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StarCraft 2 - Strelok [T] vs TITAN [P] G1 (Commentary)

by Force Strategy Gaming • 21,095 views

Force Strategy Gaming presents: Strelok [T] vs TITAN [P] Replay of this game: Force...

Diablo 3 got in, but the game is kind of boring. All you can do is click "OK", and then you come back to the opening screen. I'm on level 37 now btw D:
I think it's Thai Tan as opposed to Tie In
I thought those PDD's could have won the game for the terran player.
Great commentary as always Force. SPOILER: But I have no idea what Strelok was doing in that game.
shoulda went cloaked banshee at the proxy spot!
the game looked like it was being >>FF (on faster x2)
That was a comically bad game from the Terran player.
Gotta give points to Strelok for trying something new. But man, it all failed for him.
Why did the colossus fall over? Because it was imbalanced.
6:10 Strelok: nice, you remembered 11:39 Strelok: got a 3rd? 11:49 Titan: mined a bit, kinda
Well done Captain Obvious, how long did it take you to figure that out?
played for a few hours last night, was hoping to play more over the weekend... fucking servers are down ;_;
sweet vid keep them comming force
Im not sure why you pronounce his name "stray-lock" when it is clearly "st-re-lock"
sick game i love it when a toss sticks it to MMM
Terran siege tanks forgotten
can anyone tell me how to do that thing where you make a future path for your units without letting them change direction immediately?
Well I guess you're another one of those fags who cant pronounce words then, Force was saying it correctly. >.>
I don´t always misstype my thoughts, but when I do someone makes fun of myself - wait I am not even the creator of the sentence.
If anyone wondering what Strelok asked at the end of game before leaving: "you have 3rd base?". After positive answer he put smile and left :/
actually its pronounced "Stril-jok" kind like "Steel-yuk"
You obiviously didn't watch the video, or you are deaf. Every time Force says they protoss players name, he is missing something. So often, I am not the only comment.
There are TWO T's in TiTan. Not Ti-an like a chav you big ninny force! :P
If u dont know russian - shot the hell up ;]
I genuinely think Protoss are OP atm.
actually i do. But hard to describe with normal letter how to pronounce. Shut up yourself ;)
@idolsuk yeah they're op and incredibly easy to play
@ForceSC2strategy 3:18. "There is buildings here." You are a greate caster please dont ruin this for me.
There are two "T"s in the word Titan....
Опоздал на 6 минут, братюнь:)
ok so im a rapid viewer i watch every vid u post about terren thats is, but my actual game play sucks like i undersatnd the vid i learn how people play and there stratigies but when it come to actualy implying it im not fast enouph and i basicly call the gg. is it posible for a vid on how to like actualy play like live footage of keyboard and how a pro views the game thats just me but i learn from example :) thank u force and keep posting games lol expicaly the ones when tarren lose so i learn:)
I want to see more Professional Cheesers xDD
Force please do some strategy videos fro starcraft 2. It would be nice if people like this so he can see it. It's been like a 8 months since he made a strat video :(
Strell-Okk? ..nah..hard to describe though. Cause its russian word and russian dialect.
D3 OPEN BETA (error 37) the servers are bosy now. im trying to conect all day... dont say its a open beta pls.
i like finishing all over the tosses face as well
Yess im first and i like it already
This game looks soooo boooring.
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