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Sims 3 L2p: Episode 6 - Taking Steps Backwards

by wowcrendor • 66,181 views

Click to Start from Ep 1: Most people consider The Sims a game mainly played by women, but I have set out to prove those people wrong. ---wowcrendor...

3:58 he didnt wash his hands but then he went to go make food...... u little nasty lol
Luckily if people had that exact same scenario they wouldn't be able to hear this 'cause Yorken doesnt have a computer.
I love all these l2p simd videos you've made :)
I rarely video-beg, but more Sims 3 videos! You're the only funny commentator I know who does them. :<
"Uhh..I don't know, apparently the coffee doesn't make me entertaining." Me:*bursts out laughing*
click the arrow beside your sims little square with their face in it to go home and you click the food and click put away leftovers click your fridge drag the food to your inventory and take it to her anddd to fire the maid wait till she comes the next day click on her and there should be a option to fire her ^.^
its funny how crendor play this game like it would react to his talking :D
i think... it might be from one of the DLCs but there is coffee, it helps you stay up but makes you really tired afterward
i'm a tennis person and i'd just like to say ohmygawd ig, jif-fffrahrdra
lol i played sims 3 double deluxe and i always married the maid
Most people consider The Sims a game mainly played by women, but I have set out to prove those people wrong. yes...that could be true.
Anyone could've seen these two people, one in a work outfit, the other with a rainbow tattoo on his face and tons of chest hair making out on the front lawn... I wonder what they were thinking?
So Crendor, the little green bar at the top that appears when you talk to other people, is actually the bar that shows you your current relationship with the other person. If it's green it means you and the person are friends, while red means the opposite. I probably misspelled a few words, but I hope you get the point.
Yes, so as you can see, I'm not wearing a shirt. XD
Lol I loved the Siri part. Iphone ftw!!
Going steady means being gf and bf
I just saw an ad. with BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!
everyone likes talked about their day!... I DON'T HABEEB IT!
I love how Crendor is strategically planning out his characters love life like a war captain planning attack.
"Holy crap her car teleported!" XD keep on replaying and lmao!
I'm drinking coffe ( Feat. Wowcrendor)
Crendor, is it true that you live in chicago?
Crendor, in Sweden, there is a program called "Pluras kök" ("Plura's kitchen") in which there is a pretty fat guy that walks around without a shirt all the time while making food for and socializing (I think that's how you spell it) with famous Swedes. Just wanted you to know...
Please make another youtube comment video, it makes my day! <3 crendor
Drag the stupid food into your backpack!
I bet 90% of Sims players build houses and spend hours making characters, and that's it.
Crendor reminds me of David Otunga. *sips coffee*
Crendor, you're an awesome, adorable dude and one of the most badass WoW players I've ever seen... but you're really bad at this game XD
YESSSS PLease crendor make these episodes more frequent! :P
I love watching you play the Sims. :D (Other people already mentioned how to put things in the inventory, as derpy as that process is.....)
you should watch your older videos of sims 3 before you do make videos for the sims 3
Not at all... because I love coffee and it can never be an addiction.
sounds like my college dorm room
Not even then. Pimps don't pay for hookers, hookers pay the pimps. But I really doubt you're a pimp anyway, else you'd be busy smackin' up dem ho's.
lol "im drinking coffe" *clapping* LMAO XD made me think, is there coffe in sims 3?
why are trolls so common htese days? if you dont like the video, or wowcrendor, then there is no point in watching it, let alone expressing an opinion that no one will agree with...
Molly isn't into Yorken... she is totally into Jerry the lawn flamingo. she just uses Yorken to get close to Jerry
Your determination to to get Molly to sleep with Yurgen is disturbing.
"LET'S DRINK COFFEE!!!!" *sluuuurrrrppppp* mmmmm ah only the finest coffee. I almost fell over laughing at that. Wowcrendor you're just a natural at being hilarious and i dont know why.
Crendor. The wishes thing is something that your Sim wants to do. If you click on a wish, it will be put in one of the 4 squares. When you complete it, you'll get some lifetime happiness, which can be used to purchase rewards that would help you.
I like how Crendor goes on a rant about creepy friends and how you wish you weren't friends with them but you're nice to them because you have to be, and then at the end, he's like, "Anyway! Whisper in ear!" >.>
1:49 - I like how Crendor makes a surprised noise, then afterwards he simply makes it again just to see, whether he can do that again :P
Drag the plate into your inventory.
The way he says Tiger Woods is hilarious, at first I had no idea he was talking about a person because he says it like it's one word, Tigerwoods. Never heard anyone say his name like that (Without the pause between Tiger and Woods)
Crendor, to deliver the salad, you just need to make the food. Once you're done, click the option, 'Put Away Leftovers'. It'll go to the fridge, and then you just need to open the fridge and store the item in your Sim's inventory. You can deliver it once you've done that.
Crendor, upload Sims more often please!
I don't know about this Sims game. But on at least one of the older ones, you could power nap on a sofa to get halfway on your sleep bar a LOT faster than normal sleeping. Just figured it might be worth trying.
07:16 to 07:35 is he describing Jesse? xD
to go home just click the arrow on ur sim portrait on the left side of the screen.
Has anyone ever told crendor that he has to "accept" the quest things that appear next to Yorken's face by clicking them to get the rewards?
Hm i see why they call you Bob Barker
CRENDOR THROW A PARTy in the game!
Wowcrendor doesn't need friggin coffee to be entertaining
You have to put it in your inventory crendor
this is pretty much the best L2P I've ever seen. I've been playing since the original Sims came out and never played it in Crendor's way. upload more please. best commentary ever! :D
Oh my gosh these videos are hilarious
Crendor, you make me laugh. That is all.
your right smackin up dem ho's is a tough job i Know :p
I think I watch these just to hear you go "Raaaaaargh!" every time you can't quite get something to work. Maybe the series should be called Crendor spazzes out at Sims 3. Very entertaining.
I just noticed how phallic his chest hair is.
lol when crendor flirts it sounds less like hes flirting and more like hes giving commands in an RPG. grrr, romantic, stroke cheek, inferno sla...i mean hug.
8:28 WTF did a sim just purge his breakfast?
you can put a download link your sims 3 save
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