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Kony 2012 Backlash

by WoodysGamertag • 153,863 views

More about Kony: Rush Limbaugh Defends Kony then backtracks:...

dude, really think about it. the motherfucker had children mutilated and murdered and raped as well as grown ups and many others. just because he stopped means we're all supposed to be like " oh well , atleast he stopped "? no, that's fucking retarded. we must find this man, and end his wretched life as to discourage others from following in his path. and about the public masturbation thing, he's not the whole organization, he's just one fucking guy.
@The96Minecrafter Do you understand the atrocities that Kony has caused? How would you feel if someone FORCED you to mutilate and kill your family members? The fact that there are bigger war criminals does nothing to absolve Kony of his terrible crimes. If his child soldiers are being forced to join his army, why would they fight Ugandan soldiers trying to save them?
also take this video down. Makes you look like an idiot
@Brendon8910 You said he proved something, which he clearly didn't. He stated his opinion. Charitys in general are for a good cause, but this one is for an extinct cause which makes it pointless and unethic.
here you go woody. wake up nbcsandiego. com/news/local/jason-russell-san-diego-invisible-children-kony-2012-142970255.html
hahahah ok keep looking your info on nuf brother's girlfriend works for the african herald express and was in capture for 24 hours in 1999 for trying to record some of the militia grounds of these modafuks, I know things by the voice of the experience...but keep commenting you are obviously better informed...
@KR3Wisdabomb How are we dumbass's when the guy that started the organization only donates 20% of the 9 million$ he got.
@sogooditsscary1 Wheres the proof? Oh that video of that ugana girl saying her parents told her? And I guarantee her parents are just saying that but don't know for sure because they don't have facts.
@balomenos69 People like you morons is the why people in U.S don't want to help people because idiots like you think we want something. You don't live here. You don't know shit. I genuinely wanted to help those people but im not going to because people like you think we want something in return.
i think that it was a big issue but that issue has boiled down hes probably dead or hiding, i think invisible children are shady and not trustwrothy
I dont mind it why the fuck would i care its not effecting me.
@chamca if he has the ability to reach out to other people why not do it. If someone is an engineer should they stick to only engineering and nothing else in their life. Same goes for actors, singers and any other professions.
Even though a thousand people have said this before me, I will say it again because it is the truth. The Kony 2012 campaign is a scam. Tha UGANDAN PEOPLE, the ones being affected by this, say Joseph Kony isn't one of the BIG war criminals. There are worse out there. Plus, if we were to kill him, we would have to kill soldiers in his army. WHO ARE CHILDREN! So, inadvertently, we would be destroying the very thing we are trying to save. Plus, NOT ONE MORE AMERICAN LIFE SHOULD BE LOST OVER OIL OR
@TheGreecyGreek it destroys the credibility of invisible children when you have one of your main heads going insane in public, masturbating, and shouting incoherent phrases.
donate to me, i can use the money for my education
no sarcasm but your right this whole kony thing is exaggerated
What do you think now that Jason Russel is in a psych ward throwing his own s**t against a wall???
its a scam used to create a boogie man so they can get the people to back the invasion of Africa..
And who knew the director of invisible children would soon use his money for drugs and vandalise, masterbate and run naked in public? Sorry, Woody
i see you stopped spelling correctly in 2006 to
hey woody if your still looking for a foundation then look into the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's foundation
@vailyvail ya sorry dude. Im not jackin off in public and doing rails off hookers turd cutters...
stfu, i was a scam. There was a video that leaked of kony drinking vodka and boasting about all the money he received from idiots that believed it like you
his hairline looks better in1080p
The moral of Kony 2012 is this: If you make a movie you will end up naked and jacking it in San Diego.
hope you know that that video ended up being a huge scam and he got over 900,000 thousand dollars . Fucking idiots
It is faggot, Joseph Kony has not been seen since 2006, and has not been active since then and is probably dead.
@Brendon8910 What do you know? Jason Russell broke down in public. Search Jason Russell arrested.
To the people who say I dont care, think of how you would feel in the inviisible children's position.
SAYS the guy that sits on youtube and post`s his "smart boy" comments all day while watching call of duty videos. Also I`m so glad to hear how you know EVERYTHING about me and who I am from my one single comment, you must be some kind of genious!
