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Factual Game Facts About Facts - Little Kids Shouldn't Play Online Shooters

by Machinima • 789,037 views Click here to watch Factual Game Facts About Facts: Raccoon City is a Terrible Place to Work Factual Game Facts About Facts: Little kids shouldn't play...

I totally agree with this fact I HATE it when im playin online and some little kid keeps killin me to all the parents in the NOT LET YOUR YOUNG 5 OR EVEN 6 YEAR OLD KID PLAY C.O.D OR EVEN HALO make then play like Mario or something
Or tf2 or any f2p game
One time I was playing mob of the dead, and we played with this kid. Man he got us all killed, he wouldn't revive nobody. He would always use mystery box (which summons the Brutus) and when he got chased by a horde he would always run towards us. He was basically the BEN of zombie mode in cod (if you don't know who Ben is, then play the walking dead season 1, trust me the characterreally fucks up)
I been playing online since I was 13 and knew how to be chill and not scream and whine at everything, there are even adults who shouldnt play games because all they do is bitch and can play...just don't act like you're 20 when you aren't even 16...when I have kids I'll let them play games like this when they're 12 or 13 but absolutely no mic until I know they can handle it
Admin: As a gamer myself, I've had to deal with my fair share of trolls and tweakers. But never in all my years have I seen an abomination such as this! Tell me how much you hate it!
was the guy voicing the adult the engineer from battlefield friends?
It is appsro or enginerr
That girl is a mother ducking ass suck birth Dickinson fuck
I find it the other way around. All the older guys are always pricks to me for no reason. Especially the black ones. No offence but black people online piss me off. They drop the N-word every 3 seconds and are always talking about how "Dope" they are and how much weed they smoke.
I hear little punks all the time I'm just having a good time they're calling people bad and telling them to drink bleach and I'm tired of it. You're little 12 year old kids shouldn't be playing it
being a teen myself, I think that kids shouldn't be on M rated games at all.
Most kids are Mature. You just dont hear those ones on voice chat, as they know they will be judged automatically for their age. In Counter Strike Global Offsensive, I would say that kids are (for the most part) mature, and will not give you a hard time.
8 years old, shouldnt play, 10 years old, maybe. 12 and up? Sure if you want. Just a few years difference can be huge for people around this age. Of course, like teenagers and adults, some kids are annoying, and some are not. Just Trust me.
When I see a kid on a online first person shooter I hack them
I honestly hope your just a troll...
Call of Duty logic, where people with snipers run around and people with assault rifles hide in corners.
I just hate kids. I'm a crusty, "get off my lawn!" hermit, type of gamer. (said the guy who uses assault rifles and can't stand snipers. cause I suck with them, at least I'm honest.
+Kris Lech I'm a pre-teen and I play TF2 online, but I make sure not to ever use the voice chat, because I know I'll annoy everybody online. I make sure to respect my elders because try to be mature. If only all the nine-year olds playing knew that.
I'm 13 and I just try to have fun online
I'm young and play online shooters but I don't use a mic or else people will think I'm immature when I'm not. Also I actually play the objective unlike loads of 2 year olds who want to trick shot and knife
or were you not being sarcastic if so i thank you for being a smart human being
I'm 13 i play CoD and i don't rage. Ever. But i'm sick of seeing snobby little 5 year olds online. Jesus please people stop buying little 5 year olds m rated games.
I'm young, but, unlike the like kid in this good ol' video, I just take it easy to people who are older than me... I just instead take it hard for Maxed up bots in CoD Ghosts... Dang, how they are easy...
"I'm sorry you suck!" :3 "Ho ho ho ho~!" If that were my daughter, I'd be proud!
Yah dude that would mean your daughter's going to live in your basement for the rest of her life playing FPS's
+Grad_ster Williams Only if I'm a bad dad. Which I wouldn't be.
This never gets old
i hack all the grown-ups i run into online i have a special hack button on my xbox controller for it
so you use memes (something only 12 year olds use) in a video against kids? nice autistic video.
+Prepsi Of TDU2 the ending ruins that point.
