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2NE1 - I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘 나가) M/V

by 2NE1 • 115,748,776 views

DIGITAL SINGLE [I AM THE BEST] ▶ NOW available on iTunes: ▶ 2NE1 Products on eBay: ▶ Released at YG-eShop:...

There needs to be more songs like this in the world.
There are -.- you just need to find it
+TajRahal can you make a song like them ?? you better shut up when you can't do as them :)
My biggest regret about listening to this song was not discovering it 3 years ago!!
HEY BLACKJACKS :) We lately get bashed a lot cause of fake bjs bitching around , messing with 4minute / 4nias and saying that they are copying 2ne1 ( but 2ne1 does not own hip hop gangster concepts ) Please lets show them that we aren't like this and everybody check out 4minutes new MV " Crazy " and support ! #2nefighting #4minutefighting
Personally I think Crazy reminds me more of BIGBANG then 2NE1 it's just 2NE1 is like the girl version of BIGBANG so that would be the only real reason they remotely remind me of 2NE1 but I honestly don't think 4Min copied them if anything they could of gotten inspiration Ether way who cares though? Crazy is a good song ^_^ and got JiYoon on my bias list
Tbh i'm a Sone but I have to say....2014 was 2NEI year, I have no idea about this year but I hope that SNSD gets this year. I really like this song to tell you the truth. All this fight between Sones and Blackjacks is RIDICULOUS! I hope one day this war will end and Sones and Blackjacks will come together and give each other good compliments. So I just put up a chart for the rankings.  1. 2NE1 2. SISTAR 3. A Pink 4. Girl's Day 5. AOA 6. Girls' Generation (including TaeTiSeo) 7. f(x) 8. Ladies' Code 9. SECRET 10. MAMAMOO 11. 4minute 12. EXID 13. Crayon Pop 14. Red Velvet 15. KARA 16. Rainbow 17. T-ara 18. Dal Shabet 19. miss A 20. BESTie 21. Lovelyz 22. Brown Eyed Girls 23. After School (including Orange Caramel) 24. Hello Venus
+Trinity Tupai I think 2ne1 and 4minute are the badass girl groups xD
+CookieBites123 You are soo right XD I hope on of those groups gets this year ;)
Minzy you are FABLOUS :'D
I typed in "Nega chang chala ga" in youtube because I forgot the name of the song. And now I have arrived at this video
CBH: 32,038,632 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London GBY: 16,644,902/ 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London IATB: 113,823,385 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London ILY: 44,170,713 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London
no offence but korean sounds so crude and uncultured...MEI KA CHE KA LA wtf is that? animal noises?
+donnk That's Korean, idiot, don't say the bad things to the other languages in the world when you do't understand it, dumbass :)
Once again, you should shut up your fucking mouth, I bet you say these things if you're in Korea, bitch :)
Alan Gerow Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
I will give Microsoft one thing, whoever is in charge of their marketing campaigns has tremendous taste in music. I'm consistently impressed with the songs used in their commercials, even if I'm never convinced to actually use Microsoft products. This is a K-POP song that's been used in their Surface Pro 3 advertising, 2NE1's "I AM THE BEST".
I'm actually just going to say this because some of y'all stans are delusional. 2NE1 is not successful world wide. What the fuck makes you guys think that they are? Because they got their song featured in a Microsoft ad? Or because they got mentioned in a few magazines? That don't mean shit. They are irrelevant in anywhere other than Asia. You guys can sit there and say they are internationally successful when they release a full length English album that goes to #1 on billboard or they win a grammy. When that day comes you can say they are internationally successful but and till then shut the fuck up.
actually i'm a blackjack but also jessica jung fan
+Yats Lorio lol I'm a yg stan and I was gonna give snsd a try because of Jessica after all these years but then they kicked her out so I don't feel like listening to them anymore. Much love to sica tho I hope her line goes well and that she goes solo soon.
