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McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow @toddyrockstar on Instagram!

by todrickhall • 8,388,865 views

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Damn, these drive thru cashiers are goood... I would be so distracted by the amazing singing that I'd be like "sorry, could you repeat that?" LOL
In your picture you look like a kid...... So you don't need to be saying nasty words. Not trying to be rude or anything. Just trying to be safe. ;)
This should be a commercial smh lol
I agree this should be a comercial
Dat girl forgot the large fries. Fire her. UNLESS, the large fries were included with his burger.
I think they were included with the burger she said: 'Yes you wanted a number 6 supersize with only mustard and ketchup with a large fries and an M&M McFlurry'
Large sprite. Not large fries.
He's the next Jason Derulo. I'm not kidding.
+Nasty Nick Yas but still he could be a lesbian with a man voice he is good!
I'm mad she got the order correctly (minus the cheese) lol
It'd be funny if she said "Um no.. can you repeat that please?"
I'd be all done bro like for real for real
Now THAT cashier is worthy of $15/hr
Wait...since when does Mcdonalds use M and Ms instead of Smarties in the Mcflurries?!?Is this an American thing?!
+Iesha Daniels Oh I was about to say god bless England. 
damn all u see in the back was bumblebee lol
WOW THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! And u are really cute lol;)
i watched this video before, but I didn't know it was Todrick Hall
This was the first video I have seen by him four years ago! It still doesn't fail to impress me!
i wish i could do that
he didn't even get his food
She forgot the sprite
Wonder what the guy sitting behind them is thinking. XD This was cool!
Wow, this guy has a really good voice... ^w^ I like it.. I'm really surprised that girl got the order right!
I prefer this to the rap and they're such amazing singers
Yasss i got it 👏 he did good to
Sooooo clever and godd I loooooove his voice!!!!
That was cool!! LOOOVE ITT!! I should try that next time...but not sure if it'll work out for me. lol. #Awesome  singing # Great advertisement for McDonald's 
Did u make that amazing song
she forgot the sprite! but im still impressed
Those people who disliked this video you guys sick this is like the best sing ever LOVE YOU TODRICK
in 2015 he is getting a reality show on mtv!!!
That was awesome I sound just like u and I love your eyes
I liked the song and in all the other song,rap this is the only girl that could keep up with the order
p pardue Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow @toddyrockstar on Insta...:
Awesome singing !! how did i miss this !
First time I heard a drive thru cashier get an order like that XD
Sorry to kill the fun but they got enough commercials as it is, you should be out there advertising for something better and be an ispiration for it. Great video though.
There's a future in the makins
I'm surprised she got all that😂
I love your voice
Didn't realise just how amazing voice is
She said a large sprite. It was sprite and large fries xD
Tiffany Taylor-Ross Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow …:
This guy is really really good good job man
Okay I love todrick Hall in the world going on with his hair
This is the video that I discovered Todrick Hall!! 😍
She forgot the cheese tho he said DONT FORGET THE CHEESE lmaooo
Number 6 in the cheese burger
Who sings at McDonald's?
Not that she got the order right tho...omg love his voice
She forgot the sprite ...
LoL i wish i was there
i love this song i finaly know the hole thing
I Am going to try it
Damn bad ass those workers need a raise ha
Kaitlyn Anthony Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima try to do it 
Luv todrick!!!!! Go toddlers !!!!
انت كفو يعني رهيب بس بلسعودي المهم هاذي الاغنيه رووووعه ادري انك ما راح تفهم كلامي بس حاول ترجم بلعربي ايش تقول اووك سلامولي -
She didn't get the sprite 😂😂😱
Brianna Threets Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow …:
She forgot the Sprite, :P
+Kathryn Griffith no she did'nt.
Omg!! He is freain amazing!!!!! So are the back round singers!! Forget American idol try out for the voice bro!!!😍
I should really try that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might!!!!!!!!!!!!!
better with 1.5 speed
You have those Sonic drinks riding shotgun...did the singing not work there? If you would have rolled through my Sonic, I'd have serenaded you right back! ;)
AMAZING!!! I'm going to have to try this!! :D
How many times has he tried this? I mean, I already see two large drink cups in his cup holders?
this guy has a gold mind
I accidentally waved when the employees waved O_O
never thought a McDonald order'll give me goosebmps...too good...m lovin' it!!!!!
Todrick maje a show called the ratchet mermaid
Is that my teacher in the back set the black one
She looks like my teacher from Monroe high school
Wish some one would do this at the McDonald's I work at. Would make my day😊
He has very pretty eyes
Dang man you should try out for Americas got talent your an amazing singer.
He tried out for American Idol i think
That was too good man!
Why is he not a famous singer!! 😦
Todrick Hall does that ❤
Devin Smith Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow …:
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