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swissair crash recording part 1

by moetorious • 6,292,637 views

Air traffic control tapes of Swissair Flight 111 have finally been released after a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The ATC tapes, released by the Canadian Press,...

Sorry to be a nitpicker here, but could you please put atc recording in the title, because when you put crash recording in the title people imply that you are talking about the cvr(black box), which records all talking in the cockpit, cabin, etc., not the atc recording.  Also the aircraft used was a Mcdonnal Douglas md-11 not a airbus  a320 series which you have pictured. Other than that thanks for showing the atc recordings to us...
+littleferrhis yeah, i guess it's not that funny at all. i think this plane crashed because the in-flight meals caught on fire
+joe freeman Planes crash in crazy ways, but no it was not because the meals caught on fire it was because of the electrical system which overheated(aka the new tvs they installed). Please stop trying to troll me or I am going to have to call the internet police, or somebody.
This is fucking disturbing
there was no cutout in the entertainment system's electrical wiring apparently... more importantly: materials categorized as "not flammable" actually could burn. somebody fucked up big time (responsible for testing these things is the FAA in the USA, the US Navy stopped using this so-called "not flammable" material years earlier because they noticed it actually burns, why nobody told swissair is beyond me). bottom line: FAA fucked up big time.
You reply on a post I made a year ago? Funny how absolutly NONE of your brillant statements have any thumbs up. Must be tough eh? Loser.
The plain is about to crash they are having chat discussion here! WTF? You guys need some coffee from Starbucks?
What do I do for a living? I work on Oil Rigs in North Dakota. It's where you get your gas or diesel from at a gas station. I make more money than you. nuff said.
They crew was unaware to how serious the condition was. They followed the procedures (at the time) and diverted to the nearest suitable airport (Halifax). Even though they decided to dump fuel (which was consistent with procedures back then), the NTSB concluded that at the time of the first presence of smoke in the cockpit and if they had proceeded directly to Halifax without taking time to dump fuel, a safe landing WAS NOT possible. This is why I said they were doomed no matter what.
And that's the oddest looking MD-11 I ever saw.
pilot sounds like pakystan accent
GOD REST THEM ALL.This broke my heart....:-(James
I think "protocol" would dictate that Pilots maximize the chances of their passengers surviving. You don't do this by taking a big detour over the ocean. With an electrical fire in the cockpit, people choking from acrid smoke and systems starting to fail you dump your fuel where you're at and nosedive for the nearest landing strip. But feel free to continue your own time and with yourself. The End!
Omf, I just got chills lisening to this, I'm like right outside of Hali and everytime i hear Halifax i get chills... R.I.P for all the people on that plane.
Do you know jet fuel can actually burn your skin without even a fire?
You could at least show the correct aircraft and correct airline. It was Swissair (SR) not Swiss (LX) It was an MD11 not Airbuses! ...thumbs down.
This can't be the end of tape ! !! Swsr 111 is crossing 250 dwn to 3' , he's given 030 heading to intercept Loc 06 ; He is at 30 miles from TD , too high for direct appr. He is on TWR Fqc 119.2 , but he has still around 8 to 12 mn to live . Before approach he must jettison fuel . And it is during the stack when damping fuel , that fire extends and they lost all elec power , then , at night , they plummet for end diving. At no time , crew printed the danger of the electric fire . .
@owencuy Why don't you go and put yourself in there shoes, wanting to hear people scream and be scared including children and babies is one of the sadiest things I've ever heard. Have damn respect, people are people, not people who get killed for your 5 minutes of forgotten entertainment.
Souls represents animals as well
Actually, you're both talking out of your crack. But I found out long ago that it's pointless debating with conservatives who are basically mentally ill. That's not my opinion but the conclusion of research which was commissioned by the Republicans under George W Bush. They classified conservatism as "mental illness" with paranoia being a major component. So when Skippy says I'm a "paranoid" liberal, he's basically projecting his own mental illness. Mentally ill people do that. The end.
Did the pilots know that they "were doomed no matter what"? I wonder what the verdict would have been if they'd found out that the plane would have made it to the airport if they hadn't chose to divert. The fact that they even performed this calculation seems to suggest the pilots decision to divert came under scrutiny.