林Shihu Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
If you're new to 2NE1 check these songs out! 1. Clap Your Hands 2. Come Back Home 3. Ugly 4. The Baddest Female (CL SOLO) 5. Don't Stop The Music 6. I Love You 7. Can't Nobody 8. Crush 9. MTBD (CL SOLO) 10. Happy
+Abby 4ner yes, they are k-pop, but it's important to realize that k-pop includes many styles and genres, often within one song :-) Many of us do consider 2NE1 to be the best!
If it wasn't for the Microsoft Surface commercial, I think most of us would still be in the dark about this "song". It has held up well considering it was released almost 4 years ago. In this persons opinion, its a much better song than that "Gangham style song".  To reiterate, this is strictly my opinion.
Most of us knew about 2ne1 for years. You're just late. This is Kpop, we've developed a community and everything...
Do ya'll think it'll surpass Gee?
For real, maybe one day. This song is playing a lot in the USA as commercials and radio. This might even help with CL US debut!!
+Mathew Najar I'm so exited for her to debut successfuly! ^>^
I listened to this only because my crush likes this. Things I do to get her...
.... Let me go back to SISTAR video because Sistar is the B.E.S.T
2no1 sucks but 2ne1 isn't sarreh :v and btw, again who's Sistar? o.O who are they? :v
+Rufus Light Sistar is a girl group who are talented :). I don't know who are 2ne1.... I only know 2no1 ;p
am i the only one who came here because of the Microsoft ad? this is pretty cool, and is it made by K-POP?
Lol Kpop is a genre their company is YG but the song is made by 2NE1
+Mukhlis1 no its from russia, korean pop, is from russia, really it is.
Look everyone puts rubbish comments. Here it is - the REAL DEAL. The Koreans have no style, no culture, and no class. They are "dabblers" - copiers of what others have already done. I mean look at what they are wearing - have you EVER seen anything so ridiculous ? And what are those absurd guns supposed to be for ?  To give them a "gangsta" look for the Americans ? The chained straight jackets at 1:00 were a great idea - why did they bother to take them off ? It's the only thing they got right. They have put on 100 changes of dress in the hope that one of them looks good. Well sadly, when you have to do that it means you have no style, no class and no image of your own. Look at Japanese girls - they have Harajuku. You may not like all the forms , but it's a style - even CosPlay has some style, and altough some of it based on western fairy tales and stories, the Japanese girls have added their own uniqueness to it. What these untalented wannabes above are doing is just plain PATHETIC. In a couple of years time people will watch these videos and wet themselves laughing. And THAT is the REAL DEAL .
Your an idiot and racist!
What the fuck have i watched?! :D:D
bet all my money they all not shave down there :)
Most girls don't, so?
okay not a hater i swear but why CL 's voice always sounds like that? i mean is it auto tune or what ? kinda hurt my ears..
I don't think her voice is autotuned in this song. In some other songs like Go Away it is. I think it's just her style of rapping/singing or then her voice.
I have no idea what there saying but it sounds pretty good
They are simply saying that they are best ^^
Really like their style music and performance, however their lyrics are braggy and boastful. It just smacks of narcissism big turn off for me. Cant wait to see what else they come up with though. Still, I'll gives this video a thumbs up on excellent presentation alone. 
+TRULYMORTAL of course there is. I just don't feel this song crosses that line. Our opinions are different on that. No big deal. 
+TRULYMORTAL Please don't missunderstand. I really like this song very much. I've listening to 2NE1 for some years now and their are an amazing group. It was just a comment on choice of lyrics that's all.
Have fallen in love with this song😯
Check out "COME BACK HOME" & "CRUSH" by them! You'll love them
You should check out their song Crush. It has an awesome MV but it's in Japanese but still it's badass. Also check out their other songs like Go Away, Gotta Be You, Come Back Home, Pretty Boy, Can't Nobody, Fire etc. Literally ALL their songs are really good may it be electronic, pop, rnb, ballad, reggae, rock.. ALL.
LOL, at the people that think K-POP is way better then American Pop. Without all the Ass shaking, Tits showing... They have not yet got really to deep into what K-POP is today. All you see are Sexy concepts. Which i love them. Always nice watching sexy Asian girls dancing sexy ass hell! My advice watch AOA's "MiniSkirt" & HyunA's "Red" you will be amazed on how Korea can be sexy!
