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Gays Vs. Asians on You Tube! NIGAHIGA & BUCK PART TWO

by WHATTHEBUCKSHOW • 1,335,167 views It was so funny the response the first video got so of course we had to do it again! Thank you again to my friend Ryan Higa who is such a good sport! It is my pleasure to...

you two are both funny! :)
why the heck are all doing those homofobic Komments? it doesnt matter what sexuality you have, am i right??? and even if you love nigahiga, that doesn't mean that you have to be rude to someone else, i don't get u guys  thats just sick
just because you people don't like buck doesn't mean you need to offend gay people in general! And buck, I really like you- I'm a big fan of ryan, but his fanbase from back then was pretty shit when I look at some old comments. I apologize on their behalf -.-
you're so funny and gay- but the good way :))
You suck you must learn how to shut your mouth , nigahiga rocks forever , you r so ugly and gay , I would rather date Justin bieber than u , ha! I'm on team nigahiga !!!!
what are all these nasty comments about buck!?? i didnt see him do anything wrong! unless ive completely missed something...
I loved that you put this laugh at the end hehe I was about to write a hating comment but that stopped me x)
at first i really hated u for making fun of stuffs >o> but now i think ur pretty funny love ur videos subscribing! <3
i hate buck he always makes fun of people more populare then him well go make fun of chris brown i want to see him smack u in the kisser then u cant give ur husband a BJ
@glamagal16 u do know ryan isnt number 1 on youtube anymore right? rwj is... i still like ryan more... but according to youtube subscribers rwj is best....
wtf i don't like buck is he really gay or is he just acting?
thumbs up if your watching this in 2011
talking about it is useless. GET HIM MORE SUBSCRIBERS!!!
OMG Ryan <3 so much HOTNESS I caaaan't taaake ittt anymooooore <3 <3 *heart attack*
wow this is what youtube has become
why you make everything gay? why you make everything asian? haha xD soooooo true
This episode is funny. But I like Ryan Higa more. Sorry to all the gay guys!
LOL! BROMANCE! HAHAHAHA I LOVE RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hey Buck acted in Ryan and Sean's not to exciting ... something... I am talking about Ryan and Sean's cool movie... get it..) :/ anyways... LOVE THEM BOTH AND SEAN!!!!!!!!!!! :D
buck is gay i agree but dudes soo funny with ryan
damn buck is just F***ing annoying
Ryan U R SOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME ^^ BACK UR FUNNY BUT GAY :'(((((( hope u stop being that ~~~~
@ConvictedCriminal I dig gay guys because I think that "gay haters" do not belong in the 21th century? That conclusion doesn't make sense. [Even my grandmother (91 yrs old and catholic) accepts gay people]. I can understand that you think it's 'unnatural' but what is so 'ew' and 'freaky' about it? Btw I am not a fan of WTB so I'm not saying this because I like him Btw#2 I dont want to spam this video with our discussion so this is my last message (or pm me if you feel the need to :P )
@thecatmonster1 Now don't be hatein' on Ray man.Go hate on yoself for hatein' on da good peeps
U now what I am gonna say that your both cool cause you at least have some balls I am straight but I ve got nothing agains gays or asians So F U hatters
ohhhh.. nigahiga is so cute!!!!! He's sooo cool.. so much better than buck.. lolz,.. why do you have to make everything asian....
you are just a ass hole i love tose guys leave them alone!!!! f*** you
buck, it makes me really sad that everyone is so mean to you :( i think you're absolutely adorable AND hillarious. hmmmm, what is wrong with the world now a days? thank you for making me laugh :)
if buck does that annoying thing with his voice one more time i think i'm gonna kill myself
I hate gays but buck and the gay reporter in youtube is the one i found funny. NIGAHIGA RULES!!
so retarded....i mean buck.....and ryan is a lot younger,,,and genius.....
omg this is HILARIOUS!!! had me laughing until my face turned blue
i cant really complain that raywilliamjohnson has more subs than nigahiga because i subbed to ray before ryan even though ryan is better..
I'm actually entertained by Michael Buckley... I also love Ryan Higa's shows... So what's with all the hate? The homophobes are making themselves known.
are indians also asians cause i am an indian ?
Look at the difference in the quialty in cameras I swear Nigga Higa has bad quialty but it doesn't matter cause he's just plain funny
U LOVE IT! lol AWWW THATS SO MEAN! Did they rlly right that? "ugh i hate when you say shit like that" "Flosty flosty flosty" lol "I had a mustache"
roffle! ^^ so this buck guy is actually gay or is it an act? and 1st commect (fuckity fuck fuck fuck) wtF is up with that r yu some sort of BWAF (bitch without any friends) cauz girl/boy if that is hate..... oh oh oh it will SUCK!!!!!!! xoxo keep making koolz bruuu az vids ^^
Ryan is so ALSOME!!!!!!!Ryan should be every where like Justin.b!
did ryan really do this?? it looks like stuff from his videos was cut out
thumbs up for nigahiga and kevjumba.....
@MsSabrinaMae really ? now that is a surprise!! lool
Ryan is soooo cute!!!!! owwww so cute! and, Is Buck really like really a gay person? or is it just for joke?
buck is a retarded fuck and rhyan fuckin rules bitch!!!!!!!
@ConvictedCriminal Hey guys we got someone from the 18th century here!
"it doesn't matter about who's number 1" yeah it's easy to say that now isn't it nigahiga ;)
hahaha he said flopsy! so asians should be 2 and gays 1 :))))))))) ASIANS WIN! RYAN RULES :D
I, WILL WRITE, "FUCK" IN PLACE OF "BUCK", racism is off the charts. BE A LITTLE MORE SENSITIVE, wait, what the buck? AAAAAHHHHH! *rubs tongue* WHAT THE FUCK!?
Nighiga is the shit BUCK YOU SUCK MAN SRY
this is lame. everyone knows ryan is the best
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