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Silent Hill Downpour - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 19 - DOLL MONSTER (Xbox 360/PS3) [HD]

by theRadBrad • 268,821 views

Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 19 with HD Xbox 360 and PS3 Gameplay by theRadBrad. Part 19 of this Silent Hill Downpour Gameplay Walkthrough includes the Library. This Silent Hill Downpour...

brad would be more freaked out if he could hear the shit going on in the backround
You miss so much! It's pretty fucking frustrating. Pay attention to your shit, you lovable bastard. Even, though, I know this was made 3 years ago...
When ever he pause the game I get scare
I love your username.
No disrespect to this guy but maaaaaaan why is it so hard to find these without commentary??  I just wanna watch this cool game without hearing some dude's st. patrick's day stories..
+Nathan Maxwell Can't believe he's still going on about it. Sounds to me like he might be a little slow in the head.
My the comment was originally posted 8 months ago and you guys are still going on about it? Wow.
Lmao He Does Want Youu😏
i like the game but will u stop walking around in circles
+Celeste Perez I agree though, and nothing wrong with that opinion. Doesn't really hurt to look around instead of talking away everything, there are too many lpers busy listening to their own voice because they get too "comfy" doing lps. Not that radbrad is worst in that regard. It's just that the lps turn to into a FRIGGIN VLOG minus the face!
Damn that menu always makes me jump damn it lol
fuck these commercials
the are with the doll kinda reminds me of bioshock 1 in cohens section where those white balerinas would follow you and dissapear 
Your soooo honest about your problems... Tell us more
Upgrade Slenderman: What are you looking at my girlfriend for Brad: Dude sorry I thought it was a doll or s3x doll
you should put light on the candle on the red drum
I noticed there are stamps and writing or numbers on the bottom of the books you can pick up with the black light. Maybe these are for the Roman Numeral code?
helpful tip: if you don't like how Brad plays the game, don't freaking watch it. Maybe play it on your own?
12:40 sounds like having sex !!
WTF why do you not see the footprints..? my God. 
3:48 good comment in a difficult situation. You could have used that "entertainment object" as a bait to escape from there. Good video and greetings from Spain
3:48 thats the girlfriend of the monster?
Lol brad you called the big white creature a weeping bat fucking piece of shit that was some funny shit.
Nice Mr. Neighbor looks a little creepy.
I love how excited you sounded when going through your inventory and you said "and a money box shaped like an eeelllleeeeeppphhhaaaannnttt!" It was hilarious! Thanks for doing these walkthroughs Brad; I personally find them dull without some fun chatter, like yours. 
I like the people who complain in the comments about not finding a playthrough without a commentary. If you don't like it then why are you watching it lol & if it's just the voice then turn off your sound xD
This was exactly 2 years ago today. Welcome to 2014 :)
Brad when the doors close did they scare you ever, like a silly scare. Cause every now and then when the door closes behind you or something I feel my heart drop a little lol.
\hahaha 'when you lose someone you love.......Alright'
haha i feel like this bitch is gonna jump up and scare me... turns around OH SHIT
haha knowing the ending, "friendly mr. neighbor" is such a creepy thing
Just wanted to ask why all of the books have a purple stamp on them?
Love the vids but yeah not to fond of the Irish comment made in this vid. Just voicing my opinion.
Wahhhh wahhhh... shut up.
+Jacqueline Fink why so harsh on people just voicing their opinion?
This is the first time i'm seeing the walkthrough of this game. I've watched a let's play of Resident evil 4, That was pretty fun. I'll try to watch all your videos..
I just bought this game a couple of days ago and I've been watching your videos(thanks by the way,they're great!) when I get stuck. I've been in this fucking library for 2 damn hours tonight!! I'm hoping you find whatever the hell it is that I can't...on to the next video!!
SOOOOO!!!! thats all the mannequin does it was less scarier than i taught.
ok as far as I understand its in every book you find that way
just gonna say the same thing. love the look and feel of this game. very well done. better than most horror movies! love your commentating too - you're fun to listen to.
its a fail because you are seriously fucking stupid that guy is joking around and you decided to point it out so he successfully trolled you so in other words you FAILED