That doesn't make any sense "the pilots made a bad decision to divert." Of course you would divert in this type of scenario. Would you want them to keep flying with a fire on board??? You do understand what the word divert means? I am asking these questions because what you typed literally isn't making any sense. I am a professional pilot and I fully understand what happened with this accident as it has been a case study for our industry ever since it happened.
500 people do not know what recording is!
the pilot actually says, altitude 2980, that's high to you?
This vision scared me so much , I decided to get rid of the glass violin and gave it to the hotel manager where we were staying.. We were visiting St Francis of Assisi I will never forget that vision,.. and then later we heard about the plane crash . We left on September 1st for Italy and the Swissair 111 crashed on september 2nd, 1998. .. We were all very sad to hear about the crash..
actually you're wrong, when it flew over Halifax it was VERY low, why would it be on approach to land and be at a high altitude? BTW, I live in Halifax and was there when it crashed, also was in a business involved with recovery, they were low
I think its important to understand the fire was electrical, in the entertainment system. Difficult to imagine how/why such a rudimentary design flaw could exist at all or lead to such catastrophic ends! The chain of events leading up to this disaster COULD have been broken.
jet fuel mostly evaporates into the atmosphere before it hits the ground guy. try researching a bit before you call someone stupid, stupid.
May Urs Zimmermann (captain of flight 111) and his crew and all passengers rest in peace...sad story..
@BOOOZB Learn English, boob, dumping fuel is never necessary in an only do an overweight inspection after...front end crew was dead before they hit the water, period!
@s2000ron No actually German or Swiss
I think the entertainment system in that plane didn't have any cooling system to keep the systems running cool and there is no switch off button to turn off all the entertainment system in the plane, overheating causes the wire become so hot enough that it ignites the flammable wire insulator in the plane then malfunctioned all the system on-board..causing pilot lose control of their planes and then crashed into the ocean
@TheNiceObserver The content of the post isn't unlikly by itslef , but has not much to deal with the topic . Anyway.
sure, brilliant, cause a huge city fire, sharp aren't ya?
Some people are just ignorant. If they shut up, they'll still be ignorant.
@MrGoldenmango Overheating of the wires in the electrical system due to too many systems and gadgets installed on the plane. End result was fire erupting from within the plane and only getting worse until the plane plunged into the sea. Terrible accident.
@chwakeboarder That sucks. By all accounts he's a hero! Regards
This sucks.I wanted to see something blowup.
@hotspur666 It's mandatory in regular traffic, (FAA certification allows tuch dwn at vert speed up to 500 ft/mn at MTOW ,and 1000 ft/mn at MLDW) so you'r right .Under mayday condit you can do anything that gets you down safer than plumet at 450 kt..
@jimmypop33 Wow... as an aviation mech, that sounds like aliens landing in my back yard. Further evidence that every rule in the book, is written in blood.
Why is every picture in this presentation of Airbus aircraft when it was an American-made MD-11 that crashed?
@joeythewolf4 You mean the German accent?
@chwakeboarder So very sorry. It hurts terribly and closure really seems to be a concept I can't grasp. I think about my friend Rhonda on American Airlines DC10 flight excited she was it just makes you cry and this was 32 years ago. I was watching cartoons w/my Sister and they broke in on Channel 7 and showed it. Your Dad's good friend did everything he could under impossible conditions. May he and all lost rest in peace.
worrying too much about working like a f*cking rolex, not thinking outside their box. i've been living in switzerland long enough to safely say that this is how things work in this country
@castlegate2011 At least he didn't take a bumblebee for an airplane...
@Daohanleem What? There really are some bloddy idiots on here.
Replying to this 1 year old comment just to notice that the aircraft made a pan-pan transmission, meaning they were not afraid of their lives at that point. Had this been treated as a May-Day it may have been differently handled. This is an uneducated guess coming entirely from the type of emergency they transmitted
i thought an onboard video yo dumbass!!!!!
It was an MD11 aircraft, You Show an A330
These people died. Please try to keep your religious beliefs to yourself. No one needs you to impose your religious practices on dead people. Your thoughts are enough. Thanks.
