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Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video]

by Atlantic Records • 162,926,113 views

Official video for Sean Paul "She Doesn't Mind" Directed by: Evan Winter Buy the single at iTunes: Subscribe to Sean Paul's Channel Here:...

Sean Paul= 25% English, 25% Jamaican, 50% Sean Paul's secret language. 
@estebanramirez yes, but that it differs from other :)
When i was highschool I came to class with little knife in my pocket than teachers did search students and i did same thing in this video tactic i hold little knife in my hand they dont understand it :D 
Nothing is True, Everything is permitted :: so Kill the Teacher and the Witness :P 
what happen to sean paul's head????? he looks like a freaking onion now
he looks like an onion to me 
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video]:
Buon pomeriggio community...kiss
Grazie cara Buon pomeriggio anche a te 😄
+Mari Lin grazie a te...buona notte cara...kiss :-)
Warisara Carles Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide…:
güvenlik görevlisi lezbiyen kendini tatmin ediyor  klibin özeti o bence 
Paravia Rocco Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide…:
bella ...non la conoscevo ...è da..sballo!!
Bruce L.k Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide
Matys T Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide… :
Excellente musique. Une voix qui monte haut dans les aiguës. J'aime bien cette chanson ! 
+Sébastien Charlet merci Sébastien ravi que tu aime gros bisous
Like the song, but the beginning kinda scares me...sounds too much like a terrorist thing.
You could even fap to it
Stéphane Sené Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide… :
J'adore Sean Paul gros bisous
Ela K Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide…:
4 years later; and still, with all advanced technology, no human knows what specific language this (maybe extinct) creature speaks.
OH. MY. SWEET. BABY. JESUS. I've loved Sean Paul for years, but never seen him, he's so attractive! Dayum.
Jamaicans patois is a type of English yes call it a short cut if u want so they understand im from Barbados where I understand we speak similar we call it bajan dialect  Caribbean peo in the chain understand each other well the hardest is st Lucia they speak English but the patois they speak is different its a whole different language Jamaicans accent way they speaking the (h) is silent so if they say dance hall u would hear dance (all) you see me (ya si meh) Barbados same thing ...give me we say gimme or gimmah that aint true and our dialect (dah ain true) same with Trinidad I tell you boy and they say (ah telling ya  boy )you say girl they say( gurl  ) its nothing bad its part of our culture not that we can speak eng we can if we have too so because you hear sean paul dialect don't find fault n say he cant speak English if sp has to he can but hes just being free up its natural to tlk that way if its your culture but in school English is taught not dialect although now they want to teach it in schools now I hear when tourist come to the Caribbean they love to hear us speak its truly an experience to take bk something new to share it take all kinds to make the world we can adjust to any accent very well and most others can do it any accent ask us to speak like and we have it lock down pk so plz don't b bashing him on his English trust that he knows it ....hope peo understands look at it this way the internet has abbreviations for short lol laughing out loud lmao laughing me ass off in Barbados when we text we go like this lbar and it means laughing bad as rasshole and you see that r word is consider to bad the worst thing u can call someone so every where in the world customize things I call it  some peo will get this some wont but bless up
To this song I actually found out that I can't dance
Gece kuşu Atakan Shared on Google+ · 17 hours ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind:
Manchester was NEVER like that lmao
Who is the security girl . I don't know is she doesn't mind but she is the best in the video!
Her name is lisa, she used to be a contestand in anerica's next top model 😆
the woman with the cream coloured coat is hawttttttttttt
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video]:
Rinku Choudhary Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video]:
Wooooooooh coz she dosent mind,yeh thanks fr posting it am gonna listen to it always
+Jackline Akoth welcome and thanks you like and listen this song.....
sean paul 23 percent handbag snatcher , 34.7 percent rapist , 20.3 percent woman 21percent potato 1 percent weed
who is the security guard in blonde hair?
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video] 100%
he is just like pitbull with a weird hairstyle lol
police more sexy than other girls :D
Party became incomplete with out your songs #SeanPaul
love the song and the video
Girl I Get you so right...
she doesnt mind when I stick it in her behind I straighten her spine stick to it to her mind she love it im fine shes fine 2 she doesnt mind when her face turn blue she gobbling on the cum true i pull my D out her butt hope she doesnt poo or doesnt mind?
You must be in the next clip
fuck i love this songs
Niggers don t know how to speak proper english. English is just just for white people
+micka Andrews costa rica and panama also speak there own versions of patios and they're not even french speaking countries (both are spanish)
One of the best songs and videos ever made!
Anyone else got a boner ?
Faisal Ali Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide…:
In love with Lisa Jackson :D 
he used some UGLY ass girls for flight attendants...I think a few of them used to be guys..
yeah I think one of them really used to be a dude
Waiitt? So the airport woman was a lesbian?
The Best song of last few years!!
who is the security girl? she's so beautiful
Lisa Jackson, she was on Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9
Sean please put in to my bank Santander 21416660 att.B.Lewis 5% for my instruments in all your music since you started I'm the inventor of all the sounds my drum machine data is in all your music so today please put my share in and tell your sound systemsto put in my share and stop free loading off me 5% is nothing Thank you today
forgot about this song .. amazing
YAY. Me like what me see!
i wouldn't mind either..
Paola Baque Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind 
Efrain Moreno Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide…:
Marianne Behm Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Katso tämä video YouTubessa:
DAAAAMN ! This clip is too lesbian !
and that's a bad thing?
Joana Boahen Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Can someone explain this to me I don't understand
Jamaicans speak really fast. Patois (pronounced pat-wa) is just broken English spoken really fast. Slow the words down in your mind and you'll understand it a little better.
+naturegirl2110 Jamaicans do not speak fast because I am Jamaican
All this fuckin drama for a fuckin flash ????? Oh boy
usb flash drive or a flash of boobs im not sure which one you mean. one would be worth it.
malifalitiko doesnt minee
wow I can never not feel insecure during the security check anymore :P
If you're a guy walk into the scanner with an erection.... <3
i feel like this could have had some amazing choreography .. vid don't match the song. still love it though
Sure it does. She doesn't kind being seduced by a female airport security guard ^^
I mean, who would mind?
I love that song :) like :) ;)
co komu prší do huby :D czech power
Cinthia Vianna Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Vide… : and you ?
too bad most stewardesses look like a molten plastic bottle
in real life that is of course
Cada día nos dejan cada vez mejor a las mujeres... (Sarcasmo)
I like his smile when sing.. Yeahh
Send my regards to all friend in group Ashley farm..specially for Jo,Ginny,Shiva,Jessi,Karrie,Yolanda..thanks a lot for great conversation n memories
Sean paul is the best :)
I cant really understand his rap songs, is he some kind of a rapper with a twisted tongue?? Like i dont really know how people understand his songs with his alien accent
smh.he's jamaican so he DJ's in d Jamaican language
How old are you child? He's jamaican and he sings more of a pop/dance party mixed with reggae type music
Cukor mi prší do huby :D 
Lorna lovesceltic Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind [Official Music Video:what a brilliant tune
Lisa Jackson from top model :)
Libby K Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
αστειν να λεει  μαλλον εχει στραυβομαρα
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