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The Wackness - Opening Scene

by bigfatimac • 39,962 views

intro to the movie the wackness. song is Refrigerator Heaven by freeze

he's not a drug dealer hes a herb dealer haha
in drake and josh josh was the good kid what happend?
Are you people actually really worrying THAT much about the fact that he's smoking? Get over it, damn. Effing pussies worried about a little bad smoke that the news scares you into fearing? Even if he was, what's it to ya? Mind your own business. Pretty sad when you forget something is FICTION and there is a person being paid to act in a role as a character.
I mean, there are such thing as mechincal cigs..
FUCK right when the part i want to see starts?
this is the original cut the on on the official dvd is much shorter
how u gonna cut out the dance part
this isnt the right opening music, its weird
Gah, idiots! He's smoking because that's his character's personality that he's playing. And he's not ACTUALLY smoking, actors who don't smoke who have a scene to smoke, cover it up with a fake cigarette or just don't inhale, but most of the time fake.
@sk8nike This is actually the original. Movies are sent for award consideration far before the actual release and they usually can't get the license and rights to songs in time so they use stock music.
i liked the original version so much better
is it not? i just watched a dvdrip of it and it was exactly the same
0:47 she seems kind of..... older
Ey dude.....Have you found the name of the song? I want it too.
he looks too sweet for the role :p
wow this is WAY different compared to the one i seen on TV, its a different version or somethin?
wish they would have kept this in the dvd cut
How can i watch the sundance version?!?!?!?
There is absolutely no way that that cigarette is real. I can tell just by looking at it. Thumbs up if you agree.
you can't get the song it's custom for the movie it's not even on the soundtrack...
Lmao, stops right at the best part.
Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest
@breakuplow but they only show him holding it in his mouth you never see him actually smoking it.
why would you cut off right at the Nas bit?
Sam Tek by Sam Zeines I think.If not its razorblades
This song is NOT custom for the movie!
Song was originally done by Alice Cooper btw
@Joshuah128 Looks a lot more like a joint than a cigarette. Would make sense since this movie deals with pot.
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