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Pairings with Leggings

by Wendy's Lookbook • 554,462 views

:: FASHION BLOG :: Hi everyone! Today, we're playing with leggings. They're comfortable and easy to wear. My only suggestion is to make sure our tops pass our hips and...

I love watching your videos! Not only are they so informative, but they are so fun to watch. You do a great job with the editing and making them fun!
Absolutely love this song wow! Seems to be a bit faster tempo than the original- Which I prefer more, seems more upbeat! I want this version :<
Will always be one of my favorites from your series. Thank you Wendy! :)
Awesome! Thank you so much!
Oh my oh my so fab and informative
With your legs you can wear only leggings and still look amazing! 
Optovik24 Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
С чем носить леггинсы
This is a great video! Great ideas Wendy!
Optovik24 Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
С чем носить леггинсы
Don't you just love it! Thanks for sharing Wendy!
I like every one of these outfits!! And the editing is indeed soooo creative, so clever! Well done you!
she inspires me and makes me so darn happy at the same time ! damn! i love this woman =)
Love it. No talking, it is short and nice to watch. Good job!
I follow you at instagram i didnt know you were in Youtube you are amazing!
How is she so beautifully thin?! Jealous!
You are so creative with your videos :O! i love this one.
Leggings are not opaque and so as long as you cover your butt areas it looks nice whereas with stockings they are semi sheer and looks awkward unless you cover right up. Leggings are made from cotton and are sometimes a warm jersey material unlike stockings
i was more distracted with your fricking amazing editing skills than the actual clothes
Seriously, I'm addicted to your video! It's never fail to make me smile with the enticing music and the nicee content and graphics! Wendy, your awesome!
your videos are so well shot and pretty. its like your videos are a tv series, an actual production. other youtubers just film and post lol. but i love yours because u actually put in more effort to be a bit different!
Please dó a makeup tutorial on your everyday makeup. You always look fantastic and natural!!!
Wow! you know I really enjoy watching all your videos. They are neat, fun, nicely edited and sweet. Keep up! Love ya....
AHHHHH Wendy I LOVE your style!!!! Mystery man does brilliant work on ALL your videos!!!! -33333 Where do you get your super long tank that you wear underneath your tops with your leggings???
can you do a video on what you eat? you look amazing!! PLEASE!!!!
My tights grow those things, I forgot what they're called
Amo seus vídeos :-) Muitoooo bom! Beijão
Wendy, hi!!! I just want to stop by and say that youre one of my favorite guru's on youtube. i love watching your videos! not only do you have AWESOME style but your personality is so friendly and fun. keep up the good work girl :)
So helpful and cute! Loved the Faux^2 thing! ;D
You´re so i´m breathless...
OK, How could anybody not like this video! I bow to Wendy's talent and beauty!
I love the white blouse with the faux fur vest! I would try it, but all the bulk of the faux fur vests on larger breasts just makes me look like an overstuffed turkey :( lol
i dont know when wearing leggings as substitution for pants became a trend. i see it everywhere @ school, the mall.but dont get me wrong if thats your thing than more power to ya but i find it cheap and kinda exposed. i mean you're practically naked,but with a thin layer of silk attached to your legs. i totally agree that its comfy, but rlly ladies not many people wanna see ur behind, besides horny just a word of advice plz invest in a longer shirt or a new pair of comfy jeans.
Wendy can you do a tutorial on your everyday makeup look please i love eyeliner but i have the hardest time putting it on, both eyes never look the same! your honestly my inspiration when i look in my closet i love your blog and videos!! <3
You are so creative. I love you so much!
thanks for this video . l Love legging
You can seriously wear anything and make they all look good! :)
How do you differentiate leggings from stockings?
I feel like I could never pull these off as well as she does:(
What I would do to be thin, beautiful and wear fashionable clothes everyday. Wendy's life seems so perfect. Don't get me wrong I love her, but her videos sometimes mess with my self esteem. I can't afford this glamorous lifestyle...
I've only seen a couple of videos, but I really like the editing.
Is it weird that I find this interesting despite being a guy?
I wish you were my personal fashion stylist.
leggings are hard to pull off if you are not wendy thin, just a heads up for everyone...
Can you please make a video of how u edit your videos
Such amazing tips! Who else is inspired?
I absolutely love your youtube channel! Your style is very classy, chic, and practical. And most of all, the video editing and music is awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent!
''simple sophistication'' i absolutely like best! :)
you wanna know what to pair with your leggings :D!
your outfits are all amazing! really nice video :) and you have perfect legs!
I love all your videos!! They're sooo cool :)
i like how most outfits covered your butt! (sounds kinda awkward haha). cause before i always felt like wearing leggings as pants was really awkward with the the butt part being as tight as underwear, but this solves everything. plus looks great (:
can you do a closet tour pleaseee?? i' really love your taste in fashion :) xx.
Hi Wendy! I was wondering if you could do a pairing with lace shorts? That would be great!
Now this is the stuff! I never wore leggings last winter, but this winter/fall I will be wearing them. Thank you for the amazing advice I have seen 2 of your videos and have already subscribed. Thank goodness you decided to make some YouTube vids :) and the different kinds of leggings! Awesome!
I'm a guy and I love all of your videos, you're really creative and along with Mystery Man you make a great team.. I was just wondering if by any chance you'll think about doing a male version of the pairings or what to wear or how to combine prints and textures but for men, and maybe some tips as well... Anyways, love your videos...! :D
leggings r not pants. they are basically stockings. not attractive.
I wish legging lovers watch this video. It is just great. Some women are walking around pairing leggings with midriffs.
beautiful vieo , you inspired me!
Wendy, you have to stop being so great, I can't "like" every single one of your videos!
OMG I HATE it when girls wear leggings as pants no one needs to see their butts
Hi Wendy. You really need to stop making so good videos, I have spend so many money the last month, because you make me all eager about cloth with your videos. When I'm having a bad day, I just have to see some of your videos:) but my question was, is it possible for you to make a video, where we could see your closet? That could be really, really awesome!
I'd love to have your closet... :)
idk y but this is such a cute video! the editing is awesome!
I like it better when you talk about it to us :) very nice though!
YOUTUBE ''copy-cats; Wont be able to copy & paste this on their channels..its nice to see originality ..Since many videos on you-tube are photocopies...Lmao!!
1:11 is more my style :) all of them r really pretty though!
Do you actually wear a short skirt over your leggings?
I really need to go shopping with you! :D
youre so cute and gorgeous x
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