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Delorean - Real Love

by DeloreanofficialVEVO • 597,347 views

Music video by Delorean performing "Real Love" from the album Subiza: © 2010 True Panther Sounds Directed by Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell -

Saioa Villena Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
I feel like the people in this video are about to hit me up for money or cigarettes.
I was first interested in this by the awesome dog video, but I quickly grew to ADORE the song! It's now one of my top 10 favorites! Thank you so much for creating it! :) I don't know why it doesn't have a million views yet!
junichiro1016 Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Brandon L. White Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Literalmente un amor real.
Lindsay Lohan 3:25 lolololol
Less than 600K views is a travesty!
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this song a good i like your song
Me encanta este nuevo estilo de música que he descubierto, el HIPSTER!!
Styx Molina Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Will we ever meet again, will we ever? Feel our hearts hardly beating, will they ever? Stop beating, break apart, will we ever? Lose all our hope, hope to get lost - want to fade...
Myles Hunt Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
@axxon90 I agree that as long as greed is one of our principal drives, war will always exist. We are the one species though, that through our conciousness, can achieve a non war world. But its a far shot, impossible, no, very unlikely, yes. ;/ Lets do our part : D
People turn into dog when they die?
Come on people, the video is a warning that dogs are planning on killing us all and will take over our lives.
i clicked on this cus i seen doggies on it(:
I found this mistake a few months ago; and may I say, what a beautiful mistake. Havent stopped listening ever since. Such awkward - ease to the ears (but in a good way). Beautiful mistake.
This song was made for a dubstep remix.
@rycal1 Read the first few words of the first sentence of this post and packed it in. This is a comments section dedicated to a music video, and a group who make music. What are both of you doing talking about religion here? Enjoy the song please.
Ok. So a lot of people don’t understand this video, or have other views on what it means. But to me, I don’t think the people killed the dog, or became the dog; I think that the whole video is just showing the similarities between a pack of dogs and a group of friends, and the commonalities of “real love” thereof.
@BroGuyDude bro no offense but obliviously u care too since ur replyn to me n crap, and how did u know i was under 18...pretty slick, but anyways just leave me alone like seriously u couldn't let my comment go and just move on, jeez.
@brockrocks96 lol ur one to talk just look at u rage at our comments
I moved away from Cali about 4 years ago, this song/video makes me want to move back....
@ThinkinLegitimately : Eminem is as crap as Bieber. He just target another demography....
@antistarlet summer? seriously? either you craved stake after reading "the jungle" or you just dont understand what is being said
like this if Whitney Port sent you here :)
the only thing i like is a t-shirt from G.B.H, the dogs i dont no !!!!!!!!! why this!!!!!!!!!!!!!friends jest whant to have fun!!!?where is the music?ok if you like do beter nex time-
whats the name of the girl in the clip??
That dog crying is too much for me I had to minimize the video Oo
this song makes me so saaadddd!!!!
To do a so bad video with a so good song is not easy.
This song makes me want to put a baby in a rabbit cage and feed it salmon by hooking it on a fishing line and dropping it down.
@Corbeans Read the first few letters of the first word in your post, and packed it in. Turned up Delorean. Hey, that rhymes.
I think they used a live 3d video of this song when they played at Brooklyn Bowl last month, but I can't really find anything about it. Anyone know anything about that?
Love this song. Sounds horrible live though. :(
Can they play Instruments?, do day spick a de inglish?!!?
I'm in agreement here. What the hell just happened? Did those kids become the dogs? Did the dogs kill those kids? Did the dogs just walk in on a murder scene? EXPLAIN, MUSIC VIDEO! EXPLAIN!
Saw this band last night at Slim's-SF. If they got a more dynamic vocalist they could take over this entire genre. Still a fun live show though.
Saw you guys at the Grog shop Cleveland!! Hopefully I'll see you next year at Bonnaroo!
what kinda @sshole dislikes this? this is one of the most incredible songs I've ever heard ♥ I'm in love!
@wrathofautumn I think all three...lets see the kids turned into dogs. then the dogs killed each other so technically the dogs killed the kids cause the kids are dogs too. and since there was a dead dog there and the dogs were already there then I guess they were already on a crime scene...
fuck the us army, and by that i mean fuck the people that send us to war, we should be over war, as an advanced civilization. Why not let the rich fight the rich, the poor should not fight the poor dammit, what a sad situation we are in. Let us each fight this situation by showing real love. :D
Suggestions: Don Omas - Danza Kuduro ft Lucenzo... WTF??? You're doin' it wrong Youtube...
@thehostler ur replying to the wrong person baby cakes. and really, "thehoslter" wow what a loser
@achooothanks then maybe u should go do something instead of replying on a youtube bad vevo
this needs more views :( what dee efff mate?
@jerzkid87 Eminem does some decent stuff IE: Beautiful, Stan, Like Toy Soldiers, When I'm Gone All songs with serious messages, no hatred. I can't stand his joke songs though..
@wrathofautumn its just one of those videos that tries to be interesting by not making any actual sense. Like Art.
second to camment on a new vevo chanel but vevo still sucks and what is this song about???
ooohhhhh POOR FUCKING DOG!!! i HATE humans, there just KILLING animals!!!... and i am not vegan.
Australian Shepherds <3 at 1:16 ;'3
i love this song and video!!!!!!!!!!! wow
I was looking for the car but this's fuck this
somebody know where i can find lyrics ? ;/
@clockturnal oooh exactly, i'm so agree with you :)
I came here thinking it was about the DeLorean DMC, I am disappointed.
@wrathofautumn maybe the kids died in the car crash, and the dogs started living in their empty houses as if they were still alive like real loving dogs.
Nice video! I caught it on TV a couple weeks ago. I like the comparison of dog relationships (pack mentality) and people. I think this band is from Spain.
@chicksdigmiatas You seem to be very confused. Atheists don't believe in Hell. What's more, human beings put together religions much like they do cars: piece by piece. Finally, if you're joking, you're doing it very poorly; if you're not joking... sorry, bro. Get better drugs.
also it is impossible for dogs to cry the just cant
very confusing. Plus who cares about Eminem or Justin Bieber? You like who you like, its your problem for putting out in the open 'cause you are going to get yelled at.
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