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A CRAZY pick up line that WORKS

by Kezia noble • 199,555 views

Thank you Johnny, now I am off to the shoe store) Great idea, always girls in shoe stores
!!!ATTENTION!!! the motherfucka tried to touch a tit she was like tha fuck, pause exactly at  2:21 thank me later
This is good. It should work as long as the guy is confident enough to say it as Johnny did. You can't fall apart if the girl smirks at you. Alpha girls, like Kezia, think everything is a pick-up line, and if said well, want to hear what else the guy will say. Shy girls usually think you're a creep, so you have to remain confident. And remember this old story. (probably not true, but the lesson is) A man stood on a corner in a big city and asked every girl if she would go to bed with him. He was smacked, kicked, yelled at, almost arrested, but finally 1 girl said sure. The more girls you speak to, the greater the chances the next one will be receptive to what you say.
Tried it. It's actually pretty effective!
In NY the girl will just give you a quick, dirty glance and go back to looking at shoes.
ain't that the truth.
The more women who reject men in New York the better. Less babies will be born.The population of New York will keep dropping(as it is now) and we will all be better off in the rest of the world.
Should have been titled "How to pick up cheap, slutty, gold-diggers"... Like Sleazia,  I mean Kezia.   Women like her are easy to pick up...  I was looking for tips to meet good and honest women...
* pretending to be gay-I'm joking, it's Johnny by the way.
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my right ear felt neglected
sounds like Midnight Express!!!!
Come up to Scotland..classic pick up line.. "Are your parents retarded..cause your special";)
Here's a better idea: go to the fucking gym and lift some damn weights for a few years you lazy fucks!
So many of these tips CONTRADICT EACH OTHER. First they tell you to never "be a nice guy" and this pickup trick is clearly about BEING A NICE GUY. You could pick up a girl this way and it's likely to be the WRONG GIRL. 
suppose it helps if you look like that dude
shoot that guy has better advice than yours imo 
You will get a better understanding of women watching the movie IN LIKE FLINT for 2 hours than you will from watching EVERY video made by these 2.
I know enough about women to know that the shoe pickup line would def work, just learn how to keep a conversation with a woman.
Weak Advice, both need more personal development
What if your ugly?
i believe that line on  wow thats the one for you it is a bit of  a laugh so maybe you sould think to say on more strait line thats very nice and will look much better on you immediately you know what she likes not to believe other staff for man
I don't think cheesy pickup lines ever work, but the point is to say ANYTHING to break the ice, and if the girl already likes what she she's she'll be happy. If she's not, forget about it but you'll never know unless you try.
man is this so painful to watch
I suggest all the 'haters' on here read Kezia's books. This lady really, really knows her kraft down to a 'T'. All you guys posting are obviously crap with women and that's why you are here watching this in the first place! Kezia teaches a subject that can be learned..I went from attracting 'average' women to 'awesomely hot women' within about 4 months by learning what Kezia teaches you...stop talking bollocks and pay attention! Mwhahaha :)
You sound like a girl, are you lesbian? Or gay.. If you're not gonna answer, you'e Kezia because she didn't sumbit a book 5 months ago.
And don't forget to violently push her shoulder with every gay pickup line.
surely Every Knee Will Bow, Every Eye Will See, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord --- HALLELUJAH - JESUS CHRIST REIGNS --
No no - this is not a good pick up line - you won't get your nooky talking like this unless of course you dress in holy clothes and take advantage of innocent children.  Everyone will realise you are mentally ill extremely nutty or have been home schooled.
You know that woman you've got a huge crush on? Actually, I know the best way you might get her...effortlessly. Just google Wise Women Workings. Check out the video, and you'll discover how to get her.
Hello ho. This best and boldest pick up line ever. :) Try it tonight if you dare. I guarantee most chicks especially the drunks will be stunned and will ask if you called them a hoe. At which point you say what? A hoe? No I said hello. Are you a hoe? I like sexually free spirited girls but say you are a hoe upfront like that is very forward. I didn't know we were at that level of comfort yet. Then joking extend your hand and smile while saying "Hi I'm blah.....and I enjoy sex."
Johnny is actually a local crackhead meth addict where I live, little bugger once came to my house offering grass cutting service but I instantly knew he was checking out my shed for tools he planned to steal and pawn to buy meth.
jesus fuck,just smack her and drag her out on the floor,who gives a fuck.
Yeah too bad we kicked your ass.... However I give you red coats props on your incredibly well trained and bad ass SAS soldiers. Bravo old chap...bravo. However I doubt you are a member of the royal army so therefore...yeah we really kicked your asses good. :)
Your parents must have been terrorist because girl you are the bomb!!!
Heres a good one, find a cute girl at the store or coffee shop or wherever, wait tell they turn their back to you, then walk up to them, lightly grasp them by their shoulders and say "boo" or "Hey", then when she turns aound, look suprised, and say "Im so sorry, I thought you were someone else, im so embarressed, im blahblah btw.." Then if she gives you her name, she digs you, if not, just say sorry and walk away.
