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Black Panthers offer bounty for Zimmerman

by theweeklystash • 520,960 views The Black Panther Party has put out a bounty on the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. They have said that it may reach a million dollars by the coming week.

I've had this video up for quite awhile and every so often i look on here and see the comments that people leave. The truth is, that everyone is a just a little exclusionary, people from one group will inevitably have stereotypical views about another group, either out of ignorance, or from interactions with one or two people that are shall we say, are less than civil. Some people have a tendency to then carry over that view to look at an entire group of people as one way. The thing is, we could all be put into categories, by race, religious beliefs, associations, where we are from, where we work, ect; Until people realize that those boxes that people seem to like to put themselves and others in are entirely made up, fake, there are real exclusive groups anymore. See, i may be "white" or "black" to the eye, but there are very few people who do not have a mixture of ethnicities in there gene pool. There are very few people that are exclusively one thing or another anymore, and face it, there will come a day when almost everyone will have about the same skin tone, respective to their region of dwelling. But the so-called bloodlines will one be a hodge-podge of many races, creeds and colors. So the idea that we are hung up on this notion that one is superior to another, or that there can even be stereotypes that can even remotely be accurate discriptions of people is extremely ignorant and limits the ability of people to learn the basic truth that may sound corny to some but is a truth none the less, ... we are all one species, we are all seeking the same basic things, to live in/with respect of ourselves, and our loved ones. This is just the truth. 
this was a sham and Trayvon's father is a mason....mainstream is nothing but lies and the truth they spit is only a trap to set you up for another lie
Zimmerman killed himself thank god
Here's an idea guys! If you don't like it in the US, you can always go back to Africa!
that's the key to being a cowboy it's computer love 
Black Panthers are fools.... this act in itself is illegal and also not making the situation any better. BTW: Their Atlanta Chapter STILL owes me $50 for production services rendered! There's no way they would pay $1,000,000 to anyone else, lol. What a joke.
+maskilily your a fucking piece of shit
+maskilily oh by the way you're a faggot too
This pink panther party members couldn't organize a bbq! what a joke! These guys are pussies
You are third class citizens because you are all ignorant. Black people do nothing but cry. If they put more effort into work then whine they could achieve more. Black get what they deserve. When they do not get what they want they get violent like the animals that they are. That's why so many are placed in cages. Everywhere that lives under Black rule is corrupt and backward such as Somalia. Blacks do not have the intelligence for advanced concepts.
black people kill each other every day in record numbers, thats ok though, when a mexican shoots a black man for attacking him, they want to kill white people for it.can u say moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
racism in america is nothing compared to rest of the world.  get over it for being minority.
I just hate when people seem so naive and clueless about what's going on. It will never go away, its existed for the entire history of mankind. People discriminate each other based on political views and religion, what makes them to think racism will ever go away?
Exactly! No matter how much we would like to create a racism-free world. . . it just won't ever be deleted completely. There is always going to be someone who says ''I don't like this person because of their color.''
Fucking disgusting animals. This is why you are "3rd class citizens" because you are domestic terrorists. Disgusting untermensch.
They're should be a bounty on these fucking retards.
if black people don't like it in america they can always move to africa
+Ano Ancon Hahahaha you're a dumb shit, all racist people are. What we need to do is gather up all you racist pricks and gas them. It will make the world a much better place.  Iv'e got an idea...since you're such a hard ass and dislike Black people so much, why don't you go out into the street and start yelling out '' Niggers go home to Africa'' I dare you too...but we all know you won't because you're nothing but a stupid bitch who needs a good slapping.
what is this? KKK? black version
This guys sounds like the muslim extremists being ejected from Europe.
Yes he does, but unfortunately they are NOT being ejected from Europe and Obongo is doing all he can to empower them in Europe. read up and stay informed brother!
the guy to the right looks like Busta Rhymes, ahaha
Not Black Panthers, but rather the New Black Panther Party, you know, the ones where the originals asked them to ditch the name and come up with their own crap. These guys are a joke, don't even want to respect the wishes of the originals.
the hypocrisy would enrage me if it weren't so fucking funny. this guy is a fucking clown. where is the outrage ever single day when black men kill each other over nothing everday?? oh...that's different right? its pathetic. the dude was found not guilty by a jury who had black people on it for one. for two, as I said earlier, blacks kill each other at record and alarming rates and you hear nothing from the black panthers, George Zimmerman kills one black man and nobody can let it go. the racism I see in this country 9 out of 10 times is perpetrated BY blacks. if there were a group called the white panthers there would be outrage y the black panthers. anyone see the double standard? maybe i'll start WET (white entertainment television). I can guarantee you people who like BET would call me a racist. HYPOCRISY!!!!!!! as long as groups/institutions such as black panthers, NAACP, BET, etc exist racism wont die. it cant with so many people out there creating groups that focus on race.