+Otto ah didnt remember that, good point.
glad anyone under 10 cant use a PC correctly lol
+John Oliver wtf is gaming console? -_-
It happens anyways. WAY TOO OFTEN.
+ Dylan Lindsay You don't quite meet the age criteria either. If you believe that those below the 18+ age restriction should not play mature video games, then you are also subject to this judgement. 
It's actually 17+ on most games now a days
I completely agree with you
This is why we can't have nice things...
I'm 2 month old and I love video games, especially fifa and CoD
Is 12 and 13 year old kids considered as little?
+TGS Budds Well, I'm 13 so I guess I am. But, it isn't all bad depending on maturity.  
}:-) very good to know..... MWOHAHAHA cough cough!!
Im 13 and i dont go around with a mic ruining peoples game time and shouting as loud as i can
I hate little kids who suck and all but man you sucked in this game XD When the little kid beats the grown man who talks shit 1st, don't expect them not to troll you
+John Oliver don't I know it. As a kid I beat the shit out of most games I played, then growing up I had a harder time. 
+resdraon same here. i guess i just dont have the kind of devotion for it that i used to, sad huh? well, not THAT sad lol
it was funny but all those meme faces just ruined it.
i like cursing at little kids tho
I love how most 48% of the bitches in the comments are assholes saying kids are assholes tell your kids that bitch then go to bloody limb tearing hell you fucking assholes.
While I do hate children talking trash on a game they couldn't afford nor by without an adult present, I'm not the kind of guy that gets his kicked. :)
 2:03 Liek dis coment if u cri erytim
That guy sounds like the engineer from BFF's
I hate when kids ruin the game your playing we should blame the parent for buying this
Aww he probably got her little girl to do the voicing (: cute
Ive seen the girl voicing other videos too.
I know right! it was so cute when the 3 year old told the guy to eat her dick and suck on her bawls.. (cuzthatspossibleamirite)
Factual Game Facts About Facts - Little Kids Shou…:
wow usualy adults troll children on gun games or something im a kid but i play games for kids lol
+SQWraps Well, guns are usually never put into kids games, but there are a ton of games out there. You never know. :)
Can there be a self destruct for kids who play online games cause it bullshit Blame the parents for buying these games read the god damn rating and stop kid from annoying the whole lobby
i don't blame you,i mean i feel like almost every parent is retarded since they think its ok to give their kids some PS4 or something and they don't even think what there are going to do (annoying,cursing at 4,etc) so i feel hopeless for this worlds parents,it really makes me sad inside
i play shooters all the time ,then again im not a "squeaker" but im still 13 
Yeah, CS: GO isn't that great to me, and I've never played TF2, yo.
I am a mature 14 year old and I only play tf2. I'm not like these little 5 year olds that play COD all day and curse like crazy.
That kid was adorable.
Your profile picture and this comment go so well together.
Butthead Pikachu... my life is now complete.
I can't handle all the epic maymays
i completeley agree with this
kids or people under 17 should not be playing M rated games any way
many teens under 17 smoke pot, cigarettes, drink alcohol, do harder drugs, have sex, sext etc. all without parental consent. im sure video games are the least harmful thing they could spend their time on... might even deter some from doing drugs and having sex...
I wish a daughter like that.
Lul means dick in dutch XD
stupid kids they should only play minecraft. minecraft is for kids and i hate minecraft soo many kids play it
While I don't have an objection to little kids playing Minecraft, I will have to object to your assertion that it is for kids, as that is false.
its not false go check how many trolls on kids in minecraft im not lying
I'm the calm type of gamer who plays games for fun mostly.
Me and my niece play C.O.D BUT WE R JUST 10
Don't fell bad, we all have that moment
+Vaginal Destroyer your name and profile pic destroyed my sides...
I agree. Kids who haven't been through puberty don't know how to deal with a loss or an annoying player.
+YoshiFanNerdGamer, The Worst Gaming Channel Ever! Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but if they dont know how to deal with a loss its not their fault its the adults fault for not giving the child enough opportunities to fail, and if their annoying again its the adults fault for not teaching the child that being a fucktard is wrong.
