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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 26 - URWL, Lanterns and Winterhold Ruins

by Gopher • 92,758 views

Mods covered in this video: 1. ULTRA REALISTIC WORLD LIGHTING for Skryim BETA (0:24) : 2. Lanterns of Skyrim - Around Cities (4:12) :...

I can't imagine Gopher watching Game of Thrones.
You uploaded this video 1-2 months before the latest version of URWL came out :P
Is this compatible with COT?
Is winterhold in eso and is it pre-collapse 
+Vlaka  You'll see it on March 17th, but fair enough.
If you didn't already know Winterhold used to be the capital of Skyrim until the 'incident' thats when Solitude became the capital. I assume this is the reason for the enlargement.
I am starting to think your favorite word is brilliant hahaha
Hey 3:05 the  light around firepits are fine looking and working properly. then since 3:30 it changes losing its bright and color and looks faded.. What happened??? i have exact same problem and i have no idea how to fix this . its very disappointing 
Winterhold Ruins is really amazing! Absolute delight exploring the caverns underneath!
Why is it on some videos, people can reply to each other, but on others, YouTube says "screw it!" and leaves it out, leaving everyone confused.  In fact, I probably won't read any of your responses to this comment because there will be no reply notification.
Uh I think it has to do with if they linked their youtube account with google+ Also any comment made before the update will not be replyable  
+Dashisbest Huh, I got a reply notification after all. 
As someone who really doesn't care much about "looks" and prefers content and features that just add to the fun aspect, I have to thank you for putting markers in the details so we can skip to the parts we're interested in.
thanks for all your videos gopher! much appreciated
What do you do for a living, Gopher?
Make a save after summoning him, then reload that save, and it should work.
I have the same problem with lighting in cities; as you approach the light it dims !!! I have read somewhere it's a problem with lighting engine, would love to know how to fix. Great video as always THANKS !!!!
Atleast its easier to download mods. Just subscrie and done.
Why wasnt i subscribed already?
I've been using URL with the imaginator for a while now, Awsome combo! But I am having that problem where the interiors and dungeons are too bright. Any mod that can fix this while working well with the URL and Imaginator? thumbs up so this question gets answered without getting lost in the comments. Thanks!
Oh god I love that Winterhold mod, vanilla Winterhold is so disappointing. Wish I had a good computer to play Skyrim on and use mods, lol.
Guys can you anser me something ? I have skyrim for Steam , and the steam workshop doesn't have ALL the mods . But I can't download any mods from nexus because I don't have the "Skyrim" when i enter "common" where i should put my download . Can you tell how can I put Skyrim in "Common" ? ( sorry for the english)
I used URWL for a while, but went back to Realistic Lighting
Enjoy the vacation! Your skyrim mods are the best ones online, love them
Gopher is obsessed with immersion.
@GophersVids also another thing that i must ask you is...WHAT MONSTER PC do you have?? :P i am jelous...and i feel bad that i couldn't in all my life play games with High graphics due to my PC...the money isn't the problem...THE WHOLE PROCESS is the in other words i don't want new pc i just want to make mine perfect....what i have now is: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHZ 2.50GHZ, 2,00 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9300GS What High graphic card can be compatible with my PC??
first w000t , no way stfu dude...
Oh, I absolutely loved the ruins mod! I don't know why, but I really love Winterhold, even though it's just a bleak and ghostly town. It's probably its sad story, the 3, 4 houses left standing and the imposing College in the background. Just gives it a very eerie feeling.
You are right. I had the same annoying sentiment with the stupid YouTube ads until I finally added the famous addon for Firefox call, "Adblock Plus". That was like magic. It eliminated all the stupid ads. I can't believe I waited for so long to try this addon since it has been out for a few years now. It has been downloaded by over 14 million users! It's also customizable but the default settings is just perfect. Try it and you'll see the difference.
Is there a mod which makes the night in skyrim as dark as in your video? I mean just that whitout changing contrasts, brightnes during the day. I like skyrim lightning as it is, I just want darker nights.
