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Pokemon Gold\Silver\Crystal Champion Theme Remix

by ZackZeal • 289,230 views

An awesome remix of the Pokemon Gold\Silver\Crystal champion battle music a friend of mine found on Newgrounds. Just thought I'll upload it here so it'll be easy to find. :3 Props to Burn7 who made...

I knew red was a steel type guy. His theme is so metal.
steel type? how can you know it??
Why is this not on every battle in every game I mean WOW
Just that picture of Red has me hooked. xD
Oh my god... It's Lelouch...
If a reboot movie of Pokemon comes out, this should be on it
I bet red with his own team..............hahahah
sin duda la mejor interpretación vs RED
This is the music that I'm gonna be playing for the OR/AS champion music
Im in love with this song. Thumbs up if you are as well
Red is the king of pokemon who do you think is the king of dragons lance!!!
What about mew on reds team he be more powerful I went mew so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. ...
Keep up the good work awesome remix
Like this music cool remix
Red is my favorite character
Hey can you post a download link?
Red is badass.......!?
and to think Gold tried to Beat this guy AFTER Gen 1 R/B/G wow! Red>Gold>Cynthia>Blue>The Rest.
so epic red is the king of pokemon
The battle between Gold and Red is just pure amazing. You have been playing Gold/Silver for a long time and you've grown to like Gold. You start to forget about Red a little. You hear that he is on Mt. Silver. You go up there and face Red. 
I couldn't help but drum on my keyboard during this song. Nice mix between 8-bit and guitar/drums!
I so wana download this ooof. This is my fav. Is thier anyway i can download this plzz lol
Ya I want 1 too (≧ω≦)
Nvm i have it on my soundcloud Cx
We need serious head banging here
I've seen that trainer in a different anime I know it
He looks a bit like Lelouch from Code Geass, if that's what you're thinking of.
I bet red... with his own team......hahahahaha....!
What Saturday  Night PokeParty? I wanna go.... :3
Its my youtube series, but I've only got one video so far and its not all that good
Gregor Exil Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
There should be a 10 hours version
Oh, know I get it. I never understood that completely.
just that with a less cute status and more of a badass status
Tried to sub already subbed
Sorry, I wasn't listening. Too busy beating, Red.
I only played pokemon blue, but i think this theme (this remix & the original version) are fitting for Red, because since his first appereance he already was an badass.
Ash will never be stronger then red, red is the true pokemon master
soy chileno y no escribiste con falta de ortografia :)
i feel srry for Ash, hes doomed to be 10 years old forever
uhhhh is it just meh or did youtube just changed when i clickedon this music video....?
Reds got nothing to prove hes the greatest pokemon trainer ever a living legend only 4 have beat him
That case is nonsense to say that can be disproved with google search? Pokemon is a game, the anime came later, everyone knows that. You can not change history.
i wanna play silver so i can fight red to this
Aaaaaargh! Why did I say anime?!?!?!?! Forgive me Red sama!!
I'm they have that it's Heart gold and Sole silver
That picture..... *Fangirl scream, has a nosebleed, then faints*
man if they just turned ash to be this character what he supposted to be nobody would defeat him
I absolutely agree with you because I hate how people bicker about this but in actuality the anime /DID/ come out before the manga unlike most other animes out in the world where the manga is first. That aside however it was only by four months so it wasn't a major period between. The only reason why this is important is to show how the game's Satoshi/Red is the main influence and from there on out they all began to reflect each other. THE MORE YOU KNOW!
i want to download this SONG PLEASE RULESSS
Red vs Red = no1 wins only 1 RED hahahahah
This song is so f****** awesome and i beat pokemon gold and silver
Then I would go back and watch it cause it would look so sexy
when i was 5 i used to think red was mario as a kid :)
OMG someone teach me to play the guitar like that!!!!!!
This is an awesome remix! If only this remix was in the actual Pokemon games
Me at the beginning: This is just the 8-bit theme! Me when electric guitar starts: WHAT THE---THIS IS F***KING AMAZING.
This music sure has memories. And hey, Red is pretty cute ;p
I did mean to change it, the games did come first, I found after some searches. However, the manga was not first. In fact, the manga came last, as it is a spin-off.
The anime didn't come before the manga, though. I think they actually started simultaneously, both began their run in April 1997.
Ash was going to grow up to be red some ppl int company did not like that so ash didn't and red became his own character
I still havent beat this bastard on Mt Moon yet.
hey,light yagami! oh wait nevermind you're red.. my bad...
In Gen II/IV he was confirmed to be 14, only a few months pasted by between Diamond/Pearl and Black/White, in Black 2/White 2, 2 years had past, making him 16-17 years old...
Ash from the anime is based on Red from the games and mangas.
I played this when I battled Red in a HG nuzlocke... I got destroyed....
Let's be realistic the Pokemon games are set for you to win somehow But you seriously think that in a real Pokemon battle Gold could have beaten Red? I meen it would have been a good match but may I remind you Red has been training ever since his adventure? Personally I think Red is #1 Gold is #2 Blue #3 And Silver #4
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