Well sexy concepts have only become popular during last few years, after Sistar's Alone I think. Personally I hope trend would die of ^^;
I don't get people, I honestly don't think 2ne1 are overrated. I mean, I don't think they are completely bad ass & different but they do have a lot of differences. Like, sure they have cuter songs like IMO falling in love but you never see them really in the same outfits doing cute little dances. They do sexy as well, no doubt, but they don't overdue it. They have songs that are empowering like I am the best, & they have songs that are sad for sad moods like Missing you. Also, their style is edgy, & they aren't twig thin either! (Not saying being skinny is bad!!) & um who cares about PS like hello, korean standards are different people. I mean say Bom got PS and act disgusted whenever your fav prob did too. & they have talent. I've watched many MR removed & 2ne1 sound good! Especially for their age. Dara doesn't suck, I mean IMO compared to maybe Bom or Minzy in the group she isn't the best (lol) but I still think Dara can sing! Its like putting someone who can sing well & beyonce. You know? No, CL isn't the best rapper, minzy isnt the best dancer, Bom doesn't have the best vocals, & dara isn't the prettiest idol but I respect them a lot & they've worked hard. <3
Are you paying attention to haters comments? When CL's The Baddest Female came out, that was the worst I had ever seen!! So many of the comments were terrible!! You can get really pissed off or you can just ignore them!! It's a lot less stressful to ignore them!! And remember, they are helping with the views!! ^_^
There is a lot of metal/rock influence over kpop. Misfits, Iron Maiden and I think I see another band tshirt in some MV with Fx and SuperJunior too... why?
why not? why shouldn't music from around the world be known to them?
I'm kinda new to 2ne1 so can anyone please explain what happened to Bom? I've seen a lot of people saying tat they miss her but I don't know what happened
+It's All Shiny She's in Korea just laying low for now to avoid the press. She hasn't updated anything on Twitter or Instagram, so Blackjacks are missing her a lot.
For anyone new who checked out this video here are the names of the girls :) Park Bom(00:44)(1:30)(1:56) Cl(1:07)(1:27)(2:18) Minzy (1:12)(1:32)(1:43) Sandara(dara for short)(00:56)(1:29)(2:02)
O___Wow___O The creativity continues:) "The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste."
I hear a lot of "nigga this, nigga that" ><
You are just mishearing korean as english slang.
Psy's version of the Spice Girls
Im excited for dara, for her up coming drama
Alot of my friends suggested me to watch this song ...... .. and as i expected I'm so disappointed after all the hype about this song i thought at least it would be good except the 0:20 when they danced the song is awful ...... Anyone can suggest good song for this group ??
If you really want to hear their best. You should search 2ne1 all or nothing concert korea. on that video, listen o clap your hands, pretty boy, scream I guarantee you, you will like all 3 songs
gotta be you .. 
Damned k pop singers........ I want to sleep with them and Big bang. Ugh.......
Sounds like Gangnam style. We don't need anymore of this crap.
Listen to After School-Because of you 9Muses-drama Great songs
seriously how many kilograms of make up do they put on their faces?? they look like goddamn DOLLS!!!!!
.... Is that a WWE Championship? Ehm.. Okaaaaaay
yeop because they are the best !
Korean barbarians - dance and sing while you torture dogs ? You are a nation of scum. I NEVER buy anything Korean or Chinese.
Nobody asked you to...anyway
im new to this and i would love to here more of this music in the states
Then try their other songs you might like them also :) Yay 2NE1... Guys check their other songs: 1. Come Back Home (1 of my faves) 2. Missing You 3. Happy 4. Mental Breakdown ( solo by CL) 5. Lonely 6. I Dont Care 7. Fire (debut song) 8.Go Away 9. Do You love Me 10. In The Club 11Falling In Love 12. Follow Me 13. Clap Your Hands 14. Ugly 15.I love You 16. I Am The Best 17. Gotta Be You 18. I Hate You 19. Crush 20. Please dont go
That girl with the short hair has such pretty eyes!!!
After seeing the Microsoft commercial a wrote MEGACHENCHALACA and found the song.