K maybe as a guy my brain works differently, but there's very few things I hate more than people forcing themselves upon me and putting on an act. Why play games? I'm not trying to sell her an insurance, I just wanna get to know her. I find it's usually most effective if you leave a bit of mystery about yourself instead of being a clown/comedian that keeps talking and talking.
girl did you fall from heaven cuz lets have sex!!! every time
My left ear learns some news pick up lines
After she started laughing I asked about her day...who she's shopping for etc. Normal convo. Super soaked her 2 days later....and it was glorious. Have fun and enjoy women and they will enjoy you. If she had reacted like you are crazy or get away from me. I would have laughed manically and went on to the next attractive woman :D. You only want women who are about having fun anyway. Girls just want to have fun...when the working day is done ooooohh girls just wanna have fu-un. True story.
If a girl laughs don't tell her you are joking...just say well obviously you learned that I'm the funniest guy alive...what talents do you have...why should I stay here and brighten your day with my hilariousness. With a teasing smile of course. Or any other question in place of the "what talents" You can ask what are the best high heels that would show off my calves...or some other bullshit. If she's laughing she's interested. If she doesn't laugh say you look like you work here...and blah
All goes on the way you say things... Say something really smart then make a stupid comment in contradiction ;) That´s the way to put intelligence into something stupid and may sound funny ^_^
Go to the eggs section of a supermarket and ask how do I cook these. Single women often have baskets rather than trolleys.
Lol I gotta admit, the shoe thing was pretty good.
Apparently it's of major importance to approach women from their left side.
kezia sweetheart u women are so easy ur into into him arent you? just after 2 mins and his not doing anything blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Kiss hand 2 times say your crush name 15 times and your crush name will ask you out tomorrow
Rodger Bodger what the hell does that have to do with anything ?
i knw a real good pick up line and it works at any bar or club after talking to a attractive woman.. whisper in her ear and say u eat pussy! its worked for me :)
The look like you work here works even better if she looks absolutely Nothing like she works there.... :) trust me guys. Talking to women is fun and if you have that state of mind then it will be. Treat them like little girls but don't disrespect them and start pulling their hair and play hitting just yet. But go up and ask her why she's shopping in your favorite store. It's a members only club. Or how did you make it past security...I only allow blondes in my store if she's brunette.
If you were a Transformer you'd be Optimus Fine.
I hope you have pet insurance, cos your pussy is about to get destroyed!
I think she will answer : "You just asked me if I want to dance with me." So in this case youre whole plan is wrecked up.
First off id like to say thanks for the advice. Second thing id like to say is I am in a wheelchair (paraplegic) and i love hitting the malls and stores to pick up on girls. but of course it helps that i am fit and cute. LOL Anyways hun, So far this year i have gotten two numbers from 2 super hot chicks. Its all about practice and being confidence for sure!
u're the smartest fucking human alive ! FUCK STEVE HAWKINGS XD
"Do you like pizza?" (she says yes) "Want to have sex?" Works every time.
2:11 More likely the girl will ask you 'if your gay " LMAO
How the hell are you the LEADING dating coach...I didn't know you existed until today and I've been dating for years!! Here's a good line cock throbs with anticipation of your moist embrace. How dare you leave me wanting to feel your can you possibly be so cold? Then passionately kiss her and make sure you abruptly end the kiss then just stare at her and say...The heat from lips...both unbearable. Then walk away. You will super soak that bitch.
wit is deceitful, beauty fades with age only your soul is for ever, so you want a witty alpha male to chat you up. The prison system is full of guys like that and if their wit does not work they will take what they want from you. If you girls could only hear how these alpha males in prison talk about all the stupid females that fall for their BS lines and bravado and give them all the sex they want you would not believe your ears, you might even give some attention to nice shy guys.
I never listen to guys wearing this kind of caps...never!
and the game is bullshit. If she likes you, she likes you. If she doesn't like you, she might like you later. There is no set combinations of words or actions to meet women or make them like you. Bottom line, wanna pick up women? Take a sales course! The first thing they'll teach you is that it's a numbers game. No matter how ugly, stupid, smelly, poor or fat you are, Someone's gong to love you (look at your folks). Approach enough women with any stupid line, and SOMEone will find you funny.
Damn it, I thought my right speaker was broken again
2:20 Goin' for a sneaky boob feel ey? ;)
Just look at Johnny from 0:30-0:38
Brilliant my friend...your comment has taught me more than this talking pair of breasts has in 3 videos. You truly are a man of class. Bravo old chap...Bravo.
its cuz they feel bad 4 u doesnt mean they want to suck your paralyzed dick :p
just right. I don't want a girl with no sense of humor :P
I guess he practised his skill on her ;)
i would sign up just to get a change to pick up kezia
We're talking about normal folks in "pick up" situations. Not extended time together working in the same field or being in the same crowds. None of the people you mentioned "picked up" the other person. They spent time together. AND they are actually attractive. Those example were When I say ugly I mean FUGLY UGLY.
in theory it is "done". practically she'll enjoy the joke and still decide to walk on.
Even better one: Grab her hand with a smile. U don't even ask. Dot.
I will NOT date a girl who has morning breath, sorry!!!
Or better yet my love for you is like Valentine's's very strong for a limited time so you better get on this train while it's here....O.o shwing!!
Are you from Ireland? Because my penis kept Dublin while watching you. Always works
Should I just walk into a women's shoe store then?
The link isn't working. What's the name of the video? Thanks
best pick ups N/A aheu heu heu
Why dont you just say, hey you look amazing and seem to be a really amazing girl and i wanna get to know you, so hi my name's...
2:33 exactly our pick up goal!!!
3:43 what is a 'DVD' or a 'CD' - i have no clue
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