Gopher, could you make like a video or list where you give/show all youre favorate mods and/or mods that you always use? I'd like to see wich lightning, graphics, nature, and immersion mods you use because im a big fan an i like all youre videos and youre voice/accent! Keep it up gopher!
I would love the Winterhold mod in console because I hear from Npc's and books in game that Winterhold was a once great city and is now in the see, and when you go down to ocean to check what's underwater, there's nothing but like a couple pillars.
What setting do you use on URWL?
WHAAT? did you say.... complete.... GLOBAL... SATURATION! ? *I know he didnt but...*
I use IMAGINATOR and DYNAVISION, both great additions. But for my realistic lighting I use No Tint No Desaturation.
the ending sequence is fucking brilliant man!
I think the story of Winterhold was that in 4E 122, a seemingly never-ending series of storms lashed out at the northern coast, eventually caused most of the city to erode fast and be washed away into the Sea of Ghosts. Something about "The Great Collapse", if I recall correctly. And this Mod seriously looks like that!
Gopher could you tell me then, how to download mods from steam without subscribing?
Absolutely. I got it with the idea that I would probably get flashbacks to 2005 when I got Far Cry and played it without shadows, lowest texture setting at a resolution of 640x480. Then I got it, installed it and BAM! "Based on your system the settings have been set to 'high.'" Yeah, I had to make shadows a bit weaker and tweak a bit, but the game still looks amazing and runs acceptably. Remarkable, especially when you consider that it is in a way a console port.
Do you ever intend to continue NV: Mod Clinic?
I found just using the carriages for fast travel and turning off the compass helped immersion greatly.
Great video as always, Gopher! I think im gonna go download Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins mod. I was really glad to see my screens at the end (Happy Life, Lone Remnant)! Thanks! :D
Subscribe,like,favourite. THIS GUY IS AWSOME!
i really like the screenshot's at the end of the video, keep doing that! And btw, enjoy your vacation Gophy!
I just watched your entire series and I think that is the most common mod. Good job on the series though
Thank you so much for putting Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins in your wonderful Mod Sanctuary. The mod dosnt have a quest but it have a lot to see and do, hall of the dead is part of the mod and at the cliff bed of winterhold you can find an entrance to an entombed section of the city. you can enter the hall of the dead as a low level just dont touch the axe.
Can anyone explain how to update mods to the newest version with the Nexus?
People from Nexus did an amazing and very generous job. Very good MM I don't see why he or anyone else wouldn't use? I'm not saying that Steam is bad or that you shouldn't use Steam as well. Just don't see why would you bash Nexus in the first place? As for pain, me writing this is a real pain. NMM is 1-click solution for modding.
Nexus has very good mod manager that doesn't auto update what it does is that it checks if there is a new version and on your mods list it will turn I think yellow if you have not updated (you can activate and/or deactivate mods offline). If you don't download from the nexus webpage directly into the mod manager, you manually add the mod by clicking one of the buttons on the left of the window where you will be asked to locate the archived folder (which you can also do yourself)
Whats your opinion on Guild Wars 2? @GophersVids
What episode does he cover the Black Sacrament mod?
I have been so frickin' annoyed by the trees popping! Could you reply with the exact line in the .ini and what changes you made to it please? It would help me a lot.
Sombody tell youtube that having a stupid ad on every video is very fucking annoying
Hehe, that's exactly what I'm using already - URWL with Saturation reduced by 10 via Imaginator. *g* Another great video. Love it. Yours are the best Skyrim videos, Gopher.
Yes, but to my knowledge Vanilla Winterhold didn't have one anymore since the Greta Collapse.
Thanks for reviewing "Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins" mod that I and my friend Rhinala crreated. As you mentioned in the video, there is the Hall of the Dead and it is somewhat high level in the fighting if you take the axe from the sarcophagus. We also have a very large underground city area accessed via a tunnel entrance down in the canyon below the college bridge. Read the warning note by the tavern door though.