More black people kill yourselves in this world than white people kill you, it's just every time their is A white person involved you blow it up and make the biggest deal about it, playing poor me
That's cuz the Black Panther party is a group of morons, they stand for nothing but shit, trouble.. They're not necessary, cuz for that matter, INJUSTICE happens to all races, but you don't see white people out there whining like little bitches in shiny combat boots.. Fucking parasites they are.. The world would be better off if they all died in one fiery bus crash.. IM sick and tired of all 'RACIST Groups' starting trouble, the rest of us want peace and tranquility, but to have that, you have to accept that injustice in the U.S.A., is an equal opportunity situation,..and it's not about the color of your skin, it's about the size of your bank accounts.. The same people who dont give a shit about Trayvon Martin, dont give a shit about white people from the trailer parks either.. 
It's against the law to put a price on someone's head. Nothing will be done about this, like nothing was done about them standing around a voting place with clubs to intimidate white voters. If they spent as much time being good role models, as they do being thugs, black youth would be better off.
How the fuck is the Black Panther Party still a thing?
>White America has killed too many of our black kids This statement is such a knee-jerk reaction and wrong. Blacks statistically have a higher murder rate than all other races. >Infering that George Zimmerman is white Wrong again. He is a Latino, but they try to grab any chance they get to blame the white man. >400 Years of oppression in America America is 400 years old? What? But let's be real... If a fact hurts my feelings, I can just call it racist and ignore it, right? And they complain that America has treated them shit for so many years even though they never went through slavery themselves, but they never do anything to combat social stereotypes and would rather yell that 'whitey" needs to stop judging them for acting socially unacceptable. And they would have never gotten the life they have and are comfortable and used to were it not for the colonists bringing them over to America in the first place. Were it not for the slave trade, they would still be in tribal communities. Im not saying slavery was good at all, but it is the reason blacks are seated in America in the first place.
+Turn_off_TV Better than a racist like yourself. 
You niggers are pitiful. Plain as day pitiful
Wtf are "black panthers"?
Listen, the race card is getting very old as the gentleman said, but in this case they bring it up because a young black male was killed and people believe justice wasn't served. Does anyone know what really happened? Does anyone know if trayvon had a gun? Buy we know that Zimmerman did and he was told to stand down, racism still exists in this world we live in, and I'm African American and I have my ups and downs about even my own race about one thing I will say is that racism will never end, black panthers kkk, whatever it will be here, I would love to come together as one. BUT IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...JUST LIKE I LIKE WHITE WOMEN...THAT'S MY PREFERENCE...A BLACK WOMAN WOULD ASK WHY WOULD YOU GET A SISTER AND NOT HER...NOW THINK WHY WOULD SHE SAY THAT? EVERYTHING THAT WE AS A PEOPLE KNOW IS LEARNED AND WE DO BY CHOICE, WE CAN HATE OR DISLIKE SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR, AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ARE STILL PEOPLE, AND THE GUY WHO SAID IT'S NOT THE 1920'S ANYMORE, YOU ARE RIGHT IT'S NOT BUT THAT IS IMPLANTED IN SOME OF PEOPLE HEADS AND WE STILL SEE THAT RACISM LIVES..SO IT'S BEEN PASSED DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION...THAT'S WHY BLACKS USE THE RACE CARD BECAUSE IT STILL EXISTS..BUT IT IS OLD AND IM TIRED OF IT
Black Panthers are just as bad as the KKK are now.
kkk is a white supremacy terrorist organization, who have killed 100 thousands of african american. Black Panther is a reaction towards that
Only punks group up together and beat/kill innocent non-blacks. Take your "knockout" game somewhere else. Wimps...
What does this video have to do with the knockout game? That has nothing to do with the Black Panthers. I don't support the New Black Panther Party but those are two different groups.
+Christopher Clark Those guys intimidate people who can't defend themselves. And they advocate for harassing and attacking non-blacks. It's quite sad. 
TMZ is showing how stupid americans are. they show you a video thats been shown nationwide for two years and say its brand new and yall believe it. the video called for his capture when he was in hiding. GZ was ran out of Miami cause he's a piece of sh*t, not cause the whole world hasnt been watching the news for the last two years. quit being so dumb man, that jew that runs TMZ is trying to start some race war sh*t so he can make more profit off of black kids deaths. quit being dumb yall.
