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[Hard Dance] - Matduke - The Technician (Neilio Remix) [Monstercat Release]

by Monstercat • 617,519 views

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Let's see, what does everyone prefer: Soft Hardstyle (doon doon doon doon) or Hardstyle (dong dong dong dong) (those are what I call the two kinds of Hardstyle btw)
but he got that countryball
+SteveSwagGaming Yeha it was pretty good back in 2012 especially 007 that is like one of the best albums ever, if only they had better production.
The Funky Technician was on vacation - he came back to make this song. I tagged along with him to see where he went, and let me tell you... holy SHIT.
wow you are everywhere!
Everytime I hear this song.. I always hear "Now is the time to relax your mom"
Guys he really maybe is gonna be back…
i was just chilled out preparing for the drop, when out of nowhere i hear "THE FUCKIING TECHNICIAN IS BACK" 
0:06 absolutely terrified me XD
That drop at 1:53 - wow!
aaaaand its called climax not an drop (for hardstyle and trance)
Better than original, woah actually first I thought this was original, so.. :D
+MusicMaster1371760 Neilio's best work is definitely  Wish I Never Met You ft Ohwen
+phoenix75508 I'm going to agree that that one is better, now that I've heard it. This is still Neilio's best Monstercat song.
why is this so hidden from everyone :/ needs way more likes and views 
Every time it hear this song I find myself smiling a lot
I hear Lucian's voice here, anyone else?
I want the funky technician back :,(
The fucking Technician is technical, oh and i got fascinated about the sound wave at 1:52 to 2:20 :O
The funky technician is back. Sit back and relax, and let your conscience be free, as we show you what's happening. Now's the time to relax your mind, and slip into a new world. The funky technician is back.
First comment in like years
internet explorer ?
#PietSmietArmy hat wieder zugeschlagen! xD
i love this!! its so unique, it isnt just bong bong all the time
Any more hardstyle just like this? I'm starting to get into it :D
once youre in, theres no way out. :)
I completely love this song. It's a mindgasm.
If one day be serial killer!Haters gonna die!!
Beginning gives me goosebumps?!?!? The hell?
typing an essay with this song playing! YASSSSS!!!!
omg im doing the SAME EXACT THING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no fucking lie O.O
Holy shit..... <3 This is now on the list of Faves
to me it feels like every neilio song ive listened to is one huge intro
one of the best melodies i have ever heard.
Our love for HARDSTYLE is forever !
72 people did not let the technician do the job
The funky technician is back ! <^<^<^<^<^<^<^<>>^>^>^>^>^>^<^<
i know what he said (] --__-- [)
lol none of you have pics
At first I didn't really like this. Then I turned up the volume.
Exactly "sit back and relax" then... Boom Boom Boom I love it haha
Guys... Hardstyle is coming back. There is a scheduled release this month
i love how the snare changes in correspondence to the chords at around 2:50
That waveform says it all (y)
I am so happy that monstercat is bringing back the hardstlye :D
Where is the batman comment?
+Batman oh, it's just really low on the comment chain
SnakeLP Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
That beat is epic win. I think both did a great job. :)
Fuck yea‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
The more i turn up the volium the more awsome the song is!- hard dance logic.
this song is  awsome
I'm not to much of a hard dance person...but I really like this :)
Me luuuv Hard Dance!! BOM BOM BOM BOM BOM!!!
heh can't help but laughing, I'm a stage technician, and I went on vacation last week. 
You are the funky technician!
Found it after years of looking bloody hell took me ages but maybe it was worth it
EmeraldWolf Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Who do you think was better at this song, +Neilio or +Matduke 
+Matduke definately... but i do agree with +Beret Beats, this remix is still great
Found it after years of looking bloody hell took me ages but maybe it was worth it
This is actually really good.
wow 2 years old comments :o
Hard dance on Friday
The Funky Technician is back? When were you here the first time?
a lot of this has a sad sort of tone to it...
such relax, so funky
Is hard dance the same of hardstyle? Or it's another gender?
Sami073 ­ Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I think it'll be revived. It's just that the Hard Dance getting sent in to Monstercat isn't up to par or it just isn't coming in at all. There is a much higher demand right now for Dubstep, House, and Electro. It's the same reason for why Trance gets so little attention.
We should probably get off our lazy asses and learn how to shuffle.... xD
You're somewhat correct. Dubstep is 140 bpm but it's half-stepped so it sounds like 70 bpm to some people.
If you listen to the beat, you'll hear the difference. Dubstep usually has a very slow drum beat after the drop, while Electro usually has a faster beat.
o well , it's hard dance , hard dance with a distorted kick and 150bpm
Varien says it, fijiwiji says it, im just citing it from wikipedia, oh yeah, i'll leave this here: /watch?v=yfwko11U9i4&list=TLWbUOwECANek
Still the best song on monstercat in my opinion
people talking about terrorists because a russian made a comment in russian. SO FUCKING CLEVER GUUUYS
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