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Dancer Pukes

by acdclights • 687,361 views

This is just a huge train wreck

Why do judges always have to be assholes? Like why cant they just tell them what is wrong instead of trying to hurt them?
I feel honestly bad for her. Certainly she is delusional but that doesn't mean she deserves ridicule, Prozac perhaps.
Bobcat Goldthwait was right, these shows, reality tv is the colloseum of our times. we watch people get ripped apart, but instaid of lions it's three self entitled pricks.   fuck reality tv and fuck what humanity has come to for entertainment. 
I agree the judges are assholes
they were very hard on her
Maybe she danced too much
I felt bad for her,Honestly.
poor girl. i don't agree with the "good luck in whatever career you choose for yourself because you can't be a dancer" comment. very negative and discouraging. and uncalled for. she could always improve. she took the harsh comments like a champ though and remained strong and smiling even though she was nervous and embarrassed after throwing up onstage! 
the judges just explained to her not to follow her dreams in being a dancer that hurts but thats how life is sometimes
U guys are mean telling her she never going be a dancer now u know what what happen if she do become a dancer u guys would be felling salt I'm glad I never going to u guys tv show and the person who was Dancing u will have a shoot a dancer some day
Those judges are some assholes. 
i will give another opportunity,,,she was ok but poor girl….
I feel bad but after all that whipping that would happen
poor girl I can't even LOL at this I feel bad for her Live tv on youtube forever DAyumm
It's called hosiery, genius.
im going to puke ...guy puts up mic
i luv how that 1 guy couldnt stop laughing!!! lol
I see all the funny comments & I'm laughing my ass off. But at the same time, I wouldn't want theses judges saying Bs to me.
i'd scoop it up and rub it in their faces
Alejandro u really must know nothing about history.
thats the judge from Americas Best Dance Crew! well the old one. :p
lol, my motto too!!! thats what my dance instuctor tells me...
thats what you get for eating mcdonals before dancing, fatty.
"i don't want to be mean to you" *says mean things to her* Wow belittling people for ratings after they've just been humiliated, that's cool.
I like how they clap when she starts throwing up.
And especially because she said that she was so embarrassed about it! I mean COME ON!
She can get better. Morons. Just because you're not perfect doesnt mean you won't improve. Those judges are idiots.
Unfortunately for her that moment was realized on national tv.
serves her right for leaving the kitchen...
They were clapping like yea girl you vomit and.....shit (awkward silence)
The female judge was a fuckin' BITCH.
Y did they clap when she puked. If u do it anywhere else you would get laughed at!!
thought she was pregnant, explaining the nausea.
Didn't some other girl puke on stage too, but because she was big time nervous? I've been looking for the video of the girl puking on stage in this show but this video/girl doesn't look to be the one.
You never know you dance like an idiot or like a great dancer until you dance when someone is watching you and gives you their actual opinion.
why the hell is the audience clapping for her??!?
press 2, then realize its the grape lady :o
Fuck these people for ever airing this.
The black guy had no class or sympathy , the chick in the middle is a superficial bitch while the english man was a class guy. That girl needs to work on her act and quit eating soul food.
Poor girl, they were WAY too harsh on her!
SHe should lay off the Twinkes if she is going to dance
You know, I hope that each of those judges suffer some singularly humiliating experience before they shuffle off the coil. Heartless lizards.
once again im in this weird part of youtube
yeah just throw up on ur hands and wipe it on ur clothes when theres a gallon bucket right next 2 u.
why do they say theyre sorry when its obvious theyre not? they sound ridiculous
Every one eats bad food xD just because some one is fit dosnt mean they dont ever eat bad ^o^
Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like she's farting into a mic?
The dancing wasn't right (at all) for her but.... she seems like a nice girl... good luck finding another career.
fucking judges posh fucking prats if i were her instead of being sick by the stage i would be sick on them just cos she was sick they didnt let her through ):
What's with the bitch in the middle? Needs a dick down her throat, she's ugly as fuck .
You were the chick judging? And she was your cousin & you admit to being the hugest BITCH ?! Knowing she was PREGNANT, too ?! Most of us did NOT think she was pregnant, just heavy... Wow, you're a right piece of shit !
I thought they were cruel....Shes a way better dancer than me. But then again i REALLY sux.
i was watching minecraft at first wtf!!
If she has to puke she has to puke
For the people who hate this show go fuck yourself its a good dance show
Wow a bit harsh are you like this with everyone who is slightly fat and if you believe in karma then you'll get your end of it if you talk down to people like that, are you in perfect physique yourself for a man posing as a girl?
You should have held on to your your hungry agian
Are you taking the piss mate? The 'poor girl?!' She should've ran off stage then she could've puked her ring up if she wanted to. No dignity, manners or class. That was fucking atrocious. Never mind the dancing!
I agree... it's fair to critique a performance, or suggest a different approach... but to kill somebody's spirit is just wrong!! I was more recently relieved to hear Steven Tyler mention that many of the Idol rejects really are more talented than he and his band was starting out... it's just they need to do the hard work, developing their skills in the clubs etc...
Why did I think you posted it? Because you wanted to expect a shitload of thumbs up. I bet that didn't happen.
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