Anybody notice a similar type of shared corpulence and facial resemblance that's apparent between the KKK types and these idiots. I'm betting there's a common genetic defect somewhere. Both groups just have that simple minded look of ignorance and stupidity.
The ignorance is SO profound!
Jus because ur white doesn't mean u superman cracka
Umm I'm African American and I thought the black panthers died out
We gonna get $1 million dollars from athletes and entertainers ... screech ... there it is.  They don't care about what happened between Zimmerman and Trayvon.  They want da munnay. 
they shouldv started a race war and witin 24hours all black citys and ghettos wouldv been baricaded and killed in cold blood if they tryed get out. these negros need to fucking learn to live beside us more evolved races before the other races get tierd of there stupid bs. the whiteman has removed more species even neanthertals of the place of the planet we can and will do the same so keep pushing us negros 
 lolol notice i was being nice and you get offended xD typical prehuman  
It's not white people that's the problem. It's blacks and the lifestyle they live. Gang/thug glorification, a complete breakdown in family structure,
Lmao man your crazy I ain't killed no fuckin kids
Like the black pansies could even come up with any money for a bounty!!!LMAO!  Stupid monkeys.
+MrHopskip You fucking moron arr outnumbered and out financed you Broke ass pussy.  We do not shoot our handguns sideways by the way.
Who's the dumb one? The leader or the people who elected him leader? Stop acting like black people get it so hard these days. Stop ignoring the fact that there are a lot of black racists and bullies too. Calm down Malcolm x wannabe.
blast them banana tree robbers to death
These guys should try this shit in south europe or eastern europe enjoy having your heads cut off.
Come on folks did you really believe any of this propaganda crap. Obama and Holder are laughing there ass off at this. We and I mean all races in America are being blinded and divided and our freedom is what's being taken. Hell if your not part of the NWO you are going to need your neighbor and I'm sure you want care what race he or she is. It's easy for these guy's to preach hate there paid to. Do you believe for one minute they would be able to impede a vote register without getting arrested if it weren't for show. Divided and conquer that's there plan. These guy's are jokes put in play by those whom wish to blind us from the truth.
If the Ku Klux Klan put a bounty on someone, the government would declare them a terrorist organization and say they were inciting violence and hatred. That same day, the Feds would start kicking in doors and serving warrants.
bahahah yall scared of these blk panthers mad shit on youtube but wouldnt bust a grapfruit in a fruit fight..hahah sit down clowns!
Have they forgotten about OJ Simpson? 
yes niggas keep suport the crime you good on that
What we all need to do is try and get along while we are here 
*******  BLACK Panthers can't stand that George Zimmerman is a hero. They are back to lying by calling it a murder again? This is another example of BLACKS playing the race card and clinging to the "I'm opressed" and downtrodden excuse. The fact is that this BLACK adult lowlife, TRAYTHUG finally attacked the RIGHT with a loaded gun and thankfully who used it appropriately. So, build a bridge and get the hell over it. Your precious TRAYTHUG wasn't murdered. He was eradicated and all acting like him should be and yet, some want us to believe TRAYTHUG was simply hopping and skipping along, out in the rain, getting candy and drink for his precious little THAT's seriously funny. TRAYTHUG was getting more ingredients to make drugs...again. Embrace reality. TRAYTHUG got exactly what he desereved.  No racism here, just undeniable facts that can't be disputed.********
I love when a black person gets killed by a white person all black people March the streets and wave signs around and gang up together but when a black person kills a white person it's no big deal you would be lucky to even see it on the news. In Seattle a 30 year old black guy steals a woman's purse and kills a white guy and takes his wallet and runs off. The white man was with his wife walking to their car minding their own business and is approached by the 30 year old black guy and gets their money and possessions stolen by him and the black guy ends up shooting the white man and kills him and the black man gets caught and arrested 2 days later. The white man had a 1 year old baby and a wife and now the baby has to grow up without a father and the wife is now a widow. Now how come this wasn't on the news everywhere and white people waving signs around and marching in Washington and making a big deal like the traevon Martin case ? It's absolutely crap how black people can get this much media attention when a white person kills a black person they say it's a racist thing when that happens but when a black person kills a white person it's totally fine no racism or nothing it's just considered a standard murder. Pretty hypocritical huh
Dumb asses... Say you did "Citizen Arrest" Zimmerman?  That would be considered Kidnapping.  You and your goon squad Nazi wannabe's would be arrested for Kidnapping, and Mr. Zimmerman would be released and told to be a witness at your trial.
