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Chris Brown - I Love U (Finished Album Version. No DJ Shouts)

by Dotseoem • 1,622,148 views

Alot of people have been posting the WRONG version of the song. Well this is the Finished version from the Deluxe Edition of the Graffiti Album. Great Valentines Day song. :) For the Chris Brown...

Man I love his voice 👏👏
good i like this song
but you beating all on her and u love er
+Rachiea Yarror um srry but it not chris brown made this song three years ago prodigy just did a cover of it. It really by chris
I think Prodigy (Mindless Behavior)sings it better.
How is this mb song this song has been out since 09 b4 mb way thought of so tall can chill
No dip Sherlock. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know she has her own money. You don't know what she did either, which is why they can look "cute" or "perfect" together all day long, and still not be good for each other. Looks can be deceiving.
im happy for them its just that i would have never pictured them back together.
love is all dat matters and there relationship is worth more than money or just love they really need to get bck together again
i dont know what to do but..i really want to meet ya.. i wish i get the chance to see u at 22 november birthday date at your concert in berlin....:(
Awwwwwwwwww so cute yell backkkkk together
thats not rihana but esther dean who writes and sing backround vocals for brezzy and several others
The as crazy becse chis brown f her up
I thought this was Mindless Behavior ummm.. Only Mindless Behavior sounds beddaa!
awwww to cute you go brezzy
This video is great. Do you like it?
I love his and mindless behavior version
And let's get one thing straight, I'm not a hater, so chill with all that "you're just a hater 'cause its not you" bullshit. Oh, and you also should really go back to english class, and get your spelling together too.
I love this song ... just makes me feel so fuzzy inside ... lol
such a cute lil song n video too!!:3 adorable :)
Screw Mindless Behavior, Team Breezy all day baby!!!
NT a good song it sucks realy bad
I think they should go back out because they sing songs about they miss each other
This shyt reminds me of my bbygrl lol bbf !! ♡
this is so cute :( I want them back together, there made for eachother
You beat the shit out of her but you love her............really bruh
Shit knocks specially when you going through it
F you mindless behavior they just stole this song off the graffiti album plus they some gay niggas who don't work hard for nothin and on five years no body won't know who they are so they should shut down there
I don't what it is but I LOVE YOU Kayla 3
I sing this to my girfriend everynight before she falls asleep cause this song explains how I feel towards her and she absolutely love this song and the way I sing it I love you babygirl 3 :)
This is that tune its happy and live.
It reminds me of my brother friend we love each so much ;(
Hazel0313 cute song....She is a pisces... we know just what to do and keep's the eyes of a pisces woman, were addictive and a keeper...
Jihad n lucki... u.a.t.w.... "LUV U.. my luv
I love my baby 2 the only difference I don't hit her jajaja
Loves this song idgaf who stole it cb sexy and he talented. No matter who hating he makin money. TeamBreezy forget the opposition
Ok y yall dissin mb over a song like really and chris brown gave it to them (well thata what I heard maybe true maybe not)anyway wtf yall makin a big deal out of it for u act like u made the song no u didnt chris brown did so stop dissin mb damn always dissin somebody that dont got nun to do with u
All the girl said was mindless behavior version was gud! GET OFF GET FREAKIN BACK! She had opinion! At least mindless behavior don't go around makin songs boutnasty amass rude things! Callin girls and WOMEN ask kinds of things like gardinin tools and b's and that stupid crap! Get a life!
she pretty. and i like chris brown
I dedicate this to my hubby(: @dizzy_da_truth I love you [:
Rihanna and chris brown , just perfect (: i love them !
I Dedicate This Song To My Baby On Valentines Dayy 3
I dont noe if this song belongs to mb or cb :-|
Joey idk what it is bout u but some how you made me fall inlove with you ................ whatever i dont know what it is but..... i love you
super:) mimo wszystko,pozdrawiam
Just so you know this was made 2 years ago!!
One video, three pictures ..... really ?! :D
i hate Rihanna big head as an I think it's crazy hw he still after her nw that he got all of his fans back she could have ended him shit crazy I was once a Chris brown fan bt nw i don't no wat to think
So mindless behavior redid the song???
Oh he loved that's why he beat her up?
So u love her but u beat the shit out of her great :D haha xD
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