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Bon Iver - Skinny Love Live on Colbert

by Rob Kovacich • 547,035 views

Bon Iver playing Skinny Love after the show. This is the version they used in concert at Edgefield in Oregon on the 24th of Oct. The other band members have a clap-stomp part to play and it is...

Why is everything reversed in the video?  It's like looking in a mirror.
+EthanKRETA Ah, thanks for splainin'
So funny - I'm sitting here thinking 'either this is reversed or he's ambidextrous'
Just watching videos of Justin live and it's on my bucket list to see their concert! My 9 year old sister heard the beginning and immediately rushed to where I was sitting so she could watch/listen with me! I've taught her well!! 
Damn...I'd like thank Emma for causing so much heartbreak to this guy. This is why I love the internet and HATE autotuning. If I could time travel, I'd go back and kill whoever invented autotuning.
Emma isn't a person, She is an idea.
talk show hosts must have some killer vinyl collections.
Justin - My sis loves the Minnesota, WI T-shirt I bought her.  Bought one for myself - I like it too.  Got Bon Iver's albums and continuing to follow you on your journey; Keep it up.  - One of your countless fans.
Why is Justin wearing a prison jump suit?
Love, love, love this song!
Love the black Dude, he´s totally lost in this song
The black Peter Griffin
Love that late clap at 2:10 
He is playing this left handed - switch - which is crazy impressive. 
Im gonna be sore for weeks.....cause that kicked ass
Candace Rowlands Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
❤️✨ +boniver G'morning..
holy this was beautiful
This is easily my favorite live performance of a song ever just the sheer emotion that just flows out is incredible this video is just beautiful
Totally agree. Just beautiful.
OMG I want to sing with you Bon Iver.. pleasee!! Love this song just can't get out of my mind no matter what.. crazy love for this! 
Yeah guys maybe he plays lefty and righty... or maybe the video is just mirrored -_- lol.
+Tyler Lizotte You didn't mention his tattoo. You said "maybe it's mirrored" and Carl just confirmed it. Your first suggestion is the most doltish thing I've read all day.
+Shane Gibbs That wasn't a suggestion. I was being sarcastic, because people kept commenting on how they didn't know he played left and right guitar, and how cool it was. Are you both that doltish to think I was being serious? No shit it's mirrored, that's what I was trying to say.
Nick seitz Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Hey everybody, take a moment to check out my cover of this song as well as my originals. Much appreciated!
Cinzia Marcella Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Amazing performance
why is he playing lefy handed in this video ?  all others show him playing right handed
its flipped, u can see the it is at the beginning
Maria Raj Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
A primeira vez que ouvi essa música foi na voz da #birdy e agora descubro que a versão original é de Bon Iver, gostei por demais. Sharing =)
Danny Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Colbert got good music taste...
Intima, evocativa e suggestiva versione di una canzone dolce ma un po' malinconica... Buonanotte!
Come on skinny love just last the year Pour a little salt we were never here...
There should be a microphone for each person behind Justin...
Jesus Murphy! On all of his other performances he plays the guitar right handed and on this one he does it left handed. Damn it the guy can do everything!
The uploader flipped the video because it dodges some copyright stuff.
YouTube sometimes removes certain videos on copyright grounds, flipping the video helps prevent that.
I want to close my eyes so I can lose myself in the song... In the sound of his voice... but I force myself to look because seeing him perform is so much better
I think this is my favorite version
this song is just fucking awesome.
he is soooooo good i like him♥♥♥♡♡♡
thats some fine extended guitar technique at :42
The clip was mirrored because of copyright issues, so no, the image is simply backwards.
Who will love you? Who will fight?
this song is saving my life right now
that's his famous guitar he made blood bank with
Bon Iver is the original writer and composer. Birdy did a cover of this.
TRUE! totally agree with you... it aint just about voice! bon iver delivers it emotionally. which is what really matters in the end.
Someboy knows which type of guitar is it? Thx :)
Wasn't he banging on the drum? I don't think he was supposed to clap
Love it how Colbert is basically speechless after the performance.
I don't think that off beat clap was necessarily unintentional. It was on an off beat and it worked well in my opinion.
no doubt brilliant but i think he is right handed and the person who recorded this flipped the video :)
well each of them can play at least 3 other instruments....but meybe they need another clapper
His names sean carey, he does a solo career under the name s. carey. Check it out
Cant tell if trolling or just really really stupid... Like not even stupid, but more like idk... I don't have a word to describe your ignorance.
Yeah, People that dislike things that are clearly great crack me up a little. What's wrong in their world that they have nothing better to do than surf you tube and dislike awesomeness... and are they kidding!? I mean, dislike!?!?!?
Cant get enough of this song. I did a cover of it as well. Of course, not as awesome as the original but I would love for you guys to check it out! :)
He, uh, he's playing the drum for the song. His hands are full.
Listen to Brittany Cairns's version, the only one worth listening to.
he's not the clip is flipped the tatoo is on the wrong side
You are a kid though. You are legally defined as a minor. Your over reactive response shows a level of maturity expected of a typical 15 year old, not of a 15 year old who has been through a lot and matured more quickly. I know that at your age you think you're highly developed and different from all the other kids. You'll develop more mentally and emotionally in the next 3 years of your life than you have in the last 10. You are a child by definition.
Walk around and shake the mans right hand Colbert, it's just simple respect guy
3:32 So much feeling... I may cry.
holy crap guys he's playing left handed
If they play this version on Saturday 11th of November at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland, UK....I think I might shit my pants.
hes playing left handed in this but in every other vid he plays right.....hmmmmm lol
the video is backwards if ya'll cant tell. look at the very beginning of the video, notice colbert is backwards. its a rerecording of the show
At the beginning i was like: who the hell is Boney Bear?
Agree, this is wierd, right! I thought I was going nuts. Maybe he is playing left handed, then I notice the tattoo on his neck/shoulder is on the other side as well?? Truly disconcerting. But, love the performance anyway!
Sorry clapping alone won't do. You have to stomp as well.
i agree that it worked well, but it still seemed unintentional. I dont think they wanted the beat subdivided that much until the second chorus.
my favorite version is his live performance at glastonbury, seriously gives me goosebumps everytime
I don't think he's playing left handed, although, I wouldn't put it past him to do something that experimental. When people post videos of tv shows, legally they have to flip the image of the video, making it look like he's playing left-handed. Look at the album artwork at the end.
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