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50 Bikers vs 2 Thieves ***Caught On Tape***

by ElCh3aPo • 6,385,494 views

Some would be robbers pick the wrong place to steal from. ***I am not the original owner of this footage.***

Lot of hate for bikers in the comments xD I ride a bike, and I ride in a group, am I a biker? Are you scared of me? Threatened by me? Do you want to lock up your wives and children when I'm around? If you answered yes to any of those, apart from the first, then you're paranoid.  Generalisations and blanket statements such as "Americans are fat idiots!", "Muslims are terrorists!", "Gingers have no soul!"... are all accurate in describing some people from their respective groups, HOWEVER some cannot represent the entirety, and if you think otherwise you're a paranoid, prejudice, idiot.  Doctors may be bikers. Lawyers may be bikers. Church pastors may be bikers... Being a biker is not inherently a bad thing. Being a 1%'er, on the other hand, is a different matter. Buuuuuut the clues in the name, "1%'er".... 1%! Not 50%. Not 67%. Not 100%.... 1%. Judging 100% of people on a 1% selection far exceeds stupidity. If someone said "Here's a pill, there's a 1% chance this could cure your cold, but a 99% chance it could kill you." would you take it? Do you think the FDA, or equivalent, would approve it? I'd wager not. So unless you're that stupid person who would (and to you I say go eat lots and lots of paracetamol and wash them down with a couple litres of vodka, because someone once said it'll give you superpowers), then consider not making blanket statements any more, because they only go to show your ignorance. If you see patches, rockers, and diamond shapes with a 1% in the middle - then, by all means, be on your guard, but chances are they still couldn't give a shit about you. I'd suggest not pulling out on them at junctions, or pushing into a queue in front of them though...  
+ScratchN Sniff You could start by removing that ridiculous picture of yourself from your profile. You look like you have AIDS. 
Robbers got owned, see, bikers are not all bad after all.
Bikers are cool. I'm not saying that as a bait, I'm serious. Now go ahead and don't respond or whine like a little bitch you are.
LOL the bikers were just like "hey look there's things going on!" "should we go check" "yea lets send that guy to take a look" guy returns "there's a robbery going on" "lets go stop the robbers?" "FUCK YES!!!" "now we finally have a excuse to beat up people and not get in trouble for doing so!"
This Comment is produced solely on what media wants use to believe. My Father is a "Biker". He is very Big, with that being said he does not beat people up.
i do not think that bikers are more violent than anyone else! but they seem to be the head line on this video so i just went with a flow!
Ok so they found an excuse to beat somebody up... Great day out for them. Nevermind the kind of crime associated with biker gangs. 
Bullies on steroids guess you have never heard of the police now have you dumbass
not all biker gangs are bad
Notice that the two robbers are typical hairless ape niggas ? not only here in America do we have problems with niggas.
They were white you racist twat.
Salutation to those bikers for fighting crimes! 
I see 52 thieves.
I see a stupid comment
Awesome. Normal people doing exactly what the police can't. The police turn up AFTER the crime, Rape, murder, assault etc.. You have to defend YOURSELF, or defend other innocent people. Vigilantism is the only true justice.
50 Bikers and the video is 50 seconds = Illuminati Confirmed
Lucky the robbers were not killers or they could have started shooting the charging group.
Yeah good luck with that
Depends on the gun and being willing to shoot.. My point was , the people in front charging were lucky the robbers did not start shooting into the group. That's all I was saying
Ozzie biker gay orgy.
+Ivor Biggun hahaha.  As funny as that is, ive never seen any of that. I even know a few gay people and they dont behave anything like that. The only place you find any of that stuff is in the known full on gay hangouts. Why you were spending enough time there to see all that is something only you can answer. Maybe do some soul searching. We wont judge you.
nowadays you need an assault rifle to be respected in a robbery
most people even if they had one aren't likely to know how to use it xD.
What kind of retard says "bikies" ?
+Mcmerc01 I don't click read more, but if you say "bikie" you're retarded.
You're obviously a bigot. 
Excellent!  I love it . . . give the Aussie bikers some credit where it's due.
WELL DONE BIKERS...i have no problem with people no matter what colour they are OR where they come from just as long as it has a happy ending and no one got hurt.
Yeah but tney protected they own money! They more then likely were receiving security pay
Holy shit that would be a scary thing to see. I congratulate the bikers and they did no wrong.
I want to see them rushing real hard-core criminals with shotguns.
It would be funny if there was one thief and a thousand bikers.
Bikers are like Wild West posses except their on motorcycles instead of horses haha :D 
I generally avoid robbing establishments with names like Banditos M.C. Watering Hole and Firing Range.
Why HATE on bikers? M not talking 1%'ers but it's a culture people enjoy and they were heroes in this video.
Lol..that would have been cool to see...oh and that guy was frikken handsome..!  Just gotta love a bad boy....
No matter which country these niggas live in, they will continue to rob, murder and assault innocent people. It's in their genes to act like animals.
let me drop some knowledge of you fools,....VROOM!
I guess they didn't do any Intel before rushing into what could have been a nice beat down had they not been quicker in their hasty retreat.
just about every biker calls them that
You dont fuck with bikers . Their always looking for some fun kicking somebodys head in and the more the marry .
Sorry but, you lose all credibility of being a tough guy when you're part of a "Bikey" club. he heeeee! 0:05.
This wouldn't happen now with the "biker" laws. 
I don't think they should have robbers those guys are bad.
The other "rubber" was found nearby?? I thought that was myth?
