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Qualified: Alex Morgan's Soccer Superstitions

by Team USA • 230,606 views

Olympian Alex Morgan admits she's superstitious when it comes to her soccer game. She explains why the number 13 is her lucky number. Plus, Alex tells the story behind her famous pink headband and...

I wish playing with no clothes was one of her superstitions too.
Um, she's a nice looking woman not the second coming of Marilyn Monroe. Go to any large gym in a major cosmopolitan metropolitan area of the United States and you'll see dozens of women who are as fit and the same level of attractiveness. Every day in Manhattan I see several women simply walking on the street who are hotter. Does everybody slobbering over her live in some remote part of the South or Midwest where almost everyone they see in person is a homely obese whale?
I'll subscribe if you let me hit it, Alex...
her boyfriend is one lucky person, she is so beautiful and I love how nice she seems.
She's so beautiful, a great person, and an amazing soccer player!
she has a boyfriend :(
She's so hot.  Her hubby to be is a lucky guy.
I was born on the 13th. :)
Pink is my lucky color too i wear a pink head band and i am a forward too!
She is my life she's  the person that made me star to play soccer after my surgery on my hip
she is a way out of my league but i just would love to date a girl like her! who is too beautiful for me and play soccer better than me.
I broke my pinky finger what should I do
I thought I was the only one with the superstitions stuff with this. and same thing happens with me. I always wonder if I don't put my left shoe I think my day wont turn out the way I plan it to be.  
She sort of looks like Hope Solo xD
$100,000 for an Egg????
Isn't she a lesbian ?????
Nah that's Abby Wambach brah
Eli Wyatt Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wilt Chamberlin, Dan Marino, Roberto Clemente, Buck Martinez and many others all wore the number 13.
Sooooo hot. Want to touch the heinyyyy.
Alex Morgan has been a inspiration to me forever! I really love her so much and hope that someday I could be in her shoes. I think I can if I put in effort hard work and the love for the game I could be in her shoes! Alex helped me become the player I am today. Thank you Alex. JordanAlexBruceMorgan :D
i would rather have a commercial where she shows her ass
Men soccer in the Olympics has been around since 1900. The World Cup is coming already so just wait, and NBC is going to cover it, like they always do :p
I learned how to make a headband :) I loveee Alex Morgan!
I'm gonna find her boyfriend, cut his brake lines :)
They should do an article on the fastest players. Speed in soccer is critical.
I have to walk around in cilrces before the game endlessly, listen iron maiden or good heavymetal or sword hero song, cut my wrists put blood my face, put eyeliner on watch werewolf tranformations u tube and other u tube vidoes like flying, take a leak about 4 times (i hate biggest nightmare) eat health food only no soduim
I wear pink pre wrap, the number 13, and I roll my shorts once!!! Alex inspired me to play soccer. I also start playing club soccer when I was 13! Alex Morgan is my HERO!
im not like lesbian or anything but shes actually hot
if her "mum" is white christian how can she be jewish? to be a jew your "mum" has to be jewish. run along faggot
I was born on Friday the 13th!!! no joke
I imagine her swallowing my cum dunno why.. luv this girl
My heat broke at the 3:40 mark with the words "My Boyfriend"
I don't think she's gay. Hands down one of the hottest girls in sports
Keep it up! (btw. Awesome job at the Olympics)
You are so beautiful alex morgan an i am your biggest fan
No 13 on hotel rooms or hotel buildings, this is news for me. The world is a weird place, its just a number people, no different than 17.
I was born on the 13th, shit's my lucky number too. Love you Alex.
"Faggot" branch or twig, or bundle of these.
i only subscribed because alex morgan told me to
My friend danielli where 13 with the Silver Stars
@FJCorboMusic that is so true man. i would probably pick alex first too and i watch solo on espn she does have a atitutde problem
tobin heath is pretty but yeah i prefer alex morgan
i couldnt give a shit about womens soccer, but alex morgan...
Just, yet another, race trading hoer-bag, pice of shit!!!!! Screw you pig!!!!
" I finger myself with my left hand, only my left hand!"
I love soccer and I hope to be on the team U.S.A. When I get older. Team U.S.A. Is so incredible, they are just amazing. They work together so well and have awesome foot skills. Hope Solo is an awesome golly. She's the best golly I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of gollies. Abby and Alex and Megan are also fantastic they are all so fast and its just amazing of how amazing they got over all of the years they have been playing. I absolutely love team U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!
taylor swift's lucky number is also 13. i smell a great three way. or if the rest of the soccer team wants to get in on it, a 13 way.
When I play soccer I use that headband and Alex and Abby r my role models
hahaha morgan........sick playyyyah
i know right i also think she has a really sexy voice
Superstitions work only if you believe in them, like a prayer. The book "How to Overcome Superstitions" talks more about them. It will be free on Amazon in a few days.
Hope solo or alex morgan hmmmmm. Hope solo
She's such an illegal soccer player! Shirt untucked, shin guards showing, shorts rolled? tsk tsk lol
alex is a breath of fresh air while hope is arrogant and irritating
I'm gonna find her boyfriend, cut his brake lines :)
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