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Channel Live - Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One)

by Zona1 • 1,113,378 views

Channel Live - Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One) dope hip hop video

Back when you didn't need bitches, cash or drugs in a music video. All you needed was lyrical skills. Back when hip hop was hip hop.
This was back when rappers didn't dress like Fags.
And now we have to deal with O.T. Genasis-I'm in love with the Coco..sheesh.....
now the high starts to settle, kickin fat lyrics that rocks like heavy metal, STEP UP AND TEST THE SKILLS YOU CAN GET MY TESTICULES!!
You can't even spell balls bitch..
krs destroys in this.
This is like earbleach after craprap.
What happen this was rap now its a bunch shit
Lu lu V. Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Channel Live - Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One):
This instrumental is still poppin.
Came here to clean my ears after listening to "lifestyle"
Walter Martin Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Classic ish right here
This takes me back to Liz.
hella smack straight to the brain
20 years later....Still Sparkin "Mad Izm"
That classic shit,,, never gets old
preeeeeeeeeeeemo at his best
My intellect will insult ya, then it's off to get mine like a vulture.
this is good classic
Skipping school smoking blunts 94-95 oh joyyyyy!!!
knowledge reign supreme says it all da track is FIYAAH!!!
channel live looks like richard sherman
god damn I miss this hip hop 
God I miss hip hop. :(
i keep thinking i see capital steez thats crazy lol
when i was listening to this song, the video had just 200k views. people started to value true hiphop.
Was this before or after they did "Girl you know it's true"
Wake up in the morning got the yearning for herb.............♥♥♥♥
I know one thing they not singing like these clowns today
one of the best tracks of 1994
This is Hakim from Channel Live. We gonna be celebrating 20 years of sparking #madizm in 2014!! Ride wit us y'all. Stay tuned and keep your #CHANNELLIVE.
Cool. what happened to your partner tho?
KRS-One trading verses wit the youngns on this joint showed me that KRS could hang wit ANY MC no matter how old he gets...
Maine izm Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You can get my testakills
This go's out to all those new school cats that think Drake is hip hop now this is what u called hip hop I'm about to light new school up like a blount and spark mad izm
Yo this is a classic that definitely represents my life mattafact it represents what I'm doing now what I did yesterday what I did the day before that and what I'm going to do tomorrow you feel me.....
Beautiful, beautiful!!!
What up Hakim Green..I'm Rollin wit y'all.
Hard beats ,harder rapping
Rodney Jones Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Flash Back Friday....
How'd we go from this to tight jean faggots again?
This was my shit I wonder how many times I listen to this.
"Woke up in the morning got the yearnin' for herb." For all my #oldschool #hiphop headz!
mmmmm what can i say 
Law Piffington Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wake up in the morning got the yearning for herb Which loosens up the nouns, metaphors and verbs #MusicBOMB
Tim G. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Krs-One ft Channel Live- Mad Izm    #Classic #HipHop 
Don't hold your breath waiting for "young guns" with skinny jeans and thug tats to answer. your question LOL. you might get one that should have zigged when they should have zagged at a drake video. l
Man this brings back sooooooo many memories for this young 35 yr! Back in '94 Smokin out the nissan sentra on our way to the weed spot on Franklin when it seemed like almost everything Hip Hop was dope.
....cuz all these weak rappers steady making hits f@ck that!!!
They just don't make RAP MUSIC like this no more !!! :*(
Still banging this shit! E.O. Jersey girl living in Houston!
old skool kills anything out these days lol
and check out the talent up North! This video kills: Classified - Quit While You're Ahead Four legends/icons in the game (In Canada that is)
F--k da now music, dis iz my music, generation X stand up right now! REAL HIP HOP!
Phrase after phrase is just so memorable. What ever happened to channel live? Damn i still cant enough of this track. My tape got eaten a long time ago, THis joint still gets me hyper than a lil kid on ginseng. Wish I would turn the stupid ass radio on and hear these cats. they would put N.Y back to the top of the game. im from the south but i will admit that we ruined hip hop... MAD LOVE FROM DA BAY...
For ya ima young gun for real and i just say fuck new stuff and do what i can to fuckin find that old school hits
man i´m from germany, never heard of channel live before. just great...
Wooo! NimrodChad Knows What it Isss! Real Talk!
ke son lindos mis niños , los siento como hijitos obviamente esta el aventador en su mano, ahy, ahy a,hy ahy ,ahy . su buen fraskito y apuraito y calmaito .
smoking the indo by the window
wish I was born in the 80s miss out on so much good hip hop n rappers
Peace to all my Izm smokers!! This is Hakim from Channel Live.. Check the Mixtape Hip Hop Nation with KRS, Methodman, Queen Latifah, Black Rob Monie Love, NY OIL and others..
this fu*kin BEEEATTTT!!!!! AAAUUUGGHHH my neck hurts from noddin so hard!! OldSkool RepreSENT!!!
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