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Green Day: "Oh Love" - [Official Lyric video]

by Green Day • 7,354,952 views

Watch the lyric video from the first single from from ¡Uno! - out now. See this video with old-school red and blue 3D glasses for a special experience! Get ¡Uno! at Get...

Im totally going to have to watch this while on acid sometime xD
+Alexandria Armstrong just stoned on weed its trippy as fuck
Can't believe this is 2 years old already, time flies
I know right! Still a kick ass song though! All their music is!
After two years, I still come here to listen and see this.  It never gets old.  However, I do get old.
+Ballistic Fingerprints Wow, I really can't believe that I made that mistake LOL I dun goofed haha Listened to Tre for hours too 
Driving to school, I saw our school bus and on the back it said "Stop when red lights flash" AND THEN I WAS LIKE, "GREEN DAY REFERENCE!" AND THEN I STARTED SINGING "OH LOVE" IN MY HEAD AND IT WAS STUCK THERE FOR THE WHOLE DAY  i should get some sleep now
The members probably directed this video based on LSD experiences LOL
It was probably mostly Mike's idea. ;)
Watch with your eyes unfocused like your looking at something far away.
Cande Armstrong Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
My. eyes. are hurting... But my ears are good.
Has anyone else noticed there are lots of references of different Green Day songs in their songs? "Don't stop when the red lights flash". Then there's another song named "Stop When the Red Lights Flash".
It's also like with Christian and Gloria in 21st CB
That shows they're telling a story. 
I heard this song in a dream and then my face fell off at the end o-o
this fucking sounds like Queen's "It's Late" especially the beginning.
And the chorus sounds like "Jolene" by Dolly Parton
Aaron Chmelowsky Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Green Day: "Oh Love" - [Official Lyric video]:
Oh dios! Esto es tan punk que no puedo escuchar más!
Great song while driving on the free way
sooooooo trippy
Pls tell me im not the only one who read "oh rice, free rice"
This is one of the very few songs I liked on the latest Green Day trio of albums. Like I'm all for simplicity in music, especially from a band coming off two bigger scale concept albums, but Uno, Dos, and Tre were so simple that it felt like filler for the most part. Like too simple to be a written by a band that's been together for nearly 25 years. I think they should have just go the highlights from each album and just made one average album than three bad ones. Don't think I'm bashing them or anything either, I have a lot of respect for this band. Billie Joe is deservedly is one of the biggest and most influential figures of rock music in the last 20 years. I enjoy literally all there other albums to some extent. I saw them like back when I was thirteen and it was at the point the best day of my life, I just really want to see this band continue to put out quality content and not fall into that slump that a lot of older bands fall into when they just continue to rely on their older stuff until they fall into irrelevance.
I'm in love with this song. Probabily my Green Day's favourite one
The backround just looks like: hell yea, LSD but i dont care lol
If you have epilepsy this vid is NOT for you
this video likes LSD
Krzysztof Czarnecki Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Best bAnd In the World
Seems a bit different from the typical Green Day. I..... kinda like it!
+Creative I have, its my favorite album actually.
+Creative  Yeah this is nothing like Dookie. Wtf you talkin' about?
Awesome i like the effect its pretty cool and of course i like this song yasss
best band in the fucking world
Para mis amigas de google
;) exelente rola!!! :) te felicito...... ;)))
stop fucking mentioning one direction they are both 2 completely different bands
+Riley Prosser Yep. And Clapton used to be GOD within my lifetime. Then Cobain. Fuck man, I'm old. Seeing The Clash in 78' we WERE  going to change the world! Nevermind, The Bollocks or anything else particularly. I'm still ''here'', wherever that really is, and still half alive to moan about ''stuff''. I remember the night Sid Vicious died and the day Cobain blew his head off. Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam.
Sabrina Weiss Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Woooo Green Day! (why are people talking about 1 direction?)
absolutely love this song! 
Me gustaría que green day volviese a los 90, cuando tocaban en clubes y hacían punk de verdad
This is one of the few songs in uno, dos, tre that doesn't suck. It makes up for it by being one of the best green day songs ever.
I really can't say for sure exactly what about you people, but i have been looking for a band like these for a lifetime! watch?v=fKTYND_4x2U Really like her voice! Remember to visit the video URL and thank me afterwards
oh love - its like im high . 
I love oh love! Loveception!
Go Green day....the best punk rock
Para mis amigas de google
The opening lyrics feel like a reference to The Who's song "love reign o'er me"
Talk myself out of falling in love. 
the solo sounds familiar from an earlier album is it part of before the lombotomy`s solo in 21st century breakdown
One erection sucks
yea its da best ban d in da fuckin word
They're finally making a comeback! Yeah Green Day!!!!
i never new they did music lyric veidos
Jodidamente PERFECTOS<3
another song greenday rips off ,, this one is  joe walsh  funk 49
Green Day = Legends already
Hey Mez! thought you might like this!
1000x better than Linkin Park !
Ich würd' sagen, beide Bands rocken!:)
Completely different Genre .
Krzysztof Czarnecki Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
This song will never get old.
Al Wajda Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Tornato ad accedere a g+ cosa c`è di meglio delle tue condivisioni anche musicalmente "spaziali"? Grazie. Ciao Colomba. Buonanotte.
buongiorno Claudio, la musica è una grande passione e quello che condividi mi piace molto....sicuramente hai più conoscenza di me, quindi mi raccomando, buon lunedì
Just realized this sounds ALOT like "Alright Now" by Free
i get this stuck in my head alot
is this virtual love?
There are so many references in this song that 90% of people won't get. :/
I remember listening to Green Day when I was like 10 haha good to come back sometimes
Oh, calm down, I'm directioner, and I don't know whats the problem with it, One Direction and Green Day are sooo diferent, I love Green Day, so, please don't hate c:
is this  virtual love? :))))
Where can I find a pair of red & blue glasses
they played this song at my school before (:
I'm a big fan of green day, even if they started when my father was teens! Not like I hurt all their music, it is one of my favorite!
This is when they will come to Montreal? I can not wait!
UNO DOS TRE are my favorite Green Day albums now.  A lot of you might be upset or surprised to know that, but guess what, I don't care.  I listen to the trilogy way more than the old ones nowadays. 
+Bobby the Racist Apple Shut up Bobby, you're a racist apple.
+hi6how6are6you I'm only racist towards fruit, I'm fine with all people.
franco fryda Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
awesome has fuck, amazing has green day:D... 
Monica Ivet Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Talk myself out of feeling Talk my way out of control Talk myself out of falling in love Falling in love with you ♪
Ma La Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Krzysztof Czarnecki Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Peter ortiz Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
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