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Mission-Craft | Episode Twenty-One | "DEEP"

by ImmortalHD • 60,629 views

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I'm sorry Aleks, the Ads were too strong, had to turn the blocker on after 21 episodes :L
Who else said my name is Steven like my name is Jeff
those beautiful tags are gone
immortal why u smell so good i just want to cuddle you like a teddy bear (no homo) and f you ever need help killing sly nobs got your back im joking im gonna kill you in your sleep i promised sly already sorry but i <3 you
@rokusho109 MLG PRO u serioious bro?
@LoLSmileyFACE650 bro, not creepy, just annoying.
dude this is the thing i was talking a homie but i dont do,dont be a grammer nazi or people will hate you
immortal your tags are like poetry <3
U can repair items with a piece of dirt only one piece at a time of dirt
U should get Bedrock :D then they cant get in trololo
u have better design sense that sly immortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way better
What is the name of the texture pack you are using?
Chilled why you offend me :'( all I want is for the worlds animals is to die, is all.
Hope you guys realize that half of the Nobs are Homies too....And vice versa So this argument is invalid and pointless.
Immortal please please please!!!!! go all trollmortalhd and steal everyone's shit and act like nothin happend PPPPLLLLEEEAASSEEE :3
Dammit chilled, you hurt me every episode...
Deep -cough like your mom vagina cough-
no a piston cant push or pull an obsidian block srry
Did you read past the first sentence? They ALL have to do it, or they get half if not less the views and that is something not cool when that is where you make all your money from, which could be the case with most of these guys. I mean, yes he CAN do it, but he'd be a jerk face if he did that, like Sly! (I am a Homie btw :P) Plus, check your keyboard, there are some very interesting numbers just spouted inside your comment...
how can u say he is evil when half of his subs are homies
Chilled I got your temperature control. Jump in a lava pit, works real great the first half second, then it hurts like all hell. But then you jump in an ice river. works real great the first half second. Repeat cycle.
I know what you can do you can cover the lava with glass and on the top put water
i feel like that is way to complex for Immortal's brain to handle
my brothers friends name is steven.. :3
Tom, stop being a D-Bag to Chilled. Also, rules one and two. Hurrrr.
Jake is quit because he is thinking of songs to write.
Lolololololol i want marathon trololololololololol
2 people disliked this vid... what not every1 needs a funny reason thats not actually true and is a quote from the video
I actually got a good advertisment before the video :O
When Aleks looked in his inventory at the diamonds, I laughed so hard. XD
The texture pack is sphax pure BD craft man no one seems to really watch any other peoplez commentary no offense lolz
what texture pack does immortal use?
Immortal put obsidian in front of the sticky piston to block out anyone who tries to come in.
if you guys hates sly's fans then FUCK OFF
Immortal I wish I had half the design sense that you have. ^_^
Did you make the basketball team? Just wondering. You didn't state if you made it or not in the tags.
instead of wood put obsidian so they cant break it
Good idea, but he would need to be OP to get the bedrock......
apparently, the letter "S" is not in the missioncraft vocab
so they are in a part mushroom jungle mountain biome...i want.
Aleks should have used obsidian instead of wood with the sticky piston so it would be harder to break
I wish Jake would talk more, some of the stuff he says is hilarious.
My parents are from Ethiopia.......and there the people are not starving!
I'm Ethiopian and found this HILARIOUS!
all animal species must die y animals no die >;(
Beat ending ever :I don't know why I kill pigs we have fuckin soups lol the SOUPS
*cough* Ms.Jessica Tom and everyone else in Missioncraft were kidding they dont want to offend anyone it was just a joke
LoLSmileyface650 is not creepy, he is just a faggot.
Pff, every series got a typical line or phrase. In Mission Craft it's slowly becoming "Where's is Jake?" xD
Im just kidding, I'm a homie 4 lyf too.... awkward silent
Bedrock and Obsidian are too heavy to be pushed or pulled by Pistons.
what is immortals skin right now???
5:16 wow that was fucked up xD
Replace the wooden block with the block of obsedian in the chest in the mainroom
His fan, just the same as Sly's fans are called homies
Immortal, could you ask chilled to eradicate the haters please?
are you stupid 9no ofens but...0 this is all pre recororded if immortal wanted to do a marathon he easely could .....ha! :)
Just because of your name, I am not going to ask you to actually read my comment again and I am just gonna quote it... "or Immortal has to wait for them to upload those vids first" There... So what was the point of this comment?
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