You don't know the difference between a fact and a opinion. Not every kid is like this. AND THAT'S A FACT (Wombo Combo screaming
Uh not all children say that stuff I'm 11 and I had never cused on cod
They learn it from YouTube 😑
What happen to the creator of these
This is the greatest depiction of call of duty...... Without the horrible gameplay..... Leave that to the game where a certain scumbag survives everything........ Im sure if you dropped a nuke on him, he would have lived and still kidnapped you....... +69 to Activision.....
Nice meme placement in this video
My brother whos 6 can play gta 5 its fucking stupid
its only 3 yr olds on call of duty
Now THAT shit, was funny.
I hate Squeaker is gta 5 so Annoying
oh god somebody end me their is to many memes i want to die
any news when Will there be new episode?
So much butthurt adults and teens raging from getting 1/100 (The 1 means 1 kill and the 100 means Wipe outs) From a KID! If you hate kids so much, I guess you wouldnt want a wife. And, Did you know that if you get beaten at a kid YOU should stop playing?
+Oblyvaeon its called self control man
+Flare the Yoshi "Keep crying, I'm glad that a child is acting more mature than blurting out BOOZE WEED FRIED COCK ON A STICK" Yea, reeeaaal mature of you. It's not like you are completely disproving yourself on everything you said by acting immature and saying all of this "fuck adults" shit. Like Oblyvaeon said, your opinion doesnt matter until you own your own place, buy your own food, have your own job, and have a life besides being pissy at adults online. I was furious to read this comic because you are the manifestation of naivity. The bad kind. So shut up and dont bring your bullshit to people who aspire to more than what you do now. (Meaning adults)
These older guys always ruin my time playing they always give me crap
there are some kids who propperly play games
must be playing call of dookie
If you keep getting knifed that means you do suck, if you are good, you'd be able to kill him/her before you get knifed.
Engineer from battlefield friends?
what the fuck hapend to kids
They predicted the upcoming...
When I was 12, I wasnt annoying when I played online with a headset. Then again, I wasn't playing an FPS with a fanbase comprised mostly of whiny 14-year-olds who complain about people 1 year younger than them playing CoD.
The real fact is if you can't say or know the meaning of bigger words then you really should not be playing is be and ruins the friend game and is just annoying
I could care less what a kid plays or not. It's them talking that I find unbearable.
When she said Ho-ho-ho-ho! I thought it was gonna be the full Trololo song
This touched me.... right in the feels.
I HATE LITTLE KIDS!!! not because im mad just first your parents are so stupid to let you play a fucking bloody game second cause of your bullshit you just ruin the game when that happens i fucking invite that kid 1vs1 to see whos the noob and whos the boss kids goto school theses games are not for your ages
The memes ruined it
Awesome. And then he goes on to play battlefield cause he can't hack it.
My brother play'd call of duty 1 (or just Call Of Duty) when he was 6!
...dat spell check doe
Thats why I'm waiting to play online thank you verry much. I like knifing to XD. Also, I'm waiting till I can cuss infront of my parents 0-0 I'm only 13 yers old-girl. I usualy play Black ps or.... (Don't hate me) Skyrim :D Luv em :D
+TheStarBot If kids shut up they can play......
machinama you guys should try to get the guys at call of duty to do an insta ban thing for the kids under the age 13 that play cod or battlefield mainly the little fucks who scream thier damn lungs out yelling nigger and faggot consider this an option
4 year olds should not even be playing games
I'm fourteen and I play cod I don't speak into the mic because I know how annoying it is to hear a kid but when I speak I get called a squeaker and I think people get a little harsh on children playing games like cod battlefield. And plus the reason I don't talk is because of my British accent people make fun of it :(
Im 11 and I play games like gta last of us cod and much more and im sick of people who discrimanate kids like wtf did we fuckin do I mean just because we own some of you and we dont have fucking deep voices like fuck
are you n-gger kids still taking?
+henry19981000 what makes you assume were "niggers"
Little kids shouldn't play online. AT ALL. If you're at least a kid that's ACTUALLY mature and doesn't have such a high pitched voice, I'll except it.
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