The pilot was very calm and polite (still says "Good evening") during what had to be a horrifying ordeal. It's times like that when their professionalism really shows. By the way, why isn't there a picture of an MD-11 in the vid since that was the aircraft that actually crashed?
ahh hope theyre at peace. poor peeps.
@BOOOZB How do you manage to breathe, boob, saddled with such abysmal stupidity!
The planes are at such a high altitude that even if they dump the fuel, it will evaporate entirely before reaching the ground.
Terrible. I've seen all ACI programs and this one is one of the worst of them all. Terrible accident. My God...
@AjaxpuffNstuff nope, you can spare your capitals and hit puberty. they flew those rc controlled airplanes together in their spare time... but you probably wouldn't even be able to locate switzerland on a map without google and all. feel bad for you.
What if the "house" below was a hospital or a center of a busy city?
@ClTIZEN I agree with you, if she couldn't stand to hear them, then why watch them? There are many questions that people may want to answer and this video is a big help!
6:40 the arabian that hijacked the plane
@ClTIZEN So being 'finally grown up' entitles you to be a potty mouth on a public blog?
@DewkChronic nah theyre on the wings and vert stabilizer. youre thinking of the md-80, this was a much larger airplane.
Wow, I finally meet a person with a bit of common sense....I thought I was alone...thumbs up
@finallygrownup You are truly sick, wishing death upon someone is just terrible.
@Inikalord It only got bad the last few minutes...oxygen will cause the burning stuff to case of smoke, you swiftly put on the quick donning oxygen masks...a malfunction/leak in one of them, the co-pilot probably, caused the gasses emanating from the fire to explode, frying the cockpit and killing the crew.
Until the last few minutes they where talking normally as with some smoke in the cockpit emergency. Yet, the co-pilot seat was found carbonized. For a crash, there have to be TWO major emergencies because of all the back ups. And electrical fire here for the smoke plus an oxygen leak...smoke = flammable gasses + oxygen = explosion or major fireball in the cockpit.
it vaporizes before it hits the ground, donkey.
at about 070 feet, fuel starts to dissipate and has virtually no effect on the ground. 070 = 7,000
Swiss Air 111 was an MD-11, unlike any of the aircraft pictured. Lazy!
@BOLEROBOTAOZUDO I'm not an atheist. Woops, guess you just got caught trying to label, judge and pigeonhole someone. I guess this means you're a judgmental fu**
protocol is protocol. Maybe to you it seems like a good idea to disobey it, but landing overweight can cause serious problems. Of course to an ignorant, uninformed person like you it all seems fine and dandy, i bet you probably question why commercial airliners aren't all fitted with parachutes and shit. You don't know what you're talking about you just speak like a layman. Shhh.
551 people want to see some blood
Too the people saying "don't dump the fuel! fire" Wrong. Dumped jet fuel almost entirely evaporates into the atmosphere. If any does make it to the ground, it's not much. A full load would equate to roughly a few cups full, hardly enough to start a fire when spread that thin. The pilots don't just throw a lever and the bottom drops out of the tank, it's a measured release and can be done safely especially during a pan-pan versus a mayday assuming they have a little time.
My god..... You can hear the fire extinguisher in the background..... That's terrible!
The TSBC concluded, "From any point along the Swissair Flight 111 flight path after the initial odour in the cockpit, the time required to complete an approach and landing to the Halifax International Airport would have exceeded the time available before the fire-related conditions in the aircraft cockpit would have precluded a safe landing." In other words, rigid Swiss thinking wasn't to blame. The crew performed properly. They were doomed no matter what.
this crash was 20 mins from my house in Nova Scotia :S
It was an MD-11, not the aircraft pictured in the MD-11 has a third engine placed near the bottom of the vertical stabilizer (the tail fin)...RIP and God Bless all the departed.
Rest In Peace, Bandar Saud Saad, from your daughter Melanie.
umm. plenty of taxpayer money that goes out to fire departments who are prepped for emergencies? Dump the fucking fuel.
Most of it dissipates before it hits the ground. I would rather have my house soaked with Jet A if it meant saving those people. I think anyone would choose the same.
Im flying on monday :( and its a 14 hr flight...
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