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The Revenge of Francis || Super Paper Mario - #71

by KoopaKungFu • 173,944 views

Enjoy this Super Paper Mario gameplay on the Nintendo Wii! Join the Koopa Troop! ► Karate Chop that LIKE button if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! Follow on Twitter ►...

actually in Super princess Peach she saves Mario Instead.
Francis is so unhygienic.
So... Who was the hardest to beet, Mimi, Francis, Dimantio, Mr L or Cont black.
Dude I can't believe that you got the right hole that was the first one but you changed it to the second one
I Didn`t Get Piccolo Till After I Beat The Game!
Ew I heard the crack MiMi made when she turns into a spider
I had 90. Hp and i did not have dashshell i did not have piccolo
What idiot thinking Bowser back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:27 Mimi Suckers! You can buy them for just $1.99 plus tax! All of the money goes to charity and by charity I mean my life savings!
What the heck those that mean????
Why'd you get that first mushroom anyway? You were only missing 1 HP.
you can literally see mimi's body when mimi does her money saw attack CCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY .  
I have that game to and I suck
You suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said cooking mistake LOL
yo ;[  [o]  no  ;]  go
OK... What are you saying,???
merlee that not  merlee its mimi
Francis is Back! not good
I like how u determine that it was Mimi bay just knowing that Merlin doesn't read
mimimiimimimmiimmimimimimimi mimi can say that
He was saying stuff like "Mario doesn't even care" and "Luigi cares a lot more about princess peach than Mario does" when Mario is shaking his head vigorously...
i would love if mimi killed peach but that neck cracking is just plain awful
i would like if peach killed mimi instead.
Koops the Mimi fight is supposed to be that long... I think, it's been that long for me.
He went through the flipside 100 trials, and did the flopside one twice, to gain infinite flipping. The flopside one makes you do it twice.
how do you have a infinite 3-d meter?
kid:mom a girl snapped her neck and turned into a spider mom:what are you playing? kid:super paper mario
Oh SNAP! Mimi telling Princess Peach how it is! LOL!
29:01 thats what u get for tcking peach off
Mimi is apparently a slut with a peant sized brain
*facepalm* I love how you get items, you say your gonna use them later...and never use them. And seriously?! Your afraid of thunder rage so much you had to drop it...what about the other thunder rage in your inventory?! xD
22:07 YOU GUYS LEAVE ME BE! UNDERSTOOD!? -.- U.U -.0 *leaves awkwardly*
Why mario and luigi that afraid of peach
FUNNY AF WHEN MARIO AND LUIGI STEPPED BACKWARDS LOL Mario: Um let's leave her be Luigi: Sh*t fenna get real Mario: True that, lets a back up
He knows it's Mimi because MERLON DOESN"T READ! Only Koops would know that
koops work on your aiming.Considering you missed about 10 times...
i saw the snap shot of the video and said OH SHIT KOOPS U FELL FOR IT!!!
My explanation of the end is that Mario is King Arthur, Peach is Guinevere, and Luigi is Lancelot.
I am now going to vent my random frustration about this game I was re-doing the flipside pit of onehundered trials for fun (and for catch cards) and I got the the floor with only crazy dazees and an amazee dazee . Guess which had the key. The amazee dazee which is nigh impossible to hit, which means that if I didn't have that catch card SP I would have ran out of time
17:08 Awsome Free Food Not Scary! :) 17:50 Him Like My Last Comment I Tried To We Are Havin Some Serious deja'vu
in ep 49 if that was porn i would sue Nintendo for a trillion dolloars
Favorite Character: Francis Least Favorite Character: MERRRRRRRRRLONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
I love how he put 2 and 2 together in the most hilarious way! XD THAT MUST BE MIMI!
hey...hey look up on the ceiling i wrote gullible on it
i really like you'r starting intro :)
Eh... The unlimited 3D, I'm not sure about that, but Picollo is an sidequest wich you start with talking with Merlee BEHIND the table and Dashell is in theFlipside Pit of 100 Trials.
hahaha 22:11 look at mario and luigi
And he didn't go through the door with with you
at start he said he cant go with u
I agree that it was kinda stupid that Koops said "Francis"... but I enjoyed seeing the geek again! LOL!
youtube didn't email me about this
Mimi is a butt jerk loser pants
im CRINGING when you are missing the most simplest of things UUUUUGH
It took me forever to beat her too.
1.its called twice, not twise is flipside, not filpside. 3.what is i did flopside once?huh? learn some english dude.
You...son of a.. very well. LOL
Oh, theres a game were peach has to save mario and luigi
I just finoshed the boss boss aaaaaand my Wii breaks.....FUCK.....
I can't believe that Mimi and Peach just died ! Next it would be Luigi, So when Mario sees Count Bleck Mario will turn into MR.M I just heard it nothing else
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