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Paul Simon - Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition UNBOXING

by Darren Lock • 3,573 views

You can buy your copy here: It's hard to believe that this classic album is now 25 years old and here it is repackaged in a deluxe edition box set complete with an...

Belew played on this as well as Rhythm of the Saints
The production quality of the set is superb, but the bottom line is that this is a rip-off. However, wait six months and the price will be halved. This has happened with the recent Pink Floyd Immersion sets too. So the mantra is to be patient and wait for the drop.
Yup - while Levin doesn't appear on this album his relationship with Simon goes to One Trick Pony and that. I remember seeing the movie once, a long time ago. Wish they'd bring it out on DVD as I can't remember if it was any good!!! Of course, the Roches came via Simon to Fripp.
Wow, the notebook seems like it never ends, doesn't it?.
Thanks for indications...never know even their existance... '-_-
I laughed so hard at 3:18 I almost spit out my tea. I'm getting tired of these overpriced box sets that celebrate one single album, but this one looks pretty great. I was a huge fan of this album growing up (I was nine when it came out) and it still holds up. It will be great to see the African concert again in good quality. Thanks for unboxing!
Zavvi, Sendit and Base have all reduced DSOTM & WYWH.
Where can i buy a Darren Lock cd?
I'm kind of disappointed - I thought it might have 180g vinyl - but that aside it looks great, and I suppose you can still get an ordinary vinyl copy. Thanks D.
Eminent prog connections- before mr Levin helped PG embrace african rhythms he was in Paul Simon's band. One Trick Pony et al. How mr Levin got his other new york gigs, including Double Fantasy with mr John Lennon (you might have 'erd of 'im- not prog but a bit buggy... beetle-ish). Off to PG, the Crimso then swing through Graceland...
Where have you seen it? I see the prices are as high as the day one on every website!! O_o
This album takes me back i remeber bein 7 and watchin on mtv the video for you can call me al and gettin the album and not knowin it was african influencened it still holds up
I'm not really a big Paul Simon fun. But for some reason I really want this set. I didn't even know it existed till now.
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