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The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

by macessentials • 3,288,100 views

The Original 1984 Macintosh Introduction: the magic moment, when Steve Jobs unveils the Macintosh and releases it from its bag. We've found these historical lost videos in 2004 and restored and...

I've gone through 7 windows laptops in the last 8 years.  I still have my iMac that I purchased in 2006 and it still runs as fast as the day I purchased it.  
+ringg<<< Iobit Mac Booster MacBooster is designed to clean out all of the unnecessary files to speed up Mac system performance.  >>>>> <<<<<<<<
+ringg talking about malware...
i didn't remember this video...
Steve 👍 Look behind dots to create GUI
Amrith Shanbhag Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
+BobRooney Please define "uneducated" here? As in people who prefer Apples, or something else? I have a great video from Frugaltech/ Bruce Nayler on this subject. :)
The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve #Jobs  introduces the #Macintosh  
Why are there a number of videos about Steve Jobs on YouTube whose title claims to have been lost? If they had been lost, who found them? Where did they find them? How did they get lost in the first place?
Trent'anni fa, oggi, il primo Mac. Non so dire se abbia cambiato il destino della musica digitale. Ma di sicuro l'ha resa molto più semplice.
Ora mai amiga e morta per fortuna ora con il PC il gaming e molto diffuso seno' era quella la migliore console
My husband came home from work in 1984 one day and said everyone in his department was being given a Macintosh computer. I said, what do we do with it? Thirty years later I am still on an Apple Mac  and Apple products and haven't changed.  Yes Macs are expensive, but Yes they do last longer than some others that I hear about  [even though after 3 years, Apple thinks it is old and at times is somewhat unsupportive :(  ] No they are not perfect and I have issues now and then with the software "Geeks" who make some good and some bad changes. BUT I still love MAC, and I wish I had the original Mac..bad mistake to get rid of it!! 
Cool, you still using it after 6 years. I'm rather a power user and 6 years old technology is too old for me. I upgrade my personal machine every 3 years (and it runs for another year or two with kids after which, the technology becomes too old for them too lol) and still save a lot compared to if I was using MAC (and upgrading every 6 years).
I haven't had any problems running any new software at all. The only thing I felt the need to upgrade was the ram from 8G to 16G, but as far as it being old technology, it keeps up fairly well.
See! You can type a complete sentence without using gibberish! Now if we could only get your punctuation under control...
Wow, that is awesome, you get that AARP card yet? (Playing!) No really I was 3 at this time,
dam life must have sucked back then with that crappy technology
I was in elementary school at the time. We had no idea what we were missing so we were happy! But now - if everyone had internet and smartphones taken away we`d be freaking out and not know what to do with ourselves. Back then there weren`t even cellphones! At least not consumer cellphones, maybe just massive industrial ones.
Stephan Wozniak designed this, Jobs just the front man for Wozniak who was more interested in the hardware and software than marketing.
+VirtualCoder Woz is not a business man, mac would never have happened without Jobs vision. They were a team. Why does it matter if OSX uses FreeBSD kernel? It's a very solid kernel. 
I still have this Mac.  LOL!  When people see it they can't believe it, like it's from the Stone Age.  I even considered spray-painting it to look like granite stone. 
U really should haha! Would be awesome
Why is there still a debate like this? If you want a powerful thin machine buy a surface pro 3. If you want a insanely powerful thick machine buy the Alienware 19. If you want a desktop ask for the windows 8 and say please. If you want quality build with power and thinness buy the ultra book or zenbook macs can go flee. Microsoft has taken over every good computer while Steve jobs designs simple average power machines with good graphics and nice outside it just looks nice. Just wait till there are Apple consoles and apple furniture and apple transportation and Google collides with them and everyone is technology it's crazy how Apple wants to be the best at everything tablets its fare to say Apple does make the best phones probably but again if you like more control and customization Samsung but I think phones by them are good. That my friend is all Apple can do
+John M How would that be illegal? You think the government has the power to take that super-company down? Plus, they provide a big portion of the world's technology. 
