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Magnified: Grant Taylor

by ThrasherMagazine • 132,929 views

He could have taken this mega-kink coast to coast, but Grant felt like snapping out early and giving a howl of stoke. As seen in Thrasher's April Skater of the Year issue.

Why didn't he keep going on down the next kink? Kinda gives you blue balls seeing a triple kink turn into a single kink with a double kink drop off at the end.
Loving the intense crow I n the background
shit Grants an intense crow? haha
Fuck always drive past this, never thought anyone would ever try it, trust grant to bang out this shit!
Su Young Choi is really good at cutting out the heads of the people he films :D
when you are the Skater Of The Year you can do that.
@ChodeChancellor they take a sequence from the magazine and show you the footy.
I would have cried if he treflipped the set instead of ollie.
Who cares if he didnt do the whole thing! It doesnt make it easier that he didnt, lets see you do that shit!
How the fuck do you not know who Grant Taylor is he is in alot of Volcom ads and he had a great part in Mindfield! You sir are bitchmade
@cuntmuscleify let's see you do it faggot.
i wasnt kidding i thought that was funny and i think its sick that your a cody mac fan
@homosexual23233 Little do you realize, popping out is probably harder than just grinding the whole thing.
sorry i love grant taylor but david gonzalez would have done that whole rail
Like if you thought he was going to do the whole thing
this would be the sickest thing ever if he did like a tre flip at the end of the last stair!
when is thrasher gonna hop off GT's dick
At first i thought that those sounds were sound effects and then I realized he was the one making them!
i was so ready to see a 50-50 down that whole shit
he ollied that 6 stair like it was a stick
@shakejunction point being, it seemed as if he was trying the whole thing and was bummed he didnt get it and had to pop out early.
hahah, i thought i was the only one that howled like that when i skate!
@AnotherSantaCruzSk8r oh and if i where to sink to your level and make some random judgement about you based on your youtube channel, i'de say you suck at skating, and clearly arent that poor if your parents have a new car in the garage, not that thats an excuse as i said earlier
sounds like the predator striking its prey,nawatamean?
I make stupid noises doing mini lines.... he made those same noises busting out a banger.... i'm ashamed
Did anyone notice when he pop out he made some weird noise
anyone else think he should be riding for Anti Hero?
that howl of stoke sounds like i cant grind the whole rail so im gonna pop out early like a bitch
@AnotherSantaCruzSk8r say whatever you'de like about me its not the point, somehow i think saying 'i dont give a shit about ten of thousands of children being forced to commit murder' is a lot more 'trolly' than telling you to grow up.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who howls and makes funny noises
The early snap out is way more gnar than him doing the whole rail--cleared six stairs from way up there and another quick six to ride away..sickassfuck.
that was fukin amazinggggggggggg!
@mcminnkey Are you dumb? Grant Taylor's fucken gnar, don't tell me you'd rather have thrasher covering nyjah huston instead.
es muy corto..pero muy bueno...XD
Now I see where G in gnarly comes from...Grant Taylor
Those fucking Ad's are always soo annoying!
damn who else thought he was gonna do the whole thing next try
I like how he just the ollied the six at the end like it was a fuckin curb.
at thos point he can do a triple set 50-50
it was like a he ollied the second stairs out of a 50 50
Lol fuck yeah! it's dope he popped out early made seem easier
milton martinez´s magnified video is 20 times better than this one!!!
@PeopleEqualShlt Thank you for seeing the truth and not being like every other wanna be hippie out there.
i was hoping he was gonna do both the kinks. still rad as fuck
@imchristhegangster no problem too many sheep out there!
the sound that he makes right after popping out of the rail sounds like angry birds. hahah
he moves his face like if he was trying to pop out, i think he did the entire rial. but its for some nike video part or some shit like that however, that was really sick
WOO. i guess you could say Grant Taylor is one kinky motherfucker
im already having an orgasm...
Fail.. he didnt grinde the whole rail.
@fsROCKNROLL i was just really pumped to see him grind the whole thing is all. i was like holy shit this mofo is bat-shi... oh nevermind
i could be wrong, but i think this is in sydney olympic park. if im right, ive seen it a few times and i can honestly say that rail is a fucking monster and anyone who would attempt it is a freak.
Can we just all take a moment and appreciate the noise he made getting off that rail?
I thought he was going to ollie the triple set. Lol.
lets see any of you do the whole thing...
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