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Adam Lambert - Fever *IMPROVED VERSION* London

by lambosessed • 107,028 views

Download the mp3/HD/iPod mp4 and featured wallpaper on my blog. I edited the best footage from ceri15, KI55andTELL, Libracats, ReelBigMitch, SACyd,...

TheRealDuckBert Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Very HOT HOT HOT 😊😊❤❤❤
Adam is the whole package! 
is it me or in the second 24 tomy seems to go back involuntarily?
i mean his hair is epic :D and his outfit but still how??
AOL sessions are better cuz Adam is better behaving he's not kissing his Glitterbaby in AOL :/
The song is meant to be "misbehaving"  ;) And this time, it's kinda Tommy who started the kiss (which is so fucking cute and hot, adobsbdiabpidad those guys fangirling ♥)
It looks amazing then most i have seen good job.
how is this a improved version?
Rebecca Bryant Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Elvis reincarnated. Love it!
to kk9256: Tommy's not gay.  I love the chemistry Tommy has with Adam, I hope they stay together. ADOMMY!!!  ADAM!!!!
"I'll Surprise you, I promise" ~Adam Lambert "I'm going out there being myself 100%, taking risks, really just trying to express myself and entertain people and I hope that the viewers out there appreciate that risk that I'm taking." ~Adam Lambert Adam Lambert - Fever *IMPROVED VERSION* London #adamlambert   #bestmusic   #beyourself   #beawesome   #pride  
really like this video, we both know it isn time yeah :)
This man is from outta this world... Who else can hit those high notes and move like crazy? The only thing I don't really like: the dancers! I'm a dancer myself and they look so NOT into it, while Adams fever is burning him up ! ! ! I don't mean they're bad, but borning, while their "master" is freakin' amazing ! ! ! He'd be better on stage by himself (and with Thommy of course :-P) - he still will rock the dancefloor.
Best! Best! Best!! Thank you so much!!!!
I just love how Adam moves and is on stage. And he's hot! One of the dancers is really hot too, I think Terrance is his name.
Thanks your work. Hot, hot, hot.
i have a gay friend too and he was all like "gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol hehe love ADAM AND ADOMMY OOOHHHHH YYYEEEEAAAAHHH
Wooo! My glowstick hand at 1:48. Still my favourite concert I've been to yet.
Why does he have to be sooooo hotttttt
@princesswaddacoo cheack out the video of fever on iheart radio also on youtube. way better than this
If the bible thumpers are right about who is damned, Hell has fantastic music, style, catering, poetry, and theater. Sign me up, I'll put on my stripper shoes and dive right down that rabbit hole!
Okay, stirred up things in me that I haven't felt in a while ! Now I know I'm not dead.... have to go and fulfill something ???? HOTTEST vid. to date !!!!
Adam Lambert - Fever IMPROVED VERSION London
well, if Adam goes to hell, it will become a much, much hotter place ;-)
i wish i was that guitar dude. that was an AWSOME KISS. and that thing he did at 2.31 - 2.33 PLEASE TURN ME INTO THAT MICROPHONE.LOL people call that "Just Say Me- ON STAGE". or call this comment perverted, i call it SEXY GUY LOVE.
my fav part in this whole video is at 1:45 to 1:49 i like the way he sung "would you be my mine"
@AdamLambertXTommyGrl i think it is, just not this exact one
Ahhh i miss sweet adam in american idol,this one is too brave.but dont get me wrong,i like this one too,i like him alot whenever and wherever he is :)
How many compliments can you get? I love your blog, too. Rock on.
@Puppylove5274 Pardon, but what are you talking about? Of course Terrance - yeah black guy has a name - doesn't mind, they've been friends for years. None of them are homophobs, and no of course they don't mind their friend dancing with them. Seriously, what?
sexyyyyyyyyyyy 2 hot guys kissin(~: hot gay guys lol
@AdamLambertXTommyGrl they not alowed to make it that because of the kiss which sux
adam looks like he has panda eyes
@iEmily22 Meh its only 5 seconds out of one song, how does 5 seconds out of an 1hr long show equate him "ONLY shocking the crowds"? its pretty much part of the act now. people would be disappointed if he DOESNT do it.
I died and came back to life I LOVE HIME SO MUCH!!
0:29 Tommy kiss Adam =) I liked the kiss