Guys I just tried to state my opinion that mircrosoft makes better computers but apple is still good at some things but are crazy on how much techolohy is taking over I mean self driving cars?!?!
this video is now 27 years old as of 2015 i have many MAC's two powerbook g4's a 15 and a 17 inch powermac g4 powermac g5 30 inch apple cinema display Imac g3 Imac 2006 Imac 2009 ipad3 ipod touch 4g apple wireless mouse and keyboard magic trackpad and apple superdrive all that and more can be found on my channel feel free to subscribe
Perfect video and computer for the iSheep, for the rest of us this is the perfect computer to smash.
Was Steve Jobs in Star Wars?
young Money Jobs introduces the Moneytosh
So mac sucked ass then and sucked ass now... what's new :I
After using a windows PC for 20 years, I was looking for a small laptop to basically take with me when traveling. I bought a chrome book and that was a mistake. There were way too many glitches. The day windows 8 came out, I bought a cheap Dell. 2 weeks later, I sent it back for repair. Dell, the company once known for great support and service has gone to crap. They wouldn't warranty it and I refused to take it back. A month later, they decided to fix it. In the meantime, I bought a Macbook Pro. Why in the world did I wait?
sunny redcloud Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
And a lot of people fell for it. Why would anyone who knows anything about computers use a Mac?
Yeah, well... anyone who thinks PCs are so much better because they are so much faster -- they need to be to overcome the shortcomings of Windows which invariably slows the system down and causes it to fail inexplicably.  If you have never used a mac, you may not know what you are missing, and you probably have no idea how a computer should work.  Every PC becomes sluggish with time.  Like some others who have commented, my entire office is Mac by intention, because they are so much more reliable (we threw out the PCs).  And my 17" macbook pro runs as fast and smoothly as it did the day I got it, 4 years ago, and not once has it crashed.  Meanwhile every new issuance of Windows seems worst than the last.  Windows 8?  Really?
Payam BG Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
استیو جابز و اولین معرفی سیستم مکینتاش در سال 1984 ، خیلی جالبه که چنان تشویق و شوری برای این سیستم در بین جمعیت دیده می شه . نشون میده شاید تکنولوژی که الان داریم استفاده می کنیم برای دهه های آینده به جوک شبیه باشه. The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh
خوشحالم که مورد توجه واقع شد
RAM Rich Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Surely the PC fanboys can't complain about this right?
better than windows 8, lets hope windows 10 is better than this though.
+HayabusaSmoothie dude his a troll dot let him feed on ur anger
TOO LATE, I have taken and fed upon his delicious anger and like the virginity of a trashy Vegas bride, he will never get it back.
Much as I hate the Apple OS I have to hand it to Apple.  They introduced graphics on personal computers.  That alone changed computing forever. By the way I still have an old Apple Performa 550 (which looks very much like this model) that I fire up from time to time just to play games on.
oh my god, the people cheering at the end of the video... that's incredible. those people were witnessing history. despite the argument of mac or pc, steve jobs did something amazing with the macintosh and we should all be glad he did.
How amazing this must have been for the audience, to see such a powerful machine do things they've never seen a computer that size do. Apple has been flooring audiences for years, and its marketing strategies are fantastic. I am a PC user primarily, but I admire the technology of Apple, and how its innovation shaped the fledgling electronics industry.
Woah! That video was so inspirational I could only watch half of it
 Stephen Hawking introducing the Mac! 
Watching this on a mid 2014 Macbook Pro Retina :D 
#ThrowBack of a lifetime: granted he didn't say I'm selling you a big ass calculator; that I programmed to talk to myself... But the original square root of 3.14 is always nice to see #3GS
Steve Jobs invented Stephen Hawking?? O_O
Oh my god dude! Lmfao I feel so bad for laughing at that xzd it took me like 30 sec to get it then I bust into laughs xD woke my damn kitten up XDDDD
I can see he is very proud of Macintosh and himself!!!! 
The crowd actually enjoy
How did they see the computer screen? Did they have a projector or something? Or did they just see the really small screen from a really far distance?
It was being projected to a large screen behind and above steve.
ご満悦な笑顔の余韻にひたりながら、Steveビデオみまくってしまったw 初代iPhoneの紹介も良かったね。Look at that! Isn't it incredible!? Unbelievable!!!  を連発してはしゃぐSteveおじさん。とても嬉しそう!!!
