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Rammus Champion Spotlight

by League of Legends • 2,225,715 views

Click here to signup and play League of Legends: League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Rammus, the Armordillo with expert strategy and tactics provided...

So am I the only one who mains Rammus for the Bowser skin??
+Sage Willis She may be strong in solo queue but there is a reason you never see her in the LCS, she is simply too easy to counter.
Agreed. Which is the only reason why she hasn't been olafed yet.
rammus's list of voice lines: "Yeah." "Alright." "Ok." "Yeh." "Hmm." "Right."
"Rammus" or do you mean, "Ram us" damn puns aren't funny m8
Am I the only one who thought it was "The Armadillo" this whole time?
Axe + Sandking's skills = Rammus i play both dota and lol thats why I realized that XD
Rammus the armore Dildo :D
Ramnus the armadildo- God dammit
Thanks for nerfing rammus's only cc. Now hes just a useless block of poop on the battlefield. It just seems like you guys dont even want this champ played anymore. He has high winrate? Do you know why? Cause nobody plays him except for the people that main him (who are better).
+LWM9113 Once again, look at how old my comment is. -.- And I already told you he is strong again. + The conversation was already over.
I was half expecting him to laugh after he said 'armordillo'.
New Rammus Skin: Armordildo
if i worked for riot i would name myself RiotShield lol
you can see the similarity to axe and sand king. Not complaining, just found that funny.
Rammus is viable. Any adc will kill themselves over you with a thormail.Rammus is fast,tanky,and reflects damage. I say that anyone who says Rammus is not viable is wrong.
did they nerf punturing taunt's range? I find it extremely difficult to land that move
I'm so getting Rammus now and with his Molted Skin
Thinking of getting either blitzcrank, Rammus or Shen which one should I get?
It depends what position u like better top jung or supp allthough shen can supp and top :)
I never knew he was jungle type...
its not taunt its swagger (swagger is a pokemon move)
Ram-Ass The Armored Dildo
how do u make more than 2 rune pages? I only have 2, 1 for master yi, and one for rammus, but i need more for when i start using different champs
+prince Happy i found out but thx anyway :)
pls make a video on vladmire 
my god this is so old
One of the best gankers.
I wish Rammus could do more. He's my favorite champion but I HATE jungling
1 think i like about rammus 'OK"
This spotlight really needs a revamp, considering all the item and rune changes.
Yeah, Okay, Mmhmm, Alright ...
Thornmail + rammus max W + max E = OP AS HELL
Finally someone who knows how to rammus
This turtle looks familiar but his build sucks
RIP old mastries 
megaman x flashback... Armored armadillo, god i luv that name... megaman x5 flashback... What kind of a freaking name is duff mcwhalin???
Shiet who else read it as Armor DilDo
Please make an updated champion spotlight on rammus.
Thought it said 'armor dildo' at first...
Heart of gold? Oh i never got to use that item for Rammus because it isnt in the store anymore
first i thought he said armordildo
NooobSVK add to me friends 
like if your eyes deceived you too. ( Q_Q)
Hey I'm a dots player and I was thinking of playing lol so I searched for a hero, and I found this. I then said well then, that's different by the way don't hate me but. Wh, me friend told me that the lol heroes are a bit, cartoony I didn't tek that seriously, now....
Lots of friends who play dota say the same thing, yeah they look cartoony but theyre pretty badass i dont blame you
They gotta make a Talking Rammus skin
Guys please do the winter map this year
Rammus The Armordildo
Rammus is awesome but i think he is really...ok
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Even though he got nerfed he's still good imo, also he's pretty much the tankiest champion in the game.
dislike=COD fan boy
Many of those out there
Rest In Peace Hearth of Gold...
Shaco is a lot harder to play.
Heart of gold and Force of Nature you will be missed!
Rammus is total noob champion. This champ is best in lol.
How is he a noobchamp?Hes not like Master Yi.You have to know how to play him.Yi is easy.But Rammus...please gimme a break...
''Not OK, Rammus'' - Spirit Guard Udyr 2013
heeeyyy u changed ur icon. :l looks good
1.881.188 viewer!@ z0mgbbq
6:37 R.I.P Force of Nature you are missed
the 2.25 sec taunt really hurt rammus :/ i think they should bring the 3 sec taunt back
the strongest mother fken armor
I feel like there should be a disco rammus skin.
"the armadildo"? haha
shay-ko? who the hell is that? isn't it SHA KO? shaco
its Shaco (SHAY-KO)
No need for the ad, just build armor and work off his passive. But adding a little extra ap into the build doesn't hurt anybody but the enemy you're right. But only if your team isn't good enough to hack it without you :)
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