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Teen Wolf & You Know It | The Wolf Pack ft. Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Posey

by Kaitlyn Vella • 505,131 views

This rap is a very special one because of the guests in it. We can't thank MTV, the Teen Wolf cast and crew, and all of you enough for allowing us to do what we do. Without you all none of this...

Sorry but this was so awkward to watch
The only reason i arched was to we Dylan . 😍
Why am I cringing lol it's so cute yet embarrassing 😂
You touched dylan... You touched him... Why am i so jealous ewew
3:50 Dylan annoying man          *Man gets angry at Dylan*          *Dylan Pretends like nothing happened*          *Man only joking*
The girls are so shy and adorable, while Dylan and Tyler are like man we're awesome! Love the video SO MUCH!
Dylan is so funny and adorabl ❤️ aaah i want to meet them so bad
Omfg dylan dancing is the cutest thing ever !!
This is either the best thing I've ever seen or the weirdest. Shout out to Dylan's Hip thrusting 
Give me Dylan's personality. Or Dylan. I don't mind ;)
2:15 hahah what the heck Dylan!!!!
Dylan's dancing throughout the whole vid OMG ahahaha
What did I just watch...
Luckiest people in the universe you have everything I dream of O.O
OMG you are so lucky to meet dylan o'brien ! I'm so jealous :( i would be so happy if i even got to be in the same country as them 
Like if u died watching posey and brien 😂😂
I'm usually incredibly jealous & defensive when it comes to my man (Dylan) but you girls seem sweet & nice. Hope I'm not wrong about that. DYLAN/TEEN WOLF SUPER MEGA DIEHARD FREAK FAN here.
Wow. Dylan is ridiculously into this ... haha
Omg,Dylan's like a Little Puppy or something🙈Love him😍🙈🙊
Omg,,, Is Dylan always act like that? And he claimed that he is a shy person! Tyler just like his character adorable and sweet ♥ ♥
How are they not dancing with them or even crying or screaming?
Dylan is too cute omg
tyler and dylan are very funny
Trop marrant, c trop bien , je kif trop ! Dylan O'Brien il est trop drole ! :P
Dylan's moves are the cutest!!
lol I feel like they were kinda bored but they tried to act like they were excited
I love it! Tyler and Dylan are so funny. I love the song.
Lucky! I wish I could meet them!
Okay so for Christmas my brother's best friend's, girlfriend got me THE EXACT HAT Dylan is wearing! omg guys I'm so happy!!!!!!!!😍😂😭
2:15 - 2: 23  I CAN"T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!
Dylan dances like I do. Just kinda flail until it somewhat resembles dancing. Except he looks cute doing it.
I am really shy but i would probably spend all videos touching dylan ups
awww I love it!!! Dylan and Tyler are amazing, thank for make this video
Words can not explain how much I love this video. Haha :) 
i was wondering how you got to meet them its just I'm such a huge fan of dylan and i would really appreciate if you could tell me i just really want to meet him ;) hope you see this 
so jealous!! time to go rewatch Teen Wolf:)
You guys are sooo lucky! Dylan and Tyler are hilarious!! Omg I wish I could hang out with them. They are awesome. They are kinda like me and my friend :) im dylan and my friend is tyler!
Dylan is such a cutie😩
I would do anything to meet them.. yall are so lucky dylan o Brian is my world
Dylan is a so crazy guy XD
really funny they think there all that and are kinda stuck up
Dylan gets so into it! hahaha hes so awesome.
3:13 where can I get a purple sweater like that?? In Arizona?
Idk cause I live in Canada but they sell sweaters like that in stores like Bluenotes and they are usually on sale but idk for Arizona
And thats why i love DYLAAAAN Cool vid:D I wish i could spend a day on set of teen wolf
OMG! Tyler P. so funny love him. He so cute! I wish you guys have Colton on here with Posey. It be more funnier. You guys are so lucky to meet them. Especially, Tyler Posey love him. He's my big crush
this has made me incredibly happy and jealous you two are the luckiest girls ever i mean they first bumped you and thats physical touch from Tyler and Dylan my heart melted!   
Omg guys it's so funny :P I wanna see Dylan too:(
Dylan is super hot when he is dancing
Girl in pink kind of looks like Holland
OMG not at all +Chelsea Taylor-Johnson +ChelseaTaylor-Johnson
omg I love this so freaking much
I love love Dylan's face when they did the fist pump roar thing the first time is face was priceless
I love ittttt!! But u guys should have dance doe
Oi diana santos carvalho 20 TEMOS WOLF TYLER POSEY 1100000000000 sim ko.💘 💘 💘 💘 💘
omg how did u get to see them  #teamstylesallday  
This video is too good. Awesome job guys! Why am I just seeing this?!
Lol Dylan throughout the whole video
Tyler didn't fistpump the girl with dark hair at the beginning😢
You are SO lucky. OMG... They are SO hot!
DYLAN O'BRIEN <3 <3 <3
DYLAN OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING I LOVE YOU ASZDCGV. I would've been dancing and screaming and crying if i was there omg the feels right now
Lol dylan puts all he got into and posey just like I'll be here in the back lol
they stand there so awkward I would dance with them lol
Dylan is just like crazy while Tyler is just like being semi awkward. It is adorable.
ive watched this video an insane amount of times and still not over it cutest thing ever
omg they're so stupid I love them so much hahahaa
Aurore Musch Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
I wish i could meet them i love taylor and his charactor scott i got him as my walpaper in my tablet ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy gooddddd!!!!
This is the most amazing thing Ive ever seen! I couldnt stop laughing!!
Dylan is so cute I can't even 😘 I love you dylan 💕💕💕💕💕
I love how O'brosey are more enthusiastic about the video then anyone else
Tyler at 5:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
My friends b like wats wrong with them im like wat oh thats normal
lmaoo loveeeeee it 
OMG, this was hilarious!!! :-) :-D 
I'm a huge T W fan and if this happened to me, my smile would never, EVER!!! go away I love the cast
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