3:27 SIRI's grand grand father haha
R.I.P Mr Jobs. I'd always doubted Apple Products and thought they were locked down and ridiculous. I was hard set into Microsoft products for a while, while they were still half decent but that no longer is so. Unfortunately now that Windows is hideous and becoming locked-down itself (instead of a bios boot screen I notice newer computers boot straight to the windows 8 loading logo. That's nice, make a little harder microsoft) So without further ado, If I can't Stick with Windows XP or 7 forever I'm just gonna hug my Macbook air :P
Might look primitive today, but PCs didn't have Windows until 1995. DOS was a pain. Can anyone remember DOS?
I wasn't alive back then, but I'm using VirtualBox to get it back. It's really cool to see how different computers from today than the ones back in the old times.
Windows 1.0 came out in 1985....
Hands up if you watched this video because you read about it in TALK LIKE TED (CARMINE GALLO)
What a crappy PC..
the computer, it's awful.. +Spooky Kid 
Kids kids... now that's not very nice thing to say, you should apologize you bullies.
Apple hasn't changed much- overpriced primitive software with lots of eye catching logos and social messages. Apple, for when you want people to know you think you're a snob without having the balls to be snobby.
+Jonp Still means that Jobs had an eye for the future. He knew that the GUI was going to be big; Xerox didn't. If Xerox knew what they were sitting on, then whoever was heading the company at the time would've likely been held in the same regard as Steve Jobs is now.
Sad to think now their goal is giving the less for the price of more
Tetyana Sudyma Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Aqui no Brasil, como sempre, as coisas demorariam a chegar...
Juan B Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
NERDS REJOICE Here is the video of Steve Jobs introducing his Macintosh for the first time. Where were you in 1984?
+Glenn Jordan iOS users have quicktime....
wow menu is the same after 20 years xD
what do you mean? im like 15........ hehe...
+Sam Angelot He's saying that because that song has been overplayed countless times. But your youth makes ya immune
First time I've seen this video.  Wow!!!
Its cool how my phone runs 1000 times better than that piece of shit.
And so the biggest iSwindle to mankind begun.
I was an extra on that commercial filmed at Shepperton Studios
Not to be a nerd but that PC or whatever cost allot it's rare look it up
i hacked dis comment so u cant lik it
one of the most important day of apple history.. Steve jobs created the first mac with amazing design and the new user interface with icon that people know today with other computer and other system
I could only imagine how people felt when they saw something like this. Almost alien and unknown. Now the hype is over.
this video made me cry!!!  <3
Steve .......Manchi ....... Unico ......
Definitely has an uncanny HAL 9000 feel to it.
tht music is just overused now
i wonder if the music was actually that scratchy or its just the recording
Smart and ambitious are the most attractive things I've ever seen in a human being no matter gender. Steve, wow. 
Marc Schröder Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Hier das Launchvideo des ersten Apple Macintosh von 1984 !!! Good Old Times !!!
steve jobs is dead, hopefully he gets reincarnated 
I'm using my iPad 4 right now lol
is this the new i mac?
"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce yet another idea I've stolen from Xerox PARC." --Steve Jobs, on his entire career
yeah there is macbook airs now
I want one...not sure why...
once you go mac, you never go back. byte an apple, break a window. i have a powerMac G5, still acts brand new. i had a dell for 3 months before it crashed everyday. i kept my powerMac G5 and through my windows through the window.
hunter guy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh 1984.... he is greate
Patrick Dye Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Steve Jobs in 1984
steve jobs looked like a rapist
way ahead of its time for 1984 - but also ridiculously high priced. I think the first Macintosh cost $3000. Insane for that time and period. No family was going to spend that amount of money. The IBM clones way under cut them.
$2400 or something like that, actually. Insane for the time period, yes, but I don't think good business computers were exactly cheap back then. It was made more for the business environment, so companies could afford to buy a few.
PHS STEM Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
steve jobs have a dream talk with you alfa or how you it will see as a speaking  Synthesized computer hugs The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh
applefags created hipsterism
if you were stuck with an expensive version of DOS that barley did anything except play a few games back in those days, you'd be ecstatic when the Macintosh first arrived. I use Windows 8 by the way.
Palmetto Web Design Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The first time #Macintosh was introduced
venu dayyam Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Luis Pais Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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