if karma had a fast food drive thru, these 2 fucks went right through
Bikers are like cops But more dependable XD
This has got to be one of the most memorable moment for a robber even before law enforcement showed up. If I saw a biker gang with war rape faces, I'm pretty sure " I'm boned " would've crossed my mind, sub conscious, and pants on the account I'd shit them all.
Robbers: easy job sees bikers run in*OH SH* RUUUN!!!!
Some people might think bikers r bad but they really arnt I live with one lol and he knows a ton lol
They didnt pick the wrong Place, they picked the wrong time XD (desc says wrong Place)
USA loves our cousins from down under. Nice work.
If this was in Queensland, the bikies would be met with a SWAT team but the cops wouldn't give two shits about the robbers. Stupid anti bikie laws
i know this was on most shocking but i forgot what episode
"The other robber was found nearby" . . . . Unconscious and badly tattered.
my best friend is a biker lo he would have done the same thing!
I wouldn't take them seriously if they were Australians. Australian bikers? Haha what a joke
Yeah just like u ya clown.
hahahahahaha fucking hell how shit do u have to be to try rob from a place that has its own army xD even if they shot them theres still be half of them left to kick theyre ass xD he defo brung a knife to a nuke fight
lol the bikers got nothing...the guy at the end still carrying his chair.....wanting blood
If this was in Queensland, the bikies would be met with a SWAT team but the cops wouldn't give two shits about the robbers. Stupid anti bikie laws
People are always quick to label bikies as bad characters but there only base-ing that info on what stupid cops and news people say without even knowing or meeting them ! So stop judging people you don't even bloody know!!
You're correct. Thing is, these bikers are probably not even criminals. Model citizens who just happen to ride motorcycles. Club I was in had people from all walks of life, including doctors and policemen.
Take notice, street justice issued swiftly and efficiently. No lawyers, judges, evidentiary rulings, motions to dismiss, bail hearings, etc. The justice system should follow their lead and assure that these thieves are swiftly committed to the cages that they belong in.
the other robber was found near by was he alive
Sons of Anarchy...comedy version
Bikers need to do this kinda justice maybe people would like them. Couldn't hurt.
It must suck in Australia, to not have niggers to blame the crime on
A lot of Americans whine about Afro Americans. They weren't whining when they were free to exploit them.
+ldchappell1 So by your logic, everyone that has dark skin is a nigger? Don't you realise how bad that sounds? The term Itself is offensive.
Stupid cunts got taught a lesson!
first of all you have to be a complete fucking idiot to try and rob a place where bikers hang out. second they got out alive which is pretty damn good. love me some bikers!
could you imagine doing a robbery and then a horde of bald leather clad dudes come barreling through a single entry way with the intention of beating the everlasting shit out you shudders
good job men what 's a good orgasmic moment to punch a robber!! don't rob in front oof bikers !! sorry for my english, my french is better
I was just watching this video again, and there's no evidence that the bikers actually bashed anyone. It's nothing new for news programmes to sensationalise and inflame situations. I'm an Aussie with Anglo heritage and once I saw a news channel with an edited interview making an attempt to demonise a Lebanese community (to suck in the viewers). When you saw the unedited interview there was nothing remotely offensive about it. I don't always believe everything I hear on these shows. 
entire world adopts americanisms. funny at first, then sad.  bikers! thats like the US 30 years ago
How unfortunate. Having 50 pissed off bikers come in just as you are trying to rob the place.... i mean what are teh chances ?!
Bikers are just so wtf but never mess with them they will bit yo ass up
Love how the bikers grab the chairs LoL
They're lucky for having the bikers there
Good.......they didn't wait for the local
I need to find the Block button so if a dumbass responds to a video I never have to look at his stupidity for the rest of my youtube time. I guess I shouldn't bitch because ppl have a right to their opinion but what corner of their butt do ppl pull these ideas from, like ok the hells angels are criminals so now all bikers are criminals , ? duh
They are real tough with booze in their bellys and when they have 50 on two.
my mum used to go on the back of one of the hells angels choppers when the used to meet up and she said they were the lovliest guys they all had familys all respected the comunitys but as alwys people fucking judge by the way people look, people who judge are fucking scum
Bikers once again prove they are nothing but rats !!
...because they leapt into action the moment that they were informed that the establishment they were using for a club meeting was being robbed. I want more people to act like rats, then. 
ok, so don't rob a bar full of bikers
Bad ass New Zealanders!
I love how the bikers grabbed everything that wasn't nailed down to use as a weapon. They had chairs, tables, everything within arm's reach.
Good. 2 niggers get theirs.
robbing bikers LOL you're better off robbing a police station
You'd certainly have a better chance of making it out of a police station alive. The only problem is that you'd be doing so on a prison bus.
Ha ha ha ha. Good one. Just like Grandma used to say :stupid is as stupid does. :)
You know the two robbers are the sport bike types...
lovely....scumbags need to be faced with real men
Bikers ain't shit I would easily shoot them off their bike in traffic ride your bikes don't try to be gangsters
+jose landeros Lol your race is known for being homosexual in jails too, what's your point? Also, from the way you talk, we can tell you are an ignorant child lol. Tough guy, come at me bro!
Yeah crazy legs were known for fukin lil white boy bitches such as yourself Mcgee your probly a paty and from the way you type I can tell your a dum slut that likes a pounding lets meet sweat heart😉
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