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Ariana Grande does impressions

by wizard7 • 12,580,728 views

ariana grande does some impressions ariel britney spears baby crying lamb liz gillies judy garland shakira

wow. she used to be so cute and down to earth. now she's basically a fake bitch who looks like she's 12. she's looks so much older here it's odd.
Omg I hate to say this but I actually agree.
I agree with Brianne
i miss when she was being her self not a fake bitch
She has gone bad because everybody keeps saying she acts like she's 12 so she grew up and how u like her now ;)
Oh look, it's Frankie, the dick brother of hers who played in the Big Brother House...
i actually didn't know that was her brother but um, i just wanted to say yo name and picture is fabulous XD
aaw back when she was nice and not a fake annoying bitch
The only reason Ariana was good at the crying baby was bc she is a whiny baby
Hey Kenneth, we ain't haters, we just tellin da truth
She says she doesnt want to be like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Iggy Azalea yet she's not that far off from them, she's going to join the list of sluts pretty soon, we await the future......
+Luna Bink she looks and acts like a skank not to mention the laughable moment when she called herself a better rapper than eminem
Ariana totally change i know everybody change but she change on bad way now she is all bitchy and now she is being kinda rude and her style also change😫😫😢
So what? I support her! 😶
I'm so freakin' sick of people criticizing celebs. Celebrities get criticized about things that people do in normal life! I don't like to comment and talk about other people but GOD!! I feel like I need to because of how ignorant some people are! Come on people everyone changes including you! Why is it such a big deal if a celebrity changes?! And plus she sound different in Victorious because she had to PLAY and Fit into that role of Cat. If you look on YouTube you will find her trying to find the right tone and pitch of voice for that character. Jeez people. You now what Grande she has? My Respect Earned.
her face is diffrent when her hair is red..
shes too skinny now..but STILL love her
Wow. Just because she did impressions of other famous people makes her fake? That's honestly really stupid because you must not know the definition of fake if you're going to call her fake because of this video. This video doesn't make her fake at all. There's no reason she needs to be hated on so much. The video seems normal and fine to me.
What was the Shakira song she was singing?
Shakira- Whenever, Wherever
WOW so much hater's.
Her britney impression xD
Where's the cat I know:( Man I miss that darn show
+Ana Graham what I meant was all innocent
+Ana Graham Sam & Cat was cancelled on July 17th this year. Haha it's now up to the fans to make sure that the story lives on. They can do this by writing stories on (maybe even tweet some of them to the cast members who played the characters if possible, to get some feedback). 
Is fake bitch the word of the day or something, lol.  What do you all care how someone else lives their life.  Go listen to someone else if you don't like it.
why is everyone calling her a fake bitch i dont get it! cx
I don't either...she dresses different now but that doesn't make her a BDFGDGS i dunno why people keep saying these things .-.
too bad shes so mean in real life
+Virgil LeonardSoHonest You actually can change the way people think, and you're a stalker.
Why does Ariana sing Britney better than Britney
She's pretty good at being shakira
She looks like sara Jessica parker this video is so stupid just like her what attention seeking whore shes really ugly & desperate & horrible & fake
People are saying shes a fake bitch so are you calling everybody who does impressions is a fake bitch?
She's so talented it's incredible 👌
Ělśa Hørãn Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
i see so many "fake bitch" comments. Y'all are saying these things about her but you don't even know her. Yeah, she's changed, of course she's changed, but that doesn't necessarily mean its bad. I still believe she's the same, silly, quirky girl underneath all the cameras and fame.
is that ur boyfriend????????????
Frankie 's crazy. All I have to say.
No talent at all. Don't know why she's famous
She looks sooo much beautiful and sexy here, I really don't understand why she changed her face but if she is happy, I mean it's her life and her body. Even she had more expresion in her face back then, but whatever just my opinion. 
OMG I love you btw your Liz was perfect 😂😂
....Hr Britney, dorothy, and shakria were amazing! o_o
hmm imagine that this is you, you changed but you also grew up. now everybody is calling you fake, a bitch or whatever. does it feel good? god damn.
Lol her impression of Liz was priceless
How old is she in this?
I'm the bomb at doing impressions! Nah i'm just kidding
Ya u are I am one of your bigest fans!
WOW she is like super good at the baby crying!!!
You know she seems so fun and cute here but today, she's more stuckup and thinks she so perfect because she's very famous, and Frankie too, he used to be So friendly and Cool, now he is SOOO annoying and alwAys has to be the center of attention, I mean have you seen his IG
Wen she does the laughing baby she sounds like pikachu
I love Ariana BOOM! I got one less problem without ya!
I only continued watching because of Frankie! <3 
This guy is right Ariana's voice does sound like Ariel.
Britney spears impersonation is funny lmao. I laughed out loud on that one.
Ariana u think u are soo cute but u know what u are a jerk that sucks and I hate u jerk I dont care if im mean jerk
The comments on this video make me sick,
Yall need to stop hating and get a life respect people personality is that how u wanted to be treated NO SO y'all can shut the heck up and get a life
Your a good singer I love the song the way
She is so amazing! Love her so much ❤️❤️
Ariarna grarnda are you on victorias
Quit hating on her that's how God made her
She has the most versatile voice ive ever heard. Love her
12 million wtf views who the fuck is she though?
Tat impression on fleek
Good job with your imprestions
Ariana I've got a question what on earth is on your head?????????????
Britney one was on POINT. standing appluase 😂😂 😄😄
I like the video I am also a number one big fan
Sera Wilson you are a criy baby
She kinda seems a lot more energetic before than now......
omg your soooo good plz anser
u sound just like cat good job! :P.S STOP BEING MEAN 2 HER U GUYS R BITCHES
Shakira daaamn ariana could double her
Did she get a nose job?
+Songül Öztürk Does it give you some sort of sick satisfaction being a bitch?
Do a rap song and also I love your singing I'm a fan
lol talented beyond most!
OMG that was Cat in Sam and Cat
Ariana remember haters gonna hate
She needs to shut up her voice is annoying
noooooooooooooooooooooooo toooooooo
its sad that this beautiful talented girl is now dating a black guy!! no i am not prejudice of the the skin color just the way black people  act!!!!! this is how bad it is for her you know on the show family guy him and his son start puking every where yep thats how i felt !!!
Even back then she still was hidious. She should die.
So should you to be honest
I don't get it is she a bitch or fake?
follow " fakebitchgrande" on instagram and youll know why
She would've look way prettier without her surgery on her whole face. YES. HER ENTIRE FACE. so don't be a bitch and comment I'm wrong. Cause yes bitchhh. No matter how much u love her she will always be fake. No hate. But she is still fake. Obviously u don't know what fake means if you thinks she isn't. Fake mean like plastic surgery or boob or butt implants. That's fake. And if u think I'm wrong UR fake aswell, bitch
Tommy Solis Marin Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
The Shakira impression was amazing
that shakira tho ;)
Shakira - Whenever wherever
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