esp. the Ozarks..
go to hell cock suckers that dislked this song i hit like overand over
Its those states in the middle of the country that business folk think have nothing interesting in them. Like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming.
California was once a beautiful place before politics came in. Now a junkyardd
Born and raised in OKLAHOMA and man its hotter than hell down here, a couple guys at my dad's work said: its not hot enough here. and i said BULLSHIT they were down right wrong, we had lots of drouts, but happily we made it through. but this is a great state and i am never leaving it and i only say that because i was born and raised in oklahoma ( :
Yes as a matter of fact we love them. We don't love what they do to people however. And so what if we get a storm or two. We got heritage and we're proud of it.
Originally from Oklahoma, now live in Kansas City. In the midwest we're just more laid back! More friendly.
I always say "they never drove through INDIANAAAAA" when that part comes on. Makes me proud to be a Hoosier!
Would y'all just shut the hell up.
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