this game is scary as fuck ! amnesia is like candy land compared to this shit
the second one is probably one of the scariest, and this one is more of a trip mixed with some scary parts.
you piss me off sometimes with your stupidity
"Time to fucken go, time to go" hehe nice singing brad...
The doll is a nurse! And I do agree--I've felt very reminiscent of SH2 by watching this (I'm too chicken to play the messes with my mind way too much), even down to the shadow beating in the last video.
You missed so much. :( and ya this THE worst SH game. Doesn't deserve the SH name.
Bro the same thing happen to mi and mi mamacita wit the ex experencia btw you play great..
oh meh gawd, that monster keeps freaking me out XD 4:00 i was like OH FUCKING HOLY JESUS!! xD
revealed by the UV light.....thats totally semen
wow, the book entries are a really nice touch. Although - I could see how most of them were relevant, all except for the Roman divination
Love your walkthroughs man. Keep up the good work!
FYI, when you hear the walkie go off it means a monster is very close.
Impressive,...y there a sex doll?
@theradbrad are we hearing the same thing as you? Is it because your talking that you dont hear monsters creeping up on you and the police sirens earlier on and people crying and shit...
Not backstory in those books....their are codes in the corners
for all the safes and doors that he's past but he figures them out further on so its all good
U don't have to be white to be irish dude
Before u wnt n the projector room.. there wasa glowing map or soming on the wall or book shelf.
I miss the fog, it would have made it look more "Silent-Hill-ish"
Every time bullshit happens like the stairs falling I visibly flinch and hope my room mate doesn't notice and freak out
4:03 Hell na!! I was scared with you!
Should just kill that fucker already. You got your fireaxe, you can fight decently, so what is there to fear? You just letting him bully you whole day long and poke away all your health?
Ppl say this should not be called silent hill bc of how different it is but look at the resident evil series... seems like a natural progression to me
Silent Hill is one of those games that encourages you to play over and over, playing this the first time is hard. Looking forward to a shortened movie version seeing as I can't afford a PS3
Last time* "and that is some poppy shit" *collapse* "Oh Shit!"
mini cut scene save the day :D
@solidwolf100 meant 5:30 pm and it was 5:09 am when i wrote that
that sex doll reminded me of saints row the third
4:03 i was like "kiss, kiss, kiss......" Shut up i do not have a fetish....
the roman numral code for the safe was in the books
I am enjoying your videos, mate... but because this is a very blind walk through and you are experiencing these things for the first time, you have a tendency to sway back and forth and the camera swings and you go in circles so fast, especially in tight spaces like in this video and I have to take Dramamine before I watch them cuz they make me motion sick! LOL!! Not knocking ya, dude, just thought it would be funny to mention :)
those mannequins remind me of the straitjacket enemies from silent hill origins
Youve been sayin this for like 5 episodes move on then stop crying like a bitch
I can understand why this game is rated so low. Because it is not Silent Hill, it is something else. This game is not bad after all, but there's no way it can be called Silent Hill. As a Silent Hill game it sucks IMO.
Brad... plz stop back tracking so much.. itz annoying as hell. Love ur channel though.
Brad your very unobserven, at least you admit it yourself that your nearly blind. Well, a lot of things in the game are meant to be seen by normal players and don't get me wrong, Brad will do what he can do when he sees it so nobody should really tell me that this is Brad's style and let him do things his way or some sort of comment like that. :/ Only thing I like about Brad is his funny comments and actions in a horror game and made it less scary. :)
u give the best walkthroughs plus their funny
2:15 so throw a chair :) never seen anyone do that in the game just b like BARFIGHT!!!!!1!!! and start beating the crap out of some random monster
4:00-4:04 Perfect timing, monster
I hope you can see the footprints on the ground Brad lmao!
I love how you thought the doll was going to kill you and then that big monster comes out of no where and gets you instead haha.
There were written numbers on these books...
1:39 is that cum? it looks like cum. It's cum
it looks to be a good terror game
Blackopsguy shut the fuck up dude
for me this is the SCARIEST among ALL Silent Hill Games >:O
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