Such an amazing beat in the beginning, the chorus, in the bridge, and in the background throughout... but then they try to put a melody to it in the verses and it destroys the song. Unfortunate.
this song is all amazing.... This  is 2NE1 dude best asian girl group
you might not agree with this but it seems like if you promote illuminati in your songs, you'll become famous.. what the hell is this?? :/ Just my opinion........
NO one cares literally the interfan fighting is killing Kpop. This group verses that group is just stupid. They all Girls generation to 2ne1 to small time kpop groups are all what makes kpop....kpop. SO PLEASE just stop with the stupid fan flame wars. It only turns people who are new to the genre away from it. Like it did me for several years.
I should add no one cares how many views one group or another gets.
Nobody cares. Next
Am I the only one or this video had some scenes of Illuminati?! O.o * * P.S: I'm scared of this song, don't know why! :3
Illuminati is bull tho. :p
When will major record labels lean to launch their artists singles through product placement like this?
They ripped the idea for this music video straight out of Madona's playbook and it looks nice
I have listen to them for 5 or 6 years now. Finally America is finding them!
+Dan Te I was close. I couldn't remember. But I started watching them a long time ago. I used to watch this video all the time. I love them.
This sound songs great in the ad, but it's misleading. Microsoft is not the best. 
Es horrible todas sus canciones son las peores en las canciones son una porqueria canciones para cagar parece¡Es una mierda¡
Haria lo mismo que hacen ustedes
Fui una idiota al decir que las canciones de 2en1 son una mierda cuando yo puedo decir q no me gustan sus canciones perdonen todos los fans de ellas no queria ofender a nadie pero si lo hice asi que les demuestro de que cambie¡
Some of what I know is CL saying "someone please stop me before I flip something over" and "nuga neaga nobado dou jal naga" means who? What you think you are better than me?
It is actually Korean ver
To be honest it sounds like psy gentleman.
+Valentina Pino No, I'm saying that the song sounds similar! What the hell does racism have to do with this?!
khera natale Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
this this song i am the best is one of the best song ever  # 5
from which country are they ? 
Is nobody gunna talk about the WWE Championship in the beginning of the video...? No? Okay
It's because they are the best dude.. Uhg!
Hetalia~!, this is South Korea today...ya.......
아 나의 하나님, 어떤 하나.....제발 죽여!
OMG !! Why the people is saying about CL's debut  is a feat with ariana grande. That's true.?
Oh god please no ariana grande. Their voices won't go well honestly. But then again, they are both "under" scooter Braun so...
CL's official debut only will feature Florence and the Machine, Grimes(possibly), Blood Diamonds(possibly),, and Diplo.
hmmmmm.. non kpop fans can get out from here..
Everyone can come to enjoy the music though. But haters can stay out ^^
They should be bf and gf with big bang they would be perfect
Someone from Big Bang would be left without gf then ^^;
The person left behind would probably be Seungri XD lol JK JK
115,050,772 9:11pm 22/02/15
115,430,340 11:51pm 26/02/15
Ola acabo de descubrir este grupo de chicas me pueden decir como de pronuncia 2NE1
They bring Japanese haircuts from anime to life lol
Why does CL always sound like she's trying to sing while chewing gum? 
Because she's cool
One more song that will eventually vanish into oblivion like "What Does the Fox Say?"  Flashy video, but as for the 'lyrics'??????
