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Toughest Villages In Britain 4/5

by chewnacker • 156,525 views

Trash TV at it's Very Best!!!

no Royston Vasey? lol.
is there any Asians or blacks living in these british villages can someone please tell me??
Thanks David, just a lil' advice yeah.. mind sayin' the ''N'' word please .. say something else unoffensive. Thanks again.
+Chinang Krayzee  Sorry didn't mean to offend - I was shocked myself to see this as a nickname for someone and displayed......imagine a black family walking into this place and seeing it. 
I'm a lanky bastard and I would happily fight any of these 'hardmen'
Most Retarded Villages in Britain *
thats me at the begining with the white t shirt form an ordely que ladies no fighting theres plenty of me to go around. oh and by the way ilived in highley for a bit never met anybody hard there at all. but there was a very cute girl who owned the castle pub cant remember her name let me know if you know her she was hot x
"Visitors shouldn't take getting beaten up personally It's just the vibrant culture of the village" . What a morbid horrid place
and down to my hometown for a day out - bloody trogs stay your side of the M4 in future we don't sell faggots and peas anymore we`re trying to move on
Kind of nice they all know each other and help each other.. Can't say I would go there though..
the wot valley? The Cynon valley is pronounced with a K not sinnon - like Kuntun without the T, bloomin English!!!!!! t does however have some punchy fuckers
This is like Jeremy Kyle and the League of Gentlemen in one convenient package.
tbh most students act like this or worse when they're on a night out. Rugby lads are the worst but cos they've got prospects it's alright
Finally a welsh village, i live in wales and there's plenty of tough villagers to choose from.
I coudnt here the banjos
I don't see anything wrong with the people from Highley ? They seem like the salt of the earth.
Coal diggin bastards lol. ;)
No expense spared lol a couple of fuckin crappy teddy bears in a shop window and a slide WTF!!!!
What about Jaywick in Essex, currently considered the most deprived place in England by the government's national statistics.
Don't take this seriously people ... It's just a spoof by snobs designed to make good working class people look inferior.  
These lot ain't tough !! There just a load of overweight piss heads thinking there hard with Lager in there tummies. Do any of these fuckers work ? Can they spell and add up ? Lol 
bunch of uneducated dumb illiterate dole donkeys. 
those are some ugly mofos in that village inbreads
I now understand why the powers that be want to cull half the worlds population. 
still watching this and havent seen anything that compares to chatsworth
I would love to live in villages like these. Very simple and rural.
I wonder if these yokels ever realise there's a real world out there?
Point made i think! :}
What a bunch of daft cunts
@kertland we know you do because you cant spell.
dumbest villages in britain...? there is not just one in every village..theres f******g loads of them in this one!!!!!!!!!
ewwww im British and im from Nottingham,ive never seen any thing like this,these people r common as muck,look like fucking nesbits.and those girls are mingers,that shit has just put me of my tea! lol (@tea)
guy at 0:18 looks like Smeagol form Lord of the Rings
WTF. This village must be full of morons!!!
The tough guy without the shirt isn't so tough by the end of the night.
Rough yes, tough no, almost all of them are slightly overweight, drink and smoke in excess, they are most likely extremely unfit. I bet they struggle fro breath just walking up a flight of stairs. They wouldn't be able to pull of a days hike.
"Hierwaen, at the top of the Sinon valley?" Bloody english.
hahaha, that si something I completely overlooked. lol
Hardest villages..what tug of war n that yea?
Bald dude reminds me of Danny Byrd.
trust me Detroit is insane. Even Downtown Detroit is a fucking shanty town.
We have one of the highest IQ's in the world, our dumbest retards are smarter than your rednecks
hard in the respect that u can punch them a lot with litle effect. Vermin is more apt.
What a frightening comment. Where you from, Surrey with a rich daddy?
this just reminds me of my home town outwood
Sub -Human paradise, what a Village I'am sure some of them are nice folk , but no thank you, I have seen enough,, PHEW!!!
So this is where all those missing village idiots ended up.
Tickets are booked! Im going!
FML... Hirwaun's finest doing the Welsh proud I see.
Innocent country wench ?? she's been banged more times than a screen door in a hurricane!!!!!!
These are not attractive people.
what a shitty excuse of a beach
You say i'm jumped up yet "You've no idea who you're talking to, do you?" enlighten me, who are you? someone special? I doubt it, you just want to feel special because you're a down-trodden inbred. I'm not even a kid! haha fuck off you scrub. Oh and unblock me you fucking pussy.
i have seen harder diarrhea coming from my arse hole after a curry what's been out of date since 1704.
I love British- they can just have a fucking laugh at anything- How can you not love that?
It should be called britains softest villages
Ficking hell. What a god damn shitehole. Redneck UK hillbillys.
Do not judge us English on the actions of this scum, fucking bunch of wools would get smashed to bits
These people Hard? LMAO. Looking rough and ugly does not mean your hard A bunch of middle age overweight ex miner drunk type people are defiantly not hard.
I worked in Hirwaun for years and hard isnt the word i`de use for the people that live there lmfao alot..
Yeah they probably can't spell "in"
hahaha what a joke, This place looks like stains off ali G... Go to liverpool, London, Manchester, Birmingham and get chased out you pack of doggs... 1:39 nuff said nah mean
original white people as in blue eye'd powder white skinned we're probably originally from area's close to Germany, the closest you can get to a True native British person is an individual whom is 100% Scottish.
hahahahahahahahaha fuckin hard bring em down manny we'll see how hard these fuckin muppets are
at least he's successful, unlike some fat, working class, white van man cunt
@susansmith44 i dunno,but i only see this crap on the tele lol like the royal family lol
@1992alan1992 It was coz he was pissed, not because he was actually after stealing something for cash.
hard me balls there a bunch of do gooders
ive been here and its nice so what the fuck are these dicks?
what is the song that starts at 3.20 or so?
sad people who think they are tough, safe in their little world. Stick em in Manchester and lets see what they are made of.
@MrDaveyWalsh implying we haven't always had villages full of inbred retards.
The guy at 0:09 looks like James Nesbitt!
And most Americans think that Britain does not have rednecks....
Oh a dad joke, so original because it's my dad, not my mum. Prick. He's actually a director in Barclay's because you know, he actually tried to get somewhere in life. You're just a dosser.
You cant judge all English people by these individuals. Such small minded people on the internet. Its a shit hole because It's called 'Toughest Villages In Britain' theres bad areas of all countries.
@2LIJIT2QUIT786 Every video has a comment from a low life who posts, your a prime example
the opening speech at the beginning of this vid just sums up the UK
Eoin McSorley has to be one of the most annoying people in Britain.
Yep, people have been mating with vegetables
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