Is it just me, or did Bethesda GS fall short of making things in Skyrim actually feel up to the level of the past games? Even with the mods, I get a feeling that I'm just adding something that should have been there already.
Well you still get a marker on your map that you can follow ^_^, but you're right I do miss scrolling through your journal and trying to decipher which direction you should go and looking for familiar landmarks.
Another great vid. i noticed that in most of your videos that you have a bit of "pop-in" on some trees (branches appearing as you get closer), and wondered if you have had a play with the ini.prefs setting for skinned trees? turning that down or disabling it takes the issue away and i have had no performance drop from it. detail fade also does helps and the branches fade in as you get closer which i find more immersive.
why does steam have to suck... the winterhold ruins aren't on it, and i have no clue how to put mods in the steam version of the game without using steam workshop :(
This is how Winterhold should look!
the best lighting mod is playing on 0 brightness
The hasty intro is much appreciated.
RCRN 3.0 review pretty please with sugar on top!
@Gopher thank you for spending time putting up videos with your busy schedule. It's much appreciated. The URWL mod is really great but I wonder if it's really comparable to the realistic lighting mod since it incorporated a series of mods that enhance auroras, ice, snow, rain, etc.. Would URWL combined with standalone versions of what realistic lighting mod has built in already make a difference in performance?
The dislike bar is non-existent cant even see it.
The best part of URWL is that the nights are actually DARK instead of BLUE.
Why can I not stop watching mods?! It makes me really fucking jealous!
hay Gopher, i noticed one of my biggest (little thing really) pet peeves in my game on your video. At about 3:06 in when your going through whiterun, the lights in front of the Inn and as you head toward the big tree are at one brightness level and then "dim" as you get closer. besides the fact that this seems backward, do you know of a setting or a tweak to stop that from happening?
Gopher, you've got to check out this mod called Alternatives - Whiterun. It is possibly the most beautiful Whiterun overhaul mod out there.
who are the people that dislike videos like this, are there literally 3-4 trolls that wander around youtube just to find a videos without any dislikes so they can leave their mark and move on? If so we need to find these people and do something awful...
I love how on Gopher's holiday he does more videos. Dude, your level of quality should be youtube partner-level, as in, I wish the world worked in such a way that this was your job :P
I knew about all of these mods already but I still watched the video to listen to his voice. :)
bRenderSkinnedTrees=1 changed to 0 (basically doesn't render skinned trees) uiMaxSkinnedTreesToRender=24 I didnt personally experience any crashes with this or performance drop but some people have complained it does. my specs: gtx gainward phantom 570 - slightly overclocked i5 2500k @ 4.0ghz
Hey, can you tell me what software you use to capture your video? You've inspired me to do my own Mod Review series, and I've tried Fraps, but I get a lot of lag with it. I realize any form of video capturing causes lag, but yours just seems so fluid and lag-free. I would love to hear what you use. Thanks.
Suggestion "Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships" (only on Nexus)
I really want URWL but the download confuses me because there are multiple files I'm not sure which one to use.
What i am trying to say is the nexus might be easier, but steam has a bit more variety, and more stuff from other games
Gopher, I keep trying to stop modding. Then I see something in the thumbnail that makes me get more. I love you.
god i can't get over his literally... it's so entertaining to listen to XD
URWL could be used for a fantasy playthrough!
from 4:04-4:13. Notice the rock in the bottom left. Goes kinda stripy. I have that in quite a few areas. I would grateful if someone could tell me if there is a fix for this
Almost picked up your Immersive HUD mod for Skyrim (I have the one for NV) but the fact it needs Script Dragon has made me change my mind. The idea of waiting for another script extender (seeing as I already run SKSE) to be updated when Bethesda updates Skyrim is not appealing to me.
Just a suggestion. its a bit easier for me then nexus.
Is there a mod for interiors only that matches well with URWL? I really dig it but want darker caves too.
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