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WOW-I had no idea shit had gone this far-10 yrs ago I broke my back and both legs and was laid up for 6 months-i was bored shitless and played my sons playstation2 -i mastered all the Tombraiders and Final fantasy crap -was told i would not walk again said screw Drs taught myself to walk and have not seen a game since-So this is frightening-i have 3 sons-2 play video game I know 1 is probable so into this shit thats why he cannot hold an intelligent conversation with me-Sheeple 2
Just Another Garbage BS Spyware Technology Don't Keep Buying There Super Useless Gadget's #EndTheFed
Fuck all that. If they want to do it they must have your consent!
Screw the eugenicist Bill Gates!! Ubuntu baby!!
The sheeple are going to eat this up!!
Where's my sledgehammer? Already killed the Playstation, this should be fast and furious lol. Smart shit kills.
This guy is nervous because he knows he's a tool.
Hello future. Better get rid of the bad people in the corporate/govt sector before they roll out skynet. This stuff can help mankind, but the criminal govt is not to be trusted with it. They arent smart enough to control any of this stuff either. If you were worried about this should've posted the video where Asian man created an AI that learns.
no problem they will be giving you 1 or that head comes clean off
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