This came out in 2011 and is still popular in 2015. As for the lyrics, they are no bad. [CL] I am the Best I am the Best I am the Best I am the Best Th-th-the Best (BEAT!) Bam Ratatata Tatatatata (BEAT!) Bam Ratatata Tatatatata (BEAT!) Bam Ratatata Tatatatata (BEAT!) Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Oh my god [BOM] Whoever looks at me can see I'm kind of a killer alright This body is second to no one alright [DARA] You're following behind me but I'm only running forward I jump on top of the table you're sitting at I don't care [CL] If you touch me you won't be able to handle it I'm hot hot hot hot fire Before I flip something over Please can someone stop me [MINJI] I open my closet and Put on the freshest outfit The reflection of my face in the mirror I carefully check it over Right now it's 8 I'm supposed to meet up at 8:30 Tonight I set out with bold steps [Each girl sang this verse] I am the Best I am the Best I am the Best I am the Best Th-th-the Best [MINJI] Whoever looks at me can see I'm kind of fabulous alright Even if you were me, you'd be envious of this body alright [BOM] Guys are turning around to look at me Girls are following me Being looked down on in the spot I'm sitting at, every day is tiring [DARA] Pretending to be an athlete, this snobby Clumsy Playa Like you're a flat tire I'll dump you good for people to see [CL] I refuse to be compared I'm telling you the truth If we're talking about my value, I'm a Billion dollar baby People who know a thing or two They all know it so ask them Grab anyone and ask them Who is the best [Each girl sang this verse] I am the best I am the best I am the best I am the best [CL] Who? You are better than me? No no no no na na na na Who? You are better than me? No no no no na na na na Who? You are better than me? No no no no na na na na Who? You are better than me? No no no no na na na na Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Oh my god Read more: 2NE1 - I'm The Best Lyrics | MetroLyrics
this is the problem communist influince is brain washing our people. also south korea is our tru enemy thay have tricked us in to bileaving that thay are our friends we must rout the communist enemys before thay destoy our freedom seig hail for freedom seig hail for the finel soulushin seig hail for the end of communisom and seig hail in the name of the furur SEIG HAIL SEIG HAIL SEIG HAIL SEIG HAIL
stop bashing 4minute we all should get along! 
I think you are the one starting problems on a 2ne1 video. There is no comments on this video about bashing 4minute so why bring it up here. Most people bashing 4minute saying they are like 2ne1 are just trolling and hating on 4minute. Also not all people that bashed 4minute are blackjacks. True blackjacks know that 4minute and 2ne1 have totally different music.
can we all just get along I love 2ne1 and 4minute! 
Lol Haha Its awesome I have no idea what they sayin I came for Dara Lol Yeh Awesome Bro Whats this about
CL:I am the best (x4) Th-th-the best BOM:Whoever looks at me can see I'm kind of a killer alright this body is second to no one alright DARA:You're following behind me but I'm only running forward I jump on top of the table you're sitting at I don't care CL:If you touch me you won't be able to handle it I'm hot hot hot hot fire before I flip something over please can some one stop me MINJI:I open my closet and put on the freshet outfit the reflection of my face in the mirror carefully check it over right now it's 8 I'm supposed to meet up at 8:30 to night I set out with bold steps CL:I am the best (x4) Th-th-the best MINJI:Whoever looks at me can see I'm kind of fabulous alright even if you were me, you'd be envious of this body alright BOM:Guys are turning around to look at me girls are following me being looked down on in the spot I'm sitting at, every day is tiring DARA: pretending to be an athlete this snobby clumsy playa like you're a flat tire I'll dump you good for people to see CL:I refuse to be compared I'm telling you the truth if we're talking about my value I'm a billion dollar baby, people who know a thing or two they all know it so ask them grab anyone and ask them who is the best, I am the best(x4) Who? You are better then me? No no no no na na na (x4) Hope that helped xD
+emily nicole they all sing the chorus. 
This is the most annoying piece of  crap I have ever heard. Makes me want to shoot holes on my TV whenever it comes on.  Whatever happened to Rock n Roll?
Rock as genre hasn't disappeared. But 2NE1 are kpop not rock.
I kinda came here because of Microsoft xD but I have heard of 2ne1 because of come back home. And when I heard CL's voice in that ad I was like "ish that cl" "OH YAS THATS MAH GIRL" no one hate on me...
Good story this make me cry xD.. I'M JOKING
i like snsd better but this is amazing! any recomendations of more 2ne1 songs?
