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Minecraft XP Farm! #184

by TheSyndicateProject • 676,809 views

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WOW your a red stone genius but you probably got some help from sethbling though.
thats a lot of fucking xp for someone who only had it for a week
Dokucraft is the texture pack he plays in (Dokucraft Light)
i made my xp farm like this but i made the place where you collect everything to far away so i cant make the red stone alert thing
@GeneralEatLead it's his armour stand, it's a dummy of him with his skin, a mannequin
@ooddlesOFnoobs What is that supposed to mean?
babooy (toy if you dont rememeber) AND THAT IS DESPICABLE ME and i know i spelt despicable wrong but if i didnt (fat chance) YAY!
good movie the part where uhm the cowboy finds the yelow truck and srays like 500 round into the air
Cool vid man funny at the beginning
make a hollow tree and make it your tree house please no one i know has made one yet
anyone else thought he was gonna do the skyrim theme tune at the start?:o
why does he need sign for mob trap???
which episode did he make another him?
Bannaaaaaanaaaaa wahoooooo yah woohoo yah bannnnaaaaaannaaaaaaaaa
It can't be light cos I have that and the chests are blue
What dose xp do any way iv never played on pc
@gamesicktt You can enchant tools and armour to give it special properties :)
listen to autioslave: like a stone
Should have made a tree house outta the SUPA tree. owo
That's a lot of wood from a tree
i love ur videos i have ps3 so i cant play this:(
I know this is going to sound like a dumb question but, whats the timbers mod?
I know the texture pack is Dokucraft but is it the Light Dark or High?
Fucking Auto correct.... I meant to say how the fuck did he fill a full chest of full health bows
wasnt the one u had for the skeltons before way more simple
Where is his most latest world download
Youtube should make a flavorite button
i really need to get a life but i love these vidoes!!
wichita is the name of a city in kansas
What do u press to quick move stuff in your inventory?
can i be ur friend on xbox i am ur bigest fan my gamer tag is halodog1000
i know it is an old episode but he should connect the redstone in the xp thing to a noteblock so like when the mobs come it is like a doorbell!
your crib is straight pimp lol and how much does it cost for minecraft pc.. or is there a free one?
He got a sword from a zombie in Ballsy Move = Bad idea! #181 :O
I did a lvl 30 enchant and I only got silk touch 1 on a diamond pick
in this video he is a homo sexuial zombie
thumbs up if you favourite the video before you watch it
i was watching an add and this guy told me to ask elephants to sign up for this thing.......... :/
I love this series and how do u mak a video I wanted to
The silk touch will actually make getting redefine alot easier... Cuz u get so much it takes up so much space.. So with the silk touch u can just mine the ore and save inventory space
i know how to improve the mob trap ; you know the pressure plate. hook that up with a dispenser firing arrows pointing at mobs so it is automatic !
Why did the sky go green when he went out into the tree farm
When you do a world download top you get all of the buildings or do you just get the landscape ???
Even though i play minecraft on xbox syndicate rocks!
Huh that's weird the same happens with me I don't have doku craft and the drop bows WTH
Dudeeeee you should make a tree house if your king of the trees... Lol
anybody notice how the sky changes color in this vid?
you are awsome!!!!!!!!! But why boobalishes
I think he mentioned he's afraid of using it because it'll mess up his other mods.
the bes mod trap ever can you make me an accont my parents wont pay for my old one
It's a mod, i'm not sure what it's called though probably "explosive arrow mod"
You cant spell... guessing your 5 looking at your profile picture.
Lol I got a silk touch 1 effishency 4 and unbreaking 3 in lvl 30
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