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Villain Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video

by CALLOFDUTY • 6,784,603 views

Pre-order now: Available 11.13.12. Raul Menendez is idolized as the Messiah of the 99%, yet underneath the surface lurks an insidious mastermind hell...

Menendez is the best Call of Duty villiain so far. They would have to try pretty dam hard to beat him
+SpinTic Rorke was a very good villain. Too bad he was overlooked.
+TotallyToonsTV Nah, Makarov is the best. Menendez is second best, Shepherd is 3rd, Dragovich and Kravchenko is fourth, and Rorke is tied with Zakhaev for fifth.
Martyr me, for Cordis Die!
The campaign & music was amazing, I don't know why everyone hates it
This campaign was amazing
there has to be a black ops 3 because in the real proper ending of black ops 2 raul menendez does not die. 
I thought that was Rick from the walking dead in the thumbnail, anyone else?
Cod is the best game in the world it will never die!!!!!!
Raul Menendez is one of my favorite villains of all time.
I remember back to when everyone thought the villain was Mason...... That honestly made me face palm so much.... Menendez is in awesome villain anyway, one of the best cod villains Imo.
Has better multiplayer then ghost
best. villain. EVER!! i felt bad when i killed him. thats how good he was. 
1:21 the sound of when a person leaves from a mw3 lobby literally listen to it
Cod is going to die when Titan fall comes out
Best story ever!
actually the first time i saw the trailer i thought briggs was the villian lol :3
what the song name 0:27 
I don't care what everyone says. Everyone is gonna say either Vaas or Handsome Jack but Raul Menendez is my favorite gaming villain of 2012.
Menendez is the best villain on CoD history. One of my favorites.
Best campaign ever
Try to go super saiyan in your house cuz
call of duty is the best
Pool pool trying to go super saiyan
i cant stop watchn this (:
elliot rodgers dream cordis die
Cod sucks cod is dying fast and everyone know it
The true Advance first person shooter
Along with Makarov, he's my favorite villain in gaming history
Can't wait until they released this game, going to be awesome!
Menendez is the best villain of gaming
I came here just to see the old YouTube. They thought it wouldn't change until 2025, and it changed right after this very trailer. Stupid YouTube.
Best call of duty campain ever
best campaign is world at war 
Menendez looks white in this trailer
I think CoD do very good trailers 
Black ops 2 has the best zombie maps
Menendez is number 2 in my CoD villains list.
Nope, Vass Montenegro from Far Cry 3. Menendez is good and tragic in some sort but nothing beats Vass's insanity. The best villain in computer games ever.
Yeah the BO2 trailer was good its a shame it was so short :( I felt like it needed something else like the spec ops mode from the MW games to add to the experience. It's still an epic campaign and probably my favorite one
all call of duties use the same engines. just different styles
but then menendez got Another rampage and told youtube to change the layout in 2025 to make the trailer real.
true....but there was castro and al-asad in cod4, but castro was real so he isn't exactly a "cod" villain
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Theme
Younger Robert de Niro would have been a great Menendez
Its not the story they rage about, its the multiplayer
I would have payed 100$ just to hear him say "The future is black"
Watch battlefield 3 weapon sound. They are real recorded sound from real guns
This was one of the best campaigns ever.
Such a good ad... a shame the game sucked so much
It's definitely a very cool "What If" situation considering that the setting of Black Ops 2 in 2025 will probably be realized seeing as how Drones are being used more and more often by contemporary militaries.
I actually miss that YouTube layout.
I sware at the end of the commercial hes says nap not map
Possibly one of the greatest Call of Duty campaigns to date. Treyarch did an amazing job.
because they made him younger and less hairy in the game
1. vaas, agree 2. makarov, zakiev and solomon were all just some generic russian terrorist 3. dimitri rascalov, agree 4. wesker, agree but menendez i put higher because he can't be killed or else the world will turn to anarchy
Pity they didn't show all the lag, freezes and hackers :)
I played it but didn't like it! Black ops 1 was far more better than this.
He would've been if they used him more. Ubisoft really missed a golden opportunity with Vaas. Treyarch completely utilized Menendez, which is why he beats Vaas for me.
@MrWomball Hey these people are taking time out of their lives to fix these problems And "Pathetic producers"? They brought you this game for YOUR Entertainment could you have programmed and produce this whole game I think not good day Sir.
Trailer: From treyarch the creators of call of duty black ops Me:u don't say
Still a better villain than makarov
Best villain in the series, they really did an excellent job with Menendez.
goddamnit you are the 8th cod character i saw today on youtube,the hell is going on?
The problem is - Menendez indirectly caused the death of his own sister. He gets too blind by rage to notice that. If he didn't tortured Woods, this wouldn't happen.
i dont care what people say but this cod was so amazing! I mean i wish people would realized how amazing this game is. I really love this more then cod ghost. I just love how amazing the campaign and how you get different endings, the multilayer has no death streaks or second chance the only only bad thing there are the lmgs but that it, and the zombies the zombies is pretty awesome now with mob of the dead and the other maps are not that bad.(i am not a cod fanboy i play halo and battlefield)
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