Guys you know that Tommy is straight right Adam even said so and they only kiss for the performance.
No way that Tommy is straight... Bicurious at the least. He's totally into it. I like this version better than the DVD. Nice job.
sexy this would make a very good vid dont you think?
i wish i was tommy joe getting kissed by adam
Non mais sibole.... yé tu assez hot !
Adam is such an amazing guy! KEEP SINGING YOUR HEART OUT, ADAM!!! ~~GLAMBERT OUT~~
yup that's true he is so hot why does he have to be gay :(
@psychofish4444 I agree his version on iheart radio as is his version of sleepwalker
Adam Lambert is a Gay God!! oh my!! so sexy!!! <3 <3
nice! this is put together really well, LOVE it <3
@Puppylove5274 id rather say that at 0:30 - 0:35 he sings it even better
When Adommy kiss everything inside me jumps.
i thought it was but then i saw it from another angle. he reached gor it but tommy moved so he grabbed the guitar
It's not that he's not straight, it's that he wants to mess with people's heads. He likes to create contradictions on stage to get eveyone talking. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!! LOL.
i love this song and i love watching adam singing it
Thanks for sharing this! Adam is mesmerizing!!! He never takes himself too seriously when he's performing and that's what makes him so unique! He's having FUN!!!
Random thought: What if when he pretending to jerk off with the microphone, it flew out of his hand, landed in the audience and when someone gave it back he said, "Sorry, my dick came off again, my bad."? XD
OMG!!!! So cool!! This was on my birthday!! I wish i had of gone to the Melbourne show. Please come back to Melbourne Adam!! <3 you!!! Glambert 4 life!! <3
I love that I love this and my gay best friend hates it, lmao. He's all 'omfg that is so innapropriately dirty!' and I'm all "... are you SURE you like men? Cause I thought it was hot, myself."
I think they were both horney that night. I mean, just look at them!
@adamlfan103 it IS perverted, but i know what you mean...sigh... Ah, and boy does he know how to play the crowd...pure evil genius.
Holy ___ he's hot! Nice masterbation Adam ;) -3
Okay, this isn't even related to squat, but, does he NOT sweat? This man is so (beautifully) active on stage, (I love how he slithers like a snake and knows how to best use and move his body, very smooth). But man, this dude wears long sleeves a lot and he just never seems to sweat. I see he's quite fit, I said, it's way off topic, but hey. I can't take my eyes off him, his moves are hypnotic and so smooth. (I study kinesiology, so I'm always picking up movement). Ahhh.....
This is great - thanks! I was there & Adam was truly brilliant that night! I think you've managed to capture it perfectly with this vid!
Yet another reason for me to move to London XD
is this true? are ya seriously?! if ya are then YES fucking love ADOMMY even more now!!!! tell it's true!!!
Just in case anyone wants to know tommy backed up from adam a little bit cuz adam grabbed his crotch then moved his hand to the guitar
I love this video, damn adam is so freakin fine and WOW what a voice. Would love to see him in concert someday
holy mother of all what's least once in my entire life,I wish I could be kissed in THAT WAY by someone who's THAT HOT.....
holy mother of jesus!! thats hot as heeeeeeell! wish i was the one that gets a kiss from adam.. oooh my freakin goood! im in love!
that was so hot when they were making out!!
Any guy that can move his hips like Adam can must be amazing in bed... That kiss was amazing, they both looked totally into it, and Tommy's smile as Adam was moving in!!! squee!!!
but still, he still reached for it right? that just gotta mean something unless Adam was feeling a little more than horny that night!XD and let's us just all say that Adam grabbed Tommy and Tommy moved away while whispering Adam's name and then they kiss!XDDDDDDDD
what a hot kiss! love adommy! <3
thank god he got rid of the old choreography! Saw him twice in ky and he was doing the chicken wing!
wooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT!!!!!!!
Excelent video!! Thank you so much lambosessed!!!
Tommy was so into that kiss that before they even kissed he was smiling just thinking of kissing Adam
The way he says time beford thr kiss o my gawd 3 XD
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