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Miami Ink - Filipino Rose

by ink • 1,105,274 views

Ami gives Tina a rose tattoo to remember her grandmother, and fits in some heavy flirting as well.

She's hotter than those platinum blonde girls in bikini with those fake tits lolll... real is better than fake.
Mathusael bin david look at your photo,is that your baby same like you...ugly baby from an ugly parents..your son of a whore
Wow. She's a real, natural beauty. Good for her.
they boned hardcore later
she's beautiful, ami's beautiful, the tattoo is beautiful, I'm envious
God damn I usually never say this but I hope that guy got her in bed. She's perfect.
Talk about vandalizing a beautiful body
Wat is wrong with having a tattoo dude. It's art just because she has art on her body doesn't mean it's ugly. She's incorporating it with an Ancient Filipino writing. The Pintados are ancient Filipino warriors who puts lots of tattoos around their body. LOTs of it.
"Baybayin" actually. :) Alibata is considered to be incorrect/baseless as the dude who coined the term did it with the arrangement of the Arabic letters in mind which Baybayin does not follow at all. 
i love that skin color
damn she is gorgeous
I love how Ami was blatantly staring at her tits lol. Don't blame himt tho. She is hot lol..
Pinay with the right color, face and body. My compliments to your lola, she had a beautiful apo with a beautiful soul that goes with it. Everybody say "Maganda"
ami is sooo cheeky :D
Filipinoes were real ugly people...
This idiot hates on other races because his ancestors were probably raped and robbed by every sort of peasant who passed through their homeland. Now get off this thread before we kick you down the hill again,
@ Mahtusael bin David,  I bet your one of the ugliest white or black or latin individual or what country your from, faggot
All those filipinas are gold diggers as well
eyes on the boobs while licking his lips at 00:18
Omg the letters are wrong, she just went on Google and translated that.
it's correct. She used the traditional style, not the modified one. 
I want her to rape me.
"Most guys like Asian women those who don't are Asian men"
that is ALIBATA (Baybayin)
And you have grown up into a funny looking adult. Nasty Filipino skank!
she is amazing. tattoo looked like shit though to be honest
Beautiful! Waht is her name?
Got me spelling What wrong she is so hot!
what a stupid bitch, she ruined an otherwise beautiful body with a piece of sh#t tattoo
These scribblers have no shame when it comes to ruining other bodies!
+pecka2k obviously she doesnt think so and it was her desicion not yours. shes a grown woman and can do whatever she wants with HER BODY.she doesnt have to follow some bullshit sexist assholes on the internet. i hope she doesnt look at the comment section because my god you people are scum.
This show was awesome. The show I think that launched all tattoo shows. Launched Kat Von D to fame, sadly....
Alibata scripts look really nice on her tattoo...makes me want to get one as well.
It says Mi Unibisi. Why like that? She used the traditional baybayin method used by our ancestors and not the modern method that the Spaniards used. Great tats :D
Napakagandang Filipina yan as in. ano name netong dilag na eto?
That artist was so unprofessional and creepy. I'd just leave.
i love this show  I have been watching it on Netflix  and I really like the stories behind each tattoo ! +Leelee E 
wow i dont blame you one bit!  my other sister and I are polar opposites too  except for books we read  she is a very good  girl  never even jaywalked for gods sake   she yells at me for downloading a song and she hates internet lol  so we get along but we could never live together we would kill each other
yes of course i see the white trash one on christmas only the other one lives 10 min away and i babysit her dog so i see her 5 times a  week
it's spelled.."mi u nibesi"
'cause she used the traditional baybayin method used by our ancestors not the modern method used by the Spaniards. :D
Im filipino but i didnt know there was an ancient filipino writtings awesome!!!
Filipino is not flirty like that , maybe because she's born or raise in Miami or where so ever . She's so flirty lol girl ,,
Filipinos are Southeast ASIAN you are NOT pacific islanders at all!!
Her tattoo says: Me(i) O(u) Ne(i) Be(i) Se(i) not miss universe...although the rose made it pretty...
It is "Baybayin" for Tagalogs I think, but definitely not ALIBATA.
Beautiful tattoo, hot girl, perfect!!
im such a perv "you like the position?" my first thought: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!
Tina the filipino woman is gorgeous
I want a tattoo too. But my parents won't let me. I have to respect them. :)
did you hear a women at 1:45 o.O :3 :3
I mean I'm glad she liked it but this is an average quality tattoo
Ruined her body with that tattoo why put a bumper sticker on a Bentley, and she can't get it removed because tattoo removals work best for people with light pale skin and dark hair
Even in Filipino standard this girl is beautiful and not slutty, compared to the bar girls that foreigners pick in the bars which they call "exotic". For the people who think it's not fun in the Phil. well how would you know have you been there? Like every country in the world it's not perfect, as they say to each his own. And for your information not every girl is desperate to marry a white guy don't be full of yourself try going out with the rich girls. Bless her lola!
I could barely keep my mouth closed while watching this, she's mad beautiful,
ALIBATA... you are a filipino and you don't know that.
most of the girls that go in start the flirting but ami actually started the flirting. aww
That guy has the best job ever.
Alibata.. Clearly you don't have any idea about Filipino History.
My god... look at her complexion! I'd fuck the "oh we" outta this chick!
the rose looked shite. Just saying lol.
o i just heard wut she said its ancient so ya..
were actually Pacific Islander u no... XD :3
WHAT?! A hot chick getting a tattoo that actually means something.What is the world coming to?!
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