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Sekklow - Be Alright

by UKF Dubstep • 1,206,067 views

Available now on UKF Dubstep 2010: Taken from High Rankin presents 'This Is Suicide Dub volume 1'

brings back good memories when dubstep was tolerable years ago
+ScreamMaster115 I love uneducated and ignorant brats like yourself. Skrillex was never dubstep and he still isn't. Plus you talk like he did something to dubstep and is only ''dubstep'' artist out there. Music always envolved and it will keep envolving, get your dumb and butthurt ass outta here.
А ктонибуть по русский говорит?) (\___/) (=^.^=) (0     0)  (...) (...)
It sounds like an electric donkey robot from some kind of terminator world. 
the golden age of dubstep
Sounds like a sheep going BBAAAAAAAA !!!!!!! 🐑🐑
Baaaaa Grrr baaaaa Grrr
Could do without the screaming
The Dubstep comes in so hard like momma hold me xDd
heh this sounds pretty nice d-_-b.
what is the sample used at start?
+jenova tiefenbach Warmup song for gaming. Widely popular as a troll answer to someone asking for a songs name.
fell of the chair when it dropped :D 
Everything was gat until 0:55-0:56
Every thing was alright untill the drop .omfg!!!
Super heavy song, i love heavy Dubstep like go check out strype rythem by two fingers. That song is fucking gnar
panther by zeds dead :P
At first I was all.. boring Than, at 0:55, I came
thanks for telling me its going to be alright ;D
Interesting how a channel with over 5 million subscribers has a video with barely over 1 million views.
Woah! That was a pretty original and clever comment, cool of you to point out where the song dropped, I'll up-vote it so everybody else can see how cool you are too.
You go RuniteThief, you are a strong independent bagel who don't need no man!
good, but it would be better with less screaming and more wub wubs
That dropped so hard my computer skipped!
You made it, not possible but could be possible to copy other people songs
Sometimes I like to stand in a corner and pretend i'm a carrot.
The only dub step track I like not to bonkers for me
its NOT gonna be alright with this fucking bass!
I will donate for your cause money is not an object in the dream of bagelhood
this one actually does drop like a b0:55 at 0:55
Ah, the days when the UKF logo wasn't animated.
FYI the dude on the kony vid is in the nut house for masterbating in public. No joke so all U kony 2012 fucks stop posting shit that nigga kony ain't gunna be stopped.
I love song ! I love love song ! (L) *_* Best moment 0:55
last time something dropped that hard was peter griffins balls when he hit puberty.
If you become a bagel, can I be your cream cheese?
1:11 this is what it sounds like every time i poop
thats why the tune is so good, because u want more but u only ger a little bit
"Hello, I am a commenter on dubstep videos, and I continually liken the enjoyment of a song to the atomic deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, because I am an idiot."
Wow, that makes a lot of replies for you to do!
I lol'd at this. Why does it have so many negative votes?
this + subs +car =everyone's windows exploding on highway.
Probably because people still thought he wanted top comment, bagel or not.
this is the original track, only dubstep version
when the drop comes, i feel like the lady realized its not alright. none can resist the droposaurus rex.
OMG! Teufel + Sekklow - Be Alright @ 0:55 = FUCKING EARTHQUAKE
what is the singing sampled from?
I feel like some good ol Shepards pie
LOL ahh good days when I thought this tune was so fucking sick.
I got the Logitech Z623 Speaker System in my room, by the way, my rooms tiny, OMFG SO AMAZING! <3 <3 <3 <3
Kony 2012 is fucking fake you idiot, the director was arrested for jacking off in public, what a role model.
The replay button where mistreat
OMG I thought I was the only one who wanted something like that! This is amazing, on tuesday I am going to come out about it because I not only feel alone. Thank you.
That girl talkinh is so annoying XD
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