'Black people are being murdered all over America':yes by other black people. And he just needs to look up the statistics on interracial murder rates in America to put his deluded fantasies straight. Oh and by the way Zimmerman is Hispanic not white.
Blacks have every right to be upset about this; it's just not fair. Don't you see??? For heavens sake, young black men deserve to live, at least long enough, to be killed by other young black men. That's how it works. Don't you dare, all you other races, try to squeeze in on the killing parade. 
This is why every other race laughs at blacks.
I say the bountey shuld ve been put on not jus Zimmerman but any an evry cracker to. All yall crackers are responsable for Trayvons death an all shuld an must pay for it! Im tird of seein so many of my black brothers killt by sum racist honkey only to get away wit it. Maybe sum day we will see whites finalley becomin the victims an bein killd by blacks insted of them all ways bein the ones killin us. Fuck all you cracker you are ALL GULITEY OF TRAYVONS MURDER AN YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR IT!!!!
only 10 grand you poor ass pinch nose boy 10 grand is not even a used car
Nice spelling and grammar, your a dumb ignorant monkey!! Learn how to write filthy nigger!! I'm speechless after reading your comment.
Black Panther pussies.
That Travis Barton punk got what he deserved.I hope he learned his lesson.
Lol....blah blah blah. The black pussy cats are whatever.
treyvon martins dad blames mtv
So, can White people start a paramilitary group, and go after black killers of white people? Sounds good to me.. I like the idea, we can all have paramilitary groups, and we can all take the law into our own hands.. The next black person who kills a white person, I think Im going to rally support to catch the killer ourselves, and dole out justice ourselves.. 
News-flash, you dumbass idiots.. INJUSTICE is an equal opportunity condition, it doesn't care about the color of skin, it's about your money situation.. If you're from an affluent family, they care, if not, they dont.. Countless white people from the poor side of town, are murdered every day and not a peep about it from the mainstream media.. Injustice is injustice.. If we all created paramilitary groups based on race, and fought over injustices, we'd ALL have valid fights, and then we'd all clash and eliminate one another, it would be a no-side-wins situation, and that's what THEY WANT, the Elite.. They hate poor white people as much as blacks, possibly more so, cuz poor white people are a reminder to them, that they're NOT a SUPERIOR 'Race', cuz if they were, there'd be NO POOR White people..
Ya all five of ur members have four million dollars
These god damn Jigga boos would never touch Zimmerman cause us white nationalist won't have it
You're about to be extinct dog-fucker!
Black power follow me on ig/Twitter/fb @dmoolatwin
Offering 10,000 or 1,000,000, between the guys on video, they don't look as they would have $10 between them all.... Give me a break! lmao
KKK vs The New Black Panther Party
  Ya, I guess killing black people is only ok when its senseless black on black crime or gang activity. But when its a supposed white guy (which he isn't...blacks just call him white because they hate whites) in self defense, fire up the press, go ahead and riot and knock out game. Fists kill more people than guns do each year, so to just blow of the threatening nature of trayvon and dismiss him as unarmed or innocent because he did not have a gun is BS. Gz did not break his own nose and split his own skull on the ground and it's pretty obvious trayvon did all that prior to getting shot. Why don't you all get offended by the millions of rap songs that glorify gratuitous killing of blacks. No... you do the opposite and glorify or raise the rappers to role model status because they are black hero's. The jury or should I say the evidence has spoken...not guilty. For blacks that can't accept that, it is merely because they are racist against whites or believe falsely that the government is pro white or anti black. Grow the fuck up and stop playing victim. And stop glorifying your black on black murderers it is not only hypocritical but pathetic. Same goes for the white juggalo glorifiers as well, grow the fuck up. Quite with the fakeness and double standards it makes it hard to take you seriously. If your not cool with murder or crime don't glorify or hyper sensationalize it for whatever reason, plain and simple, whether its your hero actors or rappers or real life tragedies like this.
Fuck all yall dumbass white people!!! 
White America? Isn't Zimmerman hispanic?
we whites should of put a bounty on OJ for killing a white woman. were was the black outcry then. I'm sick to death about hearing black people blaming white people!  
Hahahahahaha comical. Why do black organizations just sound so idiotic?? I mean really.
Some people rarely mention the fact that once upon a time white people were slaves also.