I don't know if there is anything for breast cancer but if there is I would like you to donate the money to breast cancer. Save the ( . Y . )
30% of money actually spent on cause. enough said
you shouldn't never donate again just do a litlle more research
kony asnt been active since 2006 and also the guy who amde the vid got arrested for public masterbation.
@whosContro The one of the uganda girl is just her saying her opinions she has no facts behind what shes saying. Shes not involved with the government there shes just a normal citizen how would she know?
he didn't have ads on this vid so he didn't earn any money
Woody! You Live in NC!!!!!!Wat city?
kony is dead and has been dead for several years this is just a hoax
they are only in it for the money bro why do you think that crack head of a founder was seen jacking off naked .-.
doesnt matter how many children youve claimed to save, you cant wank off in public :(
Woody your such a good person.
now its injizable children ;)
To Write Love On Her Arms, Woody. Please, it would mean so much to me as an ex-selfharmer.
Nope i could give a shit less and i dont see why america should have anything to do with it..Have fun giving a shit about shit that doesnt effect you
@KR3Wisdabomb the us wants military bases around the world what would it look like if the us put 20 military bases around a half starved and violence ridden continent, it would look bad so they need something to get them kick started so they dont look like bad guys if right now the president or congress proposed a bill like this all hee would half to say is "uganda" or "kony 2012" and probably 3/4 of the people would support because they are brainwashed like that
woody gamerfag, stfu you nigger
its actualy almost night so i dont have a day left to be great... but ill have a great day tommorow ;)
Guys, my heritage and 95% Ugandan, 3% Tanzanian,and 2% Somolian. i've been to uganda 4 times and the worst thing you'll have to worry about is Al-Qaeda and the Somalian pirates. Kony 2012 is fake and my 5th uncle in Hoima, Uganda and there have been no signs of Kony 2012. It's just a scam. he was real in the 1980's but know Kony isn't around and people are making a huge deal about some1 who live a while back. Kony's fake and dont listen to everything u here on tv and the internet
you live in south africa you dumb piece of shit 1000s of miles away from uganda how would you be anymore informed, just search google kony has been inactive since 2006 and is presumed dead
I take it that you didn't take the time to look into the truth about Kony, my point is proved. Have fun in your ignorance.
@npstatus Unfortunetly judging from our past we might
You guys are fucking retarded, you should learn to watch videos before commenting your idiot shit, 90% of the recent comments are saying things that Woody covered in the video, and if you fuckers actually watched instead of listening to your ignorant minds, you would know that, if someone killed your mom, after 6 years of being gone, would you just say "oh well he didnt kill anyone else for 6 years, lets just let him go" NO you wouldnt. So stop being little bitches, thank you:)
Jason ran his own campaign HORNY 2012
@Brendon8910 he didn't prove anything, he gave his opinion... dickwash
haha the American government wont be killing children ! haha what world do you live on ?
Jason Russell has invisible children in his hands now ;)
mate look at the facts, the co founder was caught masturbating in public, high on drugs and vandalising cars. and the money he used to buy those drugs were the donations people sent to the "kony 2012" shit. Fucking prick.
@Brendon8910 Did you ever think to do some research? How could you possibly not be aware of these children being exploited for DECADES in The Sudan, The Congo, Zaire, least of all Uganda. Kony IS NOT and has not been active in the region. That doesn't mean others aren't doing as bad or worse at the moment, WITH their governments support. The President elect in Darfur, al-Bashir, is a wanted war criminal for genocide of his own people, yet he rules with impunity. Where is your outrage now?
There is a Christian organization called speed the light which is an organization that gives money to help missionaries buy vehicles to spread the word of god I know you may not be a Christian but please consider this thanks!
After everything that has come out, I wonder if you still stand to these claims. Do you know that when the Ugandan people saw the Kony 2012 video, they RIOTED in anger? Yes, they rioted. IC is focused on creating propaganda for the masses, hence why Russel had his mental breakdown. Unbelievable how people will jump on a bandwagon so quickly! You sheeple, did you even CARE about Africa before the video was shown? No, so dont pretend to know anything when clearly you dont.
@Copeland334 So you'd be cool with the Ugandan military shooting through a horde of kids to get to Kony? You're right, that's clearly the better option, I can't believe I was so short sighted. Now normally I'd advise an assassination if we're hell bent on murder without a trial and due process, but those have failed in the past. Also diplomacy has never worked ever.
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