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Ultimate Tree Survival | Ep.3 ft Lucie | Creating our Floating Home

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 185,961 views

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Hey slyfox did you know there is a bboob mod
looks like the mobs weren't so skilled after all :3
Who gives a flying f**k about who's better at minecraft all I do when I see a mob say holy s**t and slightly jump up
The second one I was like why was there only 17 vids. But there are only tht many
hey lewshea you are such a sexy gumball jk jk jk you are ugly jkjk
Did you just summon two monsters in one turn? Yeah,so? That's against the rules. SCREW THE RULES. I have money! Lol, the references Sly makes.
You don't even know how to spell her name correctly and you think shes cute.
Me too!! don't we all like slyfox and the creatures
Hi,my name is Josh.I'm a employee at YouTube and YouTube wants to give you a free Minecraft account.No it's not a somebody's account. A account just for you!If you want this deal give this video 1,000 likes.<-- scam don't fall for this
ooo sweet lemonade oo swet lemonade
can someone tell me his textpack?
"holy shit, all the bricks have been shat" hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahha
Nobody cares if Lucie is good or not it only maders if its funny
i remember that i didn't know about the L-shift until one of sly's episodes
I'm British to but I cannot do that squid voice
LUCIE you sound like Karen Gillan!
sont worry lewshea I play on peacefull to :)
Look at my horse my horse is amazing give it a lick Mmmm it taste just like Rasons
who gives a fuck if she is good or not good series thats what matters
I couldn't help looking up amazing horse and somebody that I used to know. By the way, Somebody that I used to know is actually worth looking up.
That texture pack is amazing!
who give's a fuck if she is or not
Lucy is awsome and funny and her cute little voice is ADORABLE ^_^
it's like the dirt is invincible because the sign post
They aren't allowed to use mods for this survival map, sly is only using the shader because it doesn't affect gameplay
i don't care if shes good at minecraft the pair make a good series of videos
something that makes you want to kill someone when something isnt in a specific order or symmetrical i dont know what it actually means though
Lucie is boss sly she can do so much
Actually, it's called Look at my horse
sly "screw the rules i have money" at 3:00 did you watch yugioh adbriged?
Dont worry i am a bit of a noob at minecraft expecially when it updates lawl anyway be proud of who you are doesnt matter if your a noob or not no one should judge you :D
is it bad that I sang along to his version of look at my horse (aka) "Look at my cobblestone" XDDD
This would be a f***ing amazing greenhouse for the creatures if there were more land
WHO F**kin CARES if your a noob or an expert
omg...that last episode, i nearly laughed myself to death. i couldn't breathe lol
Anybody else see the diamonds last vid?
is lucie british or something or does she just pretend to have an acent sometimes??
Is Sly and Lucie not friends anymore?:O
obsidian and cats.. TOO SPOOKY FOR YOU, CREEPER
yu-gi-oh abridged reference? Yes.
If Anyone Can Tell me his Texture Pack Please......
lol and i love lewshea and i like her voies
if you pull on his winkie ooh thats dirty.. Do you really think so?
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