More useless eaters....they will rid them selves one day
Go back to Africa or better yet afghanastaiin and see how they like your stupid Muslim ass there. You blacks truly are the stupidest beings on this earth. Completely stupid. This is so out of touch with reality that you have made yourself look dumber then a brick. Quit embarrassing your kind. Please. You dumb one blacks make it so hard for the hard working and honest good ones. This is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. You can't arrest him and no celebrities are going to give u a million for him. George nor trayvom is worth that much. Shut your mouth, stay off tv and quit making it hard for the honest black people. Please go and move to a real Muslim country with your stupid names.
Black men could vote before women in this country. People have only been wiping their asses with paper for the better part of 160 years.
BP: "Hey I got an idea lets end violence by promoting it. Yeah lets set a bounty on Zimmerman like we live in the old west or something that'll get people to take us seriously... right?!"
It's ridiculous that these people are able to speak about such a situation, most crime's especially murders on black people are committed by black people... do your research, oh and how many black on white crimes are there???? YOU PEOPLE ARE CRY BABIES! LEARN THE FACTS!!!!! 
Stop playing the victim, it's boring
A bounty?  These guys should all be locked up for doing this. I don't think I could put a bounty on someone and not be arrested.
How dare black men be furious over the murder of an unarmed black child and want the head of the racist pig who murdered him. Fuck those who have an issue with this because if it was reversed you'd want the death penalty.
Goat fucccccccker lol
Everybody talking tough has NO PICTURE lol #MURICA  
I do think this is alittle extreme. But I do see this as a alternate version of " civilian arrest."
@carlos marine you racist fucks make me sick...always got to put your damn 2cents learn to shut the fuck up.and we are the ones with respect look smh
Were they ever arrested for soliciting murder? They do stings with fake hit men and this guy is broadcasting it!
Organized crime doesn't do a bounty they just get the job done.The New Black Panther Party please stop what you are doing it's a joke you are a joke.
well nigger you choose to be third class citizens. you hyphenate your own name, honkeys don't call you nigger-americans, you call yourself nigger-americans. but be that as it may, name one, just one, nigger nation that is not a turd world country. nigger men don't even know how to be a daddy, let alone run a country. if this stings, instead of rioting how about teaching niggers how to be a daddy and raise their chillens
Sing it brother , spread that message of hate. Kill the white man... run him out of America just like South Africa did. (How's that workin ?) Nothing can ever make up for the many injustices whites have committed and will commit upon the black community. We are Evil white devils not to be trusted or respected just beat, robbed and murdered.  Sing it you ingrate spread that hate...........
Only a fool would expect a multiracial/multicultural society to exist without war. Chickens won't live in harmony with peafowl, lions with hyenas, or dogs with cats. They protect their own and establish territory. Instincts can never be trivialized. They are in all living things.
Where's Zimmerman staying again? Guilty or not, I'd kill a fat fuck like him for a quick buck. I mean either way, he's a murderer or a pussy, so it's not like his life has any other value lol.
thesee brothers aint the real black pnathers LOL they probs nbpp the actual black panthers were abolished in 199 sumtin
 white people know what Zimmerman did was wrong so what ever ignorant comments come after mine: is no surprise.I  mean who wouldn't be mad at these strong black men.If i were white i would try to hide under my KKK mask too.This is the right thing to do and we all know it.
Holy shit, where are these fucking idiots the other 99% of the time when it's blacks killing other blacks?  Are you sure you want to try to get a guy you KNOW will shoot you?  These fuckers are going to kidnap someone?  Shoot them.   I'm tired of being told that "White America" better shape up.  Some of us will not tolerate this race baiting any longer, especially from a terrorist organization like the black panther fucktards.  
These guys are of no re valance and  are pardon the expression retarded!!
Bullshit.  The Black on White crime rate is much higher but we never hear or it.  This guy needs to be educated..  But the media never will...
As a black man I say this. Zimmerman is paying for his crime. I believe he'll never have any kind of peace for the rest of his life. But transmitting threats against him will make a already tense situation worse. You're knocking us down to the level of the KKK. And that's something I won't support or tolerate. Your giving white America more reasons to hate and kill us and making our children forced to fix the problems of racial division that my generation is trying to fix. STOP THIS.
I would gladly capture Zimmerman using an enormous butterfly net and bring him forth for the reward; only I know damn well the broke-ass Panther's don't have a cent to their name, so I'd never be dumb enough to waste my time.
wtf, black panthers, this isnt the 60s
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