I think it would be easier to sort their music by genre because some people like certain concepts/ genres for different groups. ballads: it hurts, lonely, missing you, be mine {this song was not a promotional song} RnB: baby, I miss you , good to you, if I were you electronic/ dance: I am the best, can't nobody, don't stop the music, follow me, go away, hate you, do you love me, I'm busy, scream {if you like I am the best a lot then this is maybe the side you like more} pop: fire reggae: come back home, falling in love, I don't care reggae version unplugged: come back home hip-hop influenced: clap your hands, pretty boy others: stay together, happy, ugly, I love you, in the club solos: dara- kiss, park bom you and I, park bom- don't cry, CL- the baddest female, CL- Mental breakdown, CL & Minzy- please don't go My top 20 are [excluding solos]: (I really love the ballad side of 2ne1.) ~ this was so hard to choose my favorites ~ 1. if I were you 2. missing you 3. be mine 4. come back home 5. crush 6. pretty boy 7. clap your hands 8. stay together 9. it hurts 10. good to you 11. baby I miss you 12. ugly 13. fire 14. lonely 15. love is ouch 16. I don't care reggae version 17. go away 18. I am the best 19. can't nobody 20. falling in love
My favorites are this one, Ugly, Can't Nobody, Lonely, Hate You, Scream, Gotta be You and I Love You. Ccanna1001 above me has better list though XD
Try to listen to this on a faster speed, hahahahaha
+Bloodbathian you can't do it from your cellphone tho
Names??? I know only CL T.T
BOM & DARA 're in 2nd row. MINZY & CL're in the 1st row. (according from time around 0.25 in this MV.
no offence but i prefer SNSD. well i dont hate 2ne1. their songs are nice, just that i prefer SNSD. 
It's okay but i don't understand why you had to come here to say it
its okay if you think about that.. but its not necessary to come here and post about that.. i prefer 2ne1 than SNSD but i'm mature enough and not go to SNSD video just to said something like you did.. :)
2NE1 sucks compared to SNSD. Forever 9 hwaiting
Why bother here.... Actually its 8 not 9
Go listen to gee bitch.
Little Mix Wings is better.
then go listen to "wings" then.
Omg the one with the blue hair...holy shit
Minzy, she has blue hair during shootin scene. Otherwise she has dark short hair.
Who is the best ?
This is so Gaga! Gaga in kpop ver
not at all haha.
In order to be "the best", apparently, one needs to cut their eyes to look more white...or like an anime character? Confused what it took to make them "the best"...
They are best as persons, not only for their looks. Also pretty much Bom only has done plastic surgery, others just havem make up ^^;
Was that a wwe belt in the beginning....
Am i high or holds she a WWE Championship belt?
She is. The song is about being the best. Hence the belt means being the winner and the champion
+Black Jack Whoa. I was looking for a theme song for a WWE game and just tiped something in YouTube. Then i clicked on this vid and saw her with the belt. Considence? I don't think so xD
watch their music video for "COME BACK HOME" you will love it
she looks like that chick from Gungam style..
+Proo Pandaj  Cl is in Hangover with GD :) 
+lids cam are you trolling??? or do you normally say asinine shit   #notstereotyping   
I love u guys. I'm such a big fan and + I'm Chinese
Is that CL in the beginning???
LOL you're back.... Thankz for the views tho TROLL...
Sooooo, anyone else notice the illuminati stuff starting at 2:40?
yeah but if u watch it again u'll see they destroyed it.. 
Does she say nigga?
Naega and Nega.... In any moment they say Nigga
Not really. They are saying Naega which in Korean means 'I' or 'me'
Girls' Generation is better
Jessica is not part of SNSD anymore, get over it
Did gangnam style rip off this song? Like the beat and rhythm of the lyrics sound very similar.
2NE1 and PSY are in the same label company. Hence the songs were both produce by Teddy. Who works at their Company
JOSEPH BLACK Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Jaliyah like this song.
Happy Birthday, CL!! Love you!! Love 2ne1!! Fighting!! ^_^
Happy Birthday, CL
What did she call me???
They are mostly talking about themselves if you look at lyrics ^^;
Naega means "I am" in Korean. 
Tội nghiệp 4NIA, 4 phút đạo hết concept, vũ đạo của 2NE1....còn bày đặt miêu tả album lần này là "All or Nothing", chắc hog biết đó là tên tour diễn TG vừa rồi của 2NE1 =)))). Ít ra phải cảm ơn tụi này...nhờ v mà album 4